VIDEO: Southern Charm Returns Monday, March 16th! Watch The Super Trailer Now!

southern charm kathryn trav

Y’all. This girl can’t even. CAN’T EVEN! To say I’m over-the-moon about this would be the biggest understatement in the history of my love affair with reality television. To be completely honest, I think I’d be obsessed with Southern Charm even if it didn’t take place in my personal playground. Granted, by personal playground, I mean the place where the cable company mails my bills (semantics)…the only revelry I have in Charleston these days revolves around 50+ hour work weeks, wine, bagel bites and the occasional delicious beer at, well, Revelry. However, that’s about to change because Thomas Ravenel and crew are returning to Bravo on Monday, March 16th! {Squeals with delight!}

I don’t like to brag, but a few weeks ago I chatted with Shep Rose at Rue de Jean about the upcoming season. Okay, okay…so in his version of the story, I approached him like a Southern Charm fanatic (not to be confused with a groupie looking for a hook-up, although I’m not sure which is worse), asked questions he politely skirted, and forced him to pose for a picture, but still! I can confirm that they are all, in fact, good friends outside of the show, and he was a great sport about the entire debacle. Having learned my lesson, when I spotted Cameran Eubanks the other day at the grocery store, I gave her some space…even when she pulled her buggy behind me in line. See, I can exercise restraint! She was probably grateful for it, given that I’ve fan-girled her in the past–but that was for the job, dear readers. 🙂 That said, the recently released super-trailer for the upcoming season is epic!


I won’t spoil your anticipation. I’ll only say that you’re about to watch T-Rav as a precious dad (quite the escape from his Lothario past) as he campaigns for a U.S. Senate seat (spoiler alert–he loses). Of course, Thomas and girlfriend Kathryn Dennis face the normal pitfalls–jealousy, battles over childcare, and the ol’ “I fell into a pool with my baby while some hairdresser filmed it on her iPhone” snafu faced by so many new parents. What can you do? Shep and Whitney Sudler-Smith bunk together at the beach complete with random underwear and not enough servants ready to cater to their every whim. Life is hard. Craig Conover returns as the requisite Yankee in seersucker, and we meet the newbie who is replacing Jenna King. If that isn’t enough (glory be!), Whitney’s mom (and total breakout star) Patricia Altschul dons a housecoat worth more than my car and sips a martini while pondering poor Kathryn’s hostessing skills. Speaking of, I realized while watching the trailer that my seventh grade self totally took an etiquette class taught by Cameran’s mom Bonnie back in the day. Full circle, people. Full circle. Mix and muddle all of this with lines like “everyone get a ticket on the hot mess express” and “she’s like a hillbilly femme fatale” and Andy Cohen’s got a hit on his hands. Bring on the pretension, snottiness and eyelashes, y’all! 



What a trailer. I know, right?? 😉


[Photo Credit: Bravo]