Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes Loves The Maxx For The Minimum Price!


You know, sometimes it’s reassuring to see a reality star not losing touch with the actual real world. It doesn’t seem to happen a lot! Often, I find that true movie stars and entertainers seem more down-to-earth than people whose only claim to fame is that drama–and cameras–follow them everywhere! That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone saw, say Heidi Montag Tamra Judge Ramona Singer Troy Landry (yeah, we’ll go with him. I love Swamp People) hitting up his local target. Usually, a reality star doing what would be normal daily routines for the rest of us seems about as odd as seeing Lisa Vanderpump shopping at a mall. 

Given her larger than life persona and need to discuss her bank account and her brand at every turn, it makes me happy to see Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes hitting up her local TJ Maxx for some fashionable bargains. My friends all know my obsession with all things reality, so I often get texts or e-mails with the news of reality celebrity sighting (I’m saving my recent run-in with Southern Charm’s Shep Rose for another day) ranging from “I think I was just cut off in traffic by Whitney Sudler-Smith’s mom Patricia…I know because there was a giant Hermes in the back window” to “Here’s a picture of Teen Mom’s Kieffer Delp’s dilapidated car in the parking lot of the Brunswick County Courthouse” which may have been my favorite until now.


My dear friend in Johns Creek, Georgia (which a suburb outside the ATL) sent me the above picture over the weekend of The Neenster on a casual shopping spree. My friend said the illegally parked Range Rover is what tipped her off to the possibility she was about to spot someone special. Sadly, my friend kept her distance (don’t worry, I gave her an earful!) as she didn’t want to bother NeNe. She did note that the RHOA star seemed friendly and genuine to fans who did approach her. 

Another friend who was included in the text chain, without missing a beat, aptly captioned the picture “Linnethia Monique Leakes: Maxxinista. ” I wish I could take credit for that one. I’d like to hear your captions for NeNe’s shopping spree or any reality star encounters you’ve had! Were they nightmares or just normal folks like you and me (relatively speaking, of course! 😉 )? 

And allow me to put a disclaimer–I am in no way dissing TJ Maxx…it (along with Marshalls) is my all-time favorite place to shop! I love a bargain…even more, I love a bargain that doesn’t look like one!