Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker Talk Mama Joyce And Crazy Fans On Social Media


Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker were guests on Steve Harvey’s show this afternoon and the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars dished on Mama Joyce, show storylines, and keeping it real on reality TV. 

Steve says that Kandi and Todd seem to be one of the realest reality couples. Kandi says that a lot of people worry before the new season about what they’re storyline will be, etc, but they don’t.  “We just put our life out there, we’re not secretive, we don’t try to hide things or portray ourselves a certain way.  Because I don’t think people like that anyway.  I think people relate to you more when you just give them your normal life.  We all go through the same things.” Todd says “we have real issues.” 


Speaking of issues, Steve wants to talk about Mama Joyce.  “That seems to be the only think you all really fight about.  Why?”  Kandi says “uhhhhhh My mother is very opinionated. Sometimes she can be a little abrasive with the way she lets people know how she feels.”  Todd says “the delivery was a bit much. I understand that she wants to protect her daughter.”  Todd says he can understand because he’s very protective of his own daughter, but it’s all in Mama’s approach.  He’s cool with background checks and all that, but there’s a way to do it.  

How does Kandi handle some of the fans on Twitter bashing her mom?  “It’s hard.  Obviously you have to get tough skin being on the show and especially on social media because people will just say anything.  People would say things like they wished my mom died.  It’s crazy the stuff that people say. Of course it makes me emotional but at the same time, it’s like ‘I’m not going to give you my energy, I’m just gonna block you.'” 

Steve then asks her if she had to take any of the other cast members’ husbands, who would it be?  Kandi and Steve laugh about the actual lack of married “Housewives” on the show and Steve ponders why it’s even called Real Housewives nowadays.  Kandi says she’d take Gregg Leakes because he does whatever NeNe asks and is very supportive/catering.  Steve then asks Todd the same thing.  He says he’d take NeNe since Kandi went with Gregg. 

They then chat about Kandi’s successful “Bedroom Kandi” products and in-home parties, which we’ll spare you… 




Photo Credit: Steve Harvey Show