David Foster Struggles To Support Yolanda Foster In Her Battle Against Lyme Disease

David Foster supports Yolanda Foster in her battle against Lyme Disease

Yolanda Foster skipped the GRAMMY awards because, as her husband David Foster, explained she’s “truthfully not great” as she continues her battle with Lyme disease. “She’s just waging this war and … she’s down right now.” 

As the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star shared in a blog last month, she has a chronic form of the disease Lyme Neuroborreliosis, which is a spirochete infection that affects the brain. Despite the fact that we’ve been watching Yolanda on our televisions for the past three years, she talked of her struggles to read, write, watch TV, or talk because her brain was “confiscated” and she couldn’t “process information or any stimulation.” Except for dinner parties. 

Yolanda has been traveling to Asia for treatments with David by her side. The almost E.G.O.T. reveals he’s doing his best to stick by his ailing wife, because wedding vows love and all that! 


David admits it’s a struggle to support his wife to the fullest. “You know, I get cranky and then I realize that she’s got it 100 times worse than me. But I just do my best. I fail some days.” Luckily for us, Yolanda has instagram to remind us of David’s unwavering support

Yolanda Foster battles lyme disease

“STAY PATIENT AND TRUST YOUR JOURNEY #NoteToSelf #HyperbaricOxygenTheraphy #ChronicNeurologicalLyme,” shared Yolanda

“I try when I’m home to be as supportive as I can,” David says. “But she’s just she’s worn out.” And David agrees that sometimes his busy schedule does get in the way of being by Yolanda’s side, so in his absence twitter, love notes and flowers will have to suffice! “My wife loves a love note more than she loves a piece of jewelry,” David shared. “It is actually harder to do a love note than a piece of jewelry because I got to, like, sit down and really think about what I’m writing.” 

Of course, he has faith that Yolanda will overcome this! “She’s a soldier. I mean she’s a warrior,” David expressed to People. “She’s a warrior so she’s going to beat it.” 

David and Yolanda Foster battle Lyme Disease

“The Perfect morning with my baby @yolandahfoster,” David shared. 

Well we look forward to seeing Yolanda beat Lyme on RHOBH, which we hope she’ll find the capacity to show us in earnest. In the meanwhile, we can console ourselves by reading David’s gushing love notes as posted to instagram. Because My Love is the Best Love! And the internet proves that! 


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