Love & Hip Hop Recap: It’s Too Late To Apologize

lhh yandy

Ahh, all is right with the world. Last night’s Love & Hip Hop episode returned to its regularly scheduled antics which always end in a massive beat down. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…after the blow-up in the studio, Rich Dollaz is all aflutter about the drama. Rich is concerned about Jhonni flying off the handle, and Precious Paris reminds him that he isn’t helping further her career. He admits to being at partially at fault and promises to get working on her music, but first Rich needs to regulate Jhonni’s behavior.

Chink has planned a romantic getaway with Chrissy who is sporting an other horrible wig and dressed like a disco ball. She apologizes for being insensitive towards Chink’s struggle with his father’s ailing health. Chrissy wants to meet his family so that she can get to know the people who are so important to Chink. Of course, Chink takes this opportunity to tell Chrissy that his cousin relayed the fact that the family is fiercely loyal to Chink’s estranged wife and they’re not going to welcome any new girl. Faster than she can change her wig, Chrissy has changed her mind. Screw Chink’s family…she doesn’t want to meet them either!

Yandy Smith and Tara Wallace are shopping for Yandy’s baby girl. Tara shares that she allowed her boys to meet their half-sister. She admits that she’s been so angry at Amina Buddafly for so long, but Tara needs to move on from Peter Gunz. We’ll see how that goes. Speaking of side chicks and side eye, Yandy tells Tara that Mendeecees booked a party through a woman she doesn’t entirely trust. She feels like her fiance needs to be asking for her to assist his career, not Remy.


Precious Paris is finally in the studio. She’s the real deal, and she can’t believe Rich is wasting his time on wannabe artists like Jhonni. Across town, Cisco is mourning the anniversary of the loss of his brother. Meeting with his mom, he admits that he’s messed things up with his baby mama Tasha. His mother urges him not to bottle his feelings, and he asks his mom to reach out to Tasha on his behalf. He feels so alone. Ladies, he’s single!

Cyn is still planning her suicide awareness event, and after a morning of venue hunting, she needs a cocktail fueled lunch. She has invited Precious to join her and she hears all about the craziness that happened with Rich at the studio. Paris tells Cyn that Rich has promised to surprise her with something she’ll love, but Cyn is always weary of any surprise involving Rich!

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Mendeecees is working with his artist Mike V. who has quite a voice on him. Now that he’s out of jail and focusing on his management group, he needs a personal assistant who can keep things in line. Remy is the perfect fit. Yandy doesn’t agree, but she plays nice when she goes to visit Mendeecees at work. Well, she plays nice until she asks what Remy is wearing. Is it appropriate? No. Is Yandy overreacting? Probably. Mendeecees excuses Remy so that he can have a word with Yandy who is hellbent on firing Remy. She’s not jealous or insecure, but she doesn’t want that thirsty redhead around her man.

Amina is still reeling from her nonstop drama with Peter. Sure, he allowed his kids to meet, but he didn’t acknowledge that she was his wife to his sons. Amina pops in on Erica Mena’s video shoot to chat about her woes. However, she feels badly bringing down the mood because Erica is on cloud nine due to her new love found love with Bow-Wow. They’ve finally had sex and he can totally handle her. TMI. Amina shares that Tara has reached out to her again. She’s tired of Tara accusing her of breaking up her family. If Tara only knew where Peter’s peen had been before he even met Amina. Perhaps it’s time for Amina to share this knowledge, but first, let’s all watch Erica throw on some pasties and dress up like a mermaid. Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Mona!

If Jhonni wants to have a professional relationship with Rich, she’s going to need to learn how to be, well, professional. Over drinks, he reminds her that she needs to keep her cool and behave like an artist. Jhonni knows she has a bad temper, and she didn’t like seeing someone talk to Rich like Paris was. She loves him and has his back. He doesn’t want her to have his back, he wants her not to gain a reputation as someone no one will want to work with in the industry. Rich encourages her to apologize to Paris, and Jhonni concedes. She thinks Paris has a cute ass, so she’s happy to say she’s sorry. Wait, what?

Tara is attempting to move forward by clearing the air with Amina, but she can’t promise that they will be friends. She just needs to understand what happened. Amina is sick of being the fall guy for their failed relationship, and she explains that she honestly thought Peter and Amina were broken up when she started dating him. She even double dated with her previous boyfriend and Peter and his side chicks. Tara is disgusted by Peter’s behavior and his ability to lie without a second thought.

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Do we think Diamond Strawberry really fits in with the cast? She is questioning her relationship with the nice guy Mona hired to be her boyfriend on the last episode because she can’t stop thinking about the guy who was hired to be her love interest on this season. She meets with Cisco and wants their conversation to be drama free. She apologizes for how she spoke to him when they got in their most recent altercation. He didn’t appreciate that Diamond went out of her way to be hurtful, so now he’s going to try his best to do the same. Diamond pulls out her phone, and she starts reading texts that she screen shotted between Cisco and Tasha which confirm that he was cheating on Diamond with Tasha. Um, isn’t the child birthed from their union more evidence than a couple texts? Cisco thinks that he should take his mom’s advice and give girls a rest for a while. He storms out of the bar.

After taking issue with Remy as Mendeecees’ assistant, Yandy decides to change gears. Maybe she should align herself with Remy and help the industry newbie learn the ropes while keeping a close eye on her. She requests a meeting with Remy but is a bit taken aback when the girl arrives wearing the same outfit Yandy had worn the day before. Thanks, Instagram! Remy snipes that Yandy took so much issue with her work attire earlier, she thought she’d wear something she knew was Yandy’s taste. Yandy is worried that Remy is about to boil a bunny. Yandy tries to school Remy on professionalism, although Remy wonders why she should be listening to her boss’ fiance. Yandy reminds Remy that she is practically her boss. She leaves after growing tired of arguing with an intern.

Peter is livid to learn that Amina shares personal things about him over drinks with Tara. Tara has called Peter over, and he’s clearly guilty. He tries to blame Tara for bringing this news on herself for asking to meet with Amina. Peter tells Tara that she should be happy to know that he’s now Amina’s problem. Plus, he didn’t sleep with all of those other women…just a few. Peter can’t believe that Amina threw him under the bus.

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In order to appease Paris, Rich has decided to take her on a shopping spree for a new wardrobe. He apologizes again for her being on the receiving end of Jhonni‘s fist, and he tells Paris that Jhonni is very remorseful. In fact, she’s on her way to the boutique to make amends herself. Jhonni arrives and gives what seems to be a sincere apology. She humbly asks Paris to accept her apology, and Paris says she will, after she sucker punches her in the face. The ladies are quickly pulled apart, with Jhonni making jokes the entire time. Rich just shakes his head. He’s too old for this.


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