Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino Arrested…Again

Benzino demonstrates irony - flashes peace sign; got arrested for carrying a loaded gun.

I think we all can agree that no one is in Benzino’s corner like this gal. I’m his biggest fan. I’m a champion of those with no neck on which to balance their head. I believe that he’s a catch who needs to be appreciated for the complex man that he is. Don’t judge me.

The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star seems like a stand up character compared to his friends and co-stars, but No-Neck seems to be racking up the arrests lately. It doesn’t look good when the show’s voice of reason keeps finding himself in handcuffs. I’m not going to say Mona was hasty in firing him from the upcoming season, but I’m guessing she is kicking herself from missing the opportunity to get all of Zino’s legal woes on film for ratings. 


After getting shot during a fight in the vehicle processional of his mother’s funeral, Benzino’s issues with (now former) best friend Stevie J.’s wife(?) Joseline Hernandez came to a head at last season’s reunion. As you all know, JoHe went crazy and Benzino and fiance Althea were served with walking papers after bad mouthing the show’s creator (not to mention those pesky death threats) on social media. Don’t mess with Mona, folks. 

Following that speed bump, Benzino was kicked off a flight due to bad behavior and then was arrested for “accidentally” trying to get a loaded gun through airport security. My bad, I shouldn’t have used air-quotes with “accidentally” as that would have to be the only way a sane person could even justify getting a gun past TSA. Really, who forgets that they’re packing heat when trying to get on a plane? No one. That’s who.

Well, maybe Benzino does, because he also forgot to fasten his seat belt while driving around with a bunch of weed. People doing bad things seldom get pulled over for crazy driving. The folks you need to watch out for are the ones who roll through stop signs, drive too slowly, or, alas, forget to make it click. According to TMZ, on Wednesday Benzino was pulled over in his fancy Maserati for neglecting to wear his seat belt. Unfortunately, he also forgot he had pot in his car too. Did I mention he was driving on a suspended license? Seriously, how hard is it to put on your seat belt? 

The reality star’s bail was set at $2,269.00 which seems cheap given his track record, but hey, if he’s free, I’m happy. The part of me that remembers my first year of law school read this report and screamed out, “Unlawful search and seizure!” and “What, did you forget about a little thing called the 4th Amendment, officer?” but thankfully, the same site clarifies the arrest just a tad…

Poor No-Neck was pulled for not wearing his seat belt, and he was arrested for the suspended license. After putting him in the police car, the cop found pot in the back seat of his vehicle which he alleges fell out of Benzino’s pants. Upon further investigation, marijuana residue was found on the inside of the waistband of Zino’s pants, as well as on his fingers. I won’t mention that the officer stated the smell of the ganj coming off Benzino couldn’t even be masked by the cop car’s air freshener. 

Of course, there are two sides to every story, and after Benzino’s attorney leaked the video of his arrest, there was only one plausible explanation–the weed was already in the backseat of the police car before Benzino was placed in the backseat. No word on whether he fastened his seat belt for the ride to the station…