In her latest blog, Kim Richards reveals her good intentions behind inviting Brandi Glanville to Kyle’s gay mixer, opens up about her sobriety and explains (sort of) what those late night calls to Brandi were all about.   The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says these issues with Kyle and Brandi are about much more than just Kim. 

Kim starts off sharing that she had the best of intentions by bringing Brandi to Kyle’s party, even though she had just got out of the hospital.  “Kyle is my sister, and Brandi is my friend, so naturally I was just hoping they could patch things up” 

Kim is convinced that Kyle and Brandi have much deeper problems that don’t involve her.  “Their feud may seem like it’s all about me, but it is something much deeper and goes way back before this  happened with me. We’ve all seen how their relationship progressively has gone downhill throughout the seasons. I mean, you all saw how Kyle and Brandi really started blowing up at each other over personal attacks, not over my situation! I don’t even want to go over in detail what was said… I don’t agree with anything that came out of their mouths that night. I was, and maybe still am, hurt—hurt by Kyle’s words and the dynamic between us three.”

She’s appreciative that Eileen tried to help and admits she doesn’t know how to rebuild with Kyle.  “I do want to rebuild my relationship with Kyle, but I just don’t know how. We’re so close that I think we’re both haunted by our history of ups and downs.”

Kim thinks Lisa Rinna should stay out of it and stop acting like an addict expert.  “To add fuel to the fire, Lisa R. was going on and on about how she knows all about addicts and how she knows when she meets one, but she is not an expert or a professional, so she shouldn’t be going around judging and stereotyping. I don’t appreciate Lisa R. talking about me in a derogatory way behind my back and about my supposed problems to everyone around us when she doesn’t even really know me or anything about my journey to sobriety. I know what happened on poker night looked bad—even I was shocked when I saw it! However, I have always been open about my sobriety, how I WAS in a bad place, and how I have been and am sober for the past three years. Instead of wanting to curl up into a ball and hide in the midst of all this drama, I feel confident and strong in myself. These rumors and the fighting actually made me realize how much stronger I am today.”

Kim then says those late night phone calls to Brandi weren’t what we think they were.  “During Kyle’s mixer and Brandi and Lisa R.’s lunch, certain phone calls between Brandi and me were brought up. I know exactly which phone calls they were, and, yes, they were concerning, because they were about someone who was in need of help—someone I care deeply about. I was directly involved in a very tough situation that did put me in harm’s way, and that’s why I was distraught when I called Brandi about it. It was NEVER about me or alcohol and drugs.” 

She says Kyle and Brandi knew that all along, “Both Kyle and Brandi knew exactly what those calls were about, so I was extremely upset when Kyle, knowing how private it was, kept on pushing Brandi to talk about the phone calls. With that said, I’m happy to share this person is doing well. This is all I have to share, and I ask everyone to respect this person’s privacy and to not probe any further. Anyway, I hope Brandi doesn’t really feel pressured as one of my friends. She’s been there for me and so have so many other people outside of this group. Shout out to some of my best friends who have supported me through the years…decades— love you: Valerie, Lianne, Monty, Kristi …” 


Photo Credit:  Bravo TV 

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