Golnesa Gharachedaghi and Reza Farahan Get Catty About Co-Stars On WWHL


Tonight on Watch What Happens Live Golnesa Gharachedaghi and Reza Farahan were Andy’s guests, with a special guest appearance by Lisa Vanderpump who served drinks at the end.  GG and Reza chatted about tonight’s premiere of Shahs of Sunset and threw a whole lotta shade at Mike Shouhed and others. 

Andy flashes a photo of Jessica’s engagement ring.  Reza and GG giggle and Reza says that may not be the one they are presently using.  The one shown tonight on the premiere was just for filming purposes… Shocker.

Reza jokes that he’s going to get uninvited to the wedding and GG says she hopes she gets uninvited. 

Andy shows a photo of MJ’s new boyfriend and Reza makes a retching noise.  Andy says he’s handsome, but Reza challenges it.  “You think he’s handsome? You are a liar!”  Andy says he’s kind of a bear.  “A bear? If I was MJ’s age and I had waited as long to find a man, he would be the last man.  I would be a lesbian before I’d be with that guy.”  Wow, mean girl Reza is still in the building, clearly. 

Andy plays a clip from next week where GG tells the group that Mike tried to have sex with her in Turkey.  Andy says “wow, that didn’t come up at the reunion.”  GG says she was biting her tongue for quite a while.  I did it for the sake of a very long friendship that I had with Mike.  and it just kind of disappeared with Mike because he’s been so mean and disrespectful to me.”  They shared that Mike’s wedding is March 29th.  So, Jessica is still going through with this thing…

Andy has GG stand up and present her new butt.  then asks her to share everything she had done.  “Nose, boobs, butt, liposuction, lips, botox, gums, fillers.”  

A caller asks if they miss Lilly Ghalichi in their circle.  Reza says “Bye, Felicia.”  GG says she is still friends with Lilly and still sees her.  GG says that reality TV just wasn’t for Lilly, she wants to run her businesses and she’s well.

A caller asks if they think Asifa came on too strong at the party.  They both say that this was Asifa being calm.  “Wait til next week,” Reza says.  

GG throws a little shade when they talk about Mike’s penis, “that penis has been around town.”  

A Tweeter asks if Reza thinks it was a dick move to poke fun of Bobby’s jacket in front of everyone.  “It was not a dick move because if you knew what had happened previously, Mike had seen this happen once already and that homeboy did this another time and the guy walks in doing it again.   So to just deal with it and get it over and done with.  I was like ‘lets just pop it’ instead of everyone just gossiping and cackling about it all night.” 

GG shares that between kissing Luis D. Ortiz and Jax Taylor (he had a fling with GG), Luis had softer lips and Jax was more passionate.  In case you cared. 

The best part of the night was Lisa popping in for a minute and then Marysol Patton was in the house, too.

The poll question was “do you like GG’s new ass,”  only 51% voted yes. 

Photo Credit: Twitter