Kenya Moore Explains Her Reaction To Phaedra Parks And Mr. Chocolate Gossip

Kenya Moore

Late last week, Kenya Moore took to her Real Housewives of Atlanta blog to explain why she reacted so strongly to the gossip surrounding Phaedra Parks, Mr. Chocolate, and Apollo Nida. (please note: this is her blog on last week’s episode) Kenya called out Phaedra‘s hypocrisy and reminded fans of Phaedra’s lies, also.

Kenya explained her emotional reaction to the gossip about Phaedra and Mr. Chocolate. She added that she felt vindicated once again. “I’d moved on and forgave Phaedra for all of the lies she single handedly fabricated about me,” she insisted. “When Cynthia told me of Apollo’s latest findings, I didn’t doubt it, as I have experienced what she is capable of first hand. My emotional reaction was based on anger not pain. I thought, ‘The nerve of her!’ She went on a slut shaming, whore-calling campaign without any proof, and now that Apollo caught her with sticky fingers dipped in chocolate, I felt vindicated yet again. I don’t care about their relationship or how many men Phaedra chooses to sleep with, that is her cross to bear.”


Kenya defended being nice to the waiter. With a little shade thrown in for good measure. “I arrived at dinner with an open mind and just tried to stay focused on my future and not my past with these women. I have been to Brazil many times and made friendly talk with the waiter and was accused of flirting. I’m not above being nice to a waiter. And even if I was flirting, which I wasn’t, there is nothing wrong with a good man making an honest living. I wasn’t raised to only give my attention to married men that can buy my affections.”

“When Cynthia reluctantly brought up the Apollo accusations, I kept quiet. To those who say I’m in Phaedra’s business or marriage, let’s get one thing straight – Phaedra brought my name into the conversation by saying ‘the text messages with Kenya and that supposedly didn’t happen either,’ in effect still calling me a whore and a liar. Of course I had a right to respond in kind,” argued Kenya. “Classic Phaedra, divert attention from the real issue and lie on someone else, namely me. She tried it!”

Kenya pointed out the contradiction in Phaedra‘s argument – her huzzzzband Apollo is either a liar… or he’s not… pick one. “Apollo and Phaedra are both liars. Facts are indisputable. However, we are not talking about a rumor but an accusation. Whether you choose to believe it or not, it comes down to the facts whereby Apollo presented proof. Yet, it’s OK to believe him when he lied about me. Remember the lie is a lie? But don’t believe him about Chocolate and the proof he presented. In fact, Phaedra to this day is still trying to get the public to believe there was an ‘affair.’ The hypocrisy and contradiction! LOL!”

“The truth will always come to light,” continued Kenya. “Phaedra claimed she wasn’t called a ‘head doctor’ in high school, even though it was her new BFF who stated it. Oh, and didn’t Chuck [Smith] also say Phaedra was a ‘jump off’? She also lied about the phone call with Cynthia until Cynthia presented hard evidence. And let’s not forget she even lied about her due date to everyone – the timeline doesn’t lie. Phaedra has so many skeletons in her closet, and they are not from the dead people she embalms.”

Kenya denied being obsessed with the Phaedra/Apollo drama. “I’m obsessed with my life and all the amazing things that are happening. #ThatIsAll”


Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images