Patti Stanger And Jax Taylor On WWHL: Patti Thinks James Kennedy Is Gay – And That Both Toms Definitely Cheated


Patti Stanger and Jax Taylor were Andy’s guests last night on Watch What Happens Live and Patti was full of opinions on the Vanderpump Rules cast! 

Patti gave Jax a lot of crap about not settling down and that it was too easy for him because women just throw themselves at him.

Andy shows Patti each of the Vanderpump Rules couples and asks her to give her thoughts on each.  She thinks Schwartz and Katie are pretty good now and she thinks Katie could get him in check.  On Tom and Ariana she says “Oh God, he cheated.”  On Kristen and James she says “I can’t say what I really want to say. He’s for the other team, come on!”  Andy is acting stunned that she’s getting a gay vibe from James.  Patti says “My gaydar is gaydar, what can I say? I mean, GLAAD’s probably going to call me now.”  

On Scheana and Shay she says they’ll last and same for Lisa Vanderpump and Ken.  On Stassi and Patrick, whom Patti knows, she says she thinks it’ll last.  Jax disagrees.  And then on Jax and “anybody,”  she says he’s gonna wait to settle down til he’s fifty because there’s too much candy in the candy store for him. 

He then shows Patti photos of Bravolebrities who are single and asks her to comment on why they’re still single.  On Kenya Moore she says “she’s not single anymore.  Gotta watch the show.”  On Countess LuAnn she says that Lu needs an older, distinguished man and not the young puppies.  On Brandi Glanville she says “stop drinking.”  She thinks Sonja Morgan is about to turn the corner to the right guy – once all the drama is done with her lawsuits.  On GG from Shahs, “I think I need to have GG on next season.”  On Andy, “I think you need to put work second and love first.”  On Zoila, “if Jeff would ever let her out of the house!  We asked her on last season and chicken shitted out.”

Jax is asked if he thinks Tom cheated in Miami and did Schwartz cheat in Vegas?  “I wasn’t there.  What I did not see, didn’t happen.”  Patti says “oh gawd, please.”  Andy asks if she thinks they cheated.  “Oh my God, yes. yes yes yes. You can just read their energy.”  Jax interjects that Miami girl is really crazy. 

A Tweeter asks if Jax thinks he’s a sex addict.  “I went through a phase where I thought I was, but I think it came to an attention kind of thing. I just kind of liked the attention.”  He then clarifies that he’s only 35, not 40 as some think. 

Andy then reads Tweets from the cast as they’re watching WWHL.  James Tweets, “Patti, if you met me, you’d see I’m a charming European guy, I’m not playing on the other team.”  Tom Sandoval said, “Is that Jax Taylor or did Adam Levine get stung by a bee.”  Lisa Vanderpump Tweeted, “Please, Jax would bang a sheep.”  Ariana said, “As if I didn’t think Patti was an idiot before, way to go to confirm it.  Preach that ignorance, girl.” 

A fan asks if Jax is bi-sexual, he says no and Patti backs it up. 

On his status with Carmen, Jax says they’re currently hanging out right now, but there’s no title to it right now.  And he does have a tattoo of her on his arm.  “You’ll have to watch the reunion.” 

A caller asks Jax how many women he’s slept with.  He turns bright red and refuses to answer.  He swears to Patti that he doesn’t keep track. 

Jax apologizes for saying that he wished Schwartz would rail someone out of spite to Katie

A Tweeter asks if he had to choose between being single forever or marrying Stassi?  He picks being single forever without a question. 


Photo Credit: Twitter