Love & Hip Hop Recap: Paging Emily Post…We Need Some Manners Management!

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Last night’s Love & Hip Hop once again took a turn for the ratchet. We preheat with women falling all over men who don’t give two flips about them, mix in some horrific wig courtesy of Chrissy Monroe, and serve with a half-baked brawl at some random nightclub. Later, rinse, repeat!

Not surprisingly, Yandy Smith is still livid about Mendeecees’ false claim that their son was in the emergency room just to get her to answer the phone. That’s normal, right? She’s catching up with Kimbella (welcome back!) who I would never have recognized, and she shares that she has barely spoken to Mendeecees in the last week because she’s so mad. Kimbella is shocked to hear about Mendeecees’ stunt and Yandy’s subsequent fight with his assistant. However, Kimbella wonders if Mendeecees may have felt disrespected. Perhaps he’s owed an apology? Like Yandy, I am perplexed by Kimbella’s take on the situation.


Diamond Strawberry is meeting with her friend/roommate/confidante Marge about her recent flirtation with Rich Dollaz. In her short time in New York, Diamond is already putting a lot of trust in poor Marge. She divulges Rich’s comments about her cleavage coupled with his neck kissing, and Marge chalks it up to a rebound. Diamond disagrees. Rich is so nice and attentive. Are these women starved for any kind of male attention? Speaking of, Tara Wallace is tired of focusing her energy on her issues with Peter Gunz. She’s meeting with Rich regarding her etiquette services for up and coming hip hop artists. Rich has the perfect first client! Jhonni is a stripper with a penchant for fighting and oversharing on social media. Tara is convinced that she can help Jhonni from sabotaging herself in the industry. Jhonni arrives and reveals her rough background. Tara thinks together they will be able to control how Jhonni is perceived, but she’s a bit perturbed to learn that Rich may be more than just her manager. Can’t these guys just separate business from pleasure?

love hip hop peter

We all know Peter has never been good at establishing those boundaries, and he’s back in town after visiting Amina Buddafly and his daughter Corey in Germany. He’s enlisted Mendeecees to help him mentor troubled youth. Um, what? It’s a noble cause, and if these men are up for the task, more power to them. However, I hope their advice isn’t “do as I say and not as I do.” After speaking to the young men, Peter rehashes his love triangle with Tara and Amina as well as his recent trip overseas. Peter admits that he isn’t prepared to close the door on either relationship. Mendeecees knows that if he even entertained the idea of another lady in his life, he’d need to sleep with one eye open. Peter tries to talk to some sense into Mendeecees when hears about the emergency room fiasco. Peter doesn’t have his friend’s back with that ridiculous move and he urges Mendeecees to apologize to Yandy…and fast!

Over dinner, Diamond questions Rich as to why he hasn’t been responding to her texts. He calls himself a player and explains that Cisco isn’t too keen on his friend hooking up with his ex-girlfriend. Diamond is highly upset (moreso than a girl should be over a guy she barely knows), and she’s giving Rich ultimatums and reminding him that Cisco would screw one of his exes in a heartbeat. Rich realizes that Diamond got the memo he likes his girls crazy, and they turn off their mics and head to the ladies’ room for some sexy times. Classy!

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Amina has returned to New York, and she’s arranged a play date with Tara. Sure, it’s awkward, but she feels that Tara is the only person who can relate to her situation with Peter. The ladies fawn over adorable Corey as Amina recaps her time in Germany. She tells Tara that she wanted to go to Germany to get away from Peter so she was less than thrilled that he followed her there. Tara can’t believe she’s listening to Amina ramble on about the man she stole from her, but she’s going to use this messiness as research for her new etiquette company. Amina admits that she called it quits with Peter, and Tara commends her for not taking the decade that it took Tara to realize what a skeez he is. She encourages Amina to stick to her guns regarding her break-up, but I have a feeling that Amina will interpret that advice to “sticking with Gunz.” 

Rashidah Ali is doing what she does best–hosting a random event. Diamond is in attendance to support her new man Rich, only Rich isn’t aware yet that the two are exclusive…outside public restrooms at least. Right off the bat, Diamond is threatened by Rashidah, and she warns Rich in front of the hostess with the mostess not to downplay their love. Rashidah wants a front row seat to whatever drama is sure to ensue. Cyn saddles up to the booth next as Rich goes to refresh his drink. Immediately, Diamond gives her the 411 on their budding romance. She’s angry to learn that Rich hasn’t told Cyn about her. When Rich returns to the table, Diamond is in the throes of staking her claim. Cyn assures Diamond that she has nothing to worry about when it comes to her pursuing Rich. Diamond isn’t concerned about Cyn, but she’s all about putting Rich in his place as her boo. 

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After seeking the advice of their friends, Yandy and Mendeecees are ready to discuss what happened with Amir. Mendeecees apologizes for a stupid stunt, and he knows it was extremely wrong for him to worry her just to prove a point. Yandy admits that she is more mad with how he reacted to her anger, not his initial actions. Of course, he follows that up with the fact that as a woman, she needs to be home with the kids instead of spending so much time running her businesses. Did he really? Oh gracious. Yandy would love to be a stay-at-home mom if he’s willing to make sure they have the same income. He had a fourteen month break while he was behind bars, and she’s gotten used to hustling. Mendeecees agrees that he needs to put his pride aside, and the pair promise to work towards a happy medium.

Peter is back in the studio with Amina, but she still wants him out of the apartment they share. Baby steps, maybe? She requests some space, but he isn’t willing to move…they have songs to work on together! Isn’t that why they are in the studio? She becomes irate and teary, screaming that she doesn’t want to break-up, she just needs a break. Peter is on the defensive and turns everything around on her. Typical. Meanwhile, Yandy needs to handle Mendeecees‘ messy assistant Remy. Kimbella drops in Yandy’s office, and there’s the hair I somewhat recognize. Kimbella has her own issues with Remy, and she’s excited to hear that Yandy plans to fire her. Remy walks into Yandy’s office sans knocking, so we’re already off to a rocky start. As Yandy starts to chastise Remy for not knowing her place, she’s met with a lot of flack. Remy reminds Yandy that she can’t fire her because she’s not her boss. Yandy gives Kimbella the side-eye, and Kimbella decides it’s time to enforce Remy’s punishment. Yandy smiles sweetly as Kimbella is pulled off Remy and escorted out by security. 

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Tara is launching her business with a party, and Rich brings Jhonni in hopes that his friend can work her magic on his latest crazy protege. Chrissy (channeling her inner Cleopatra) and Rashidah arrive, and Rashidah is worried that Rich may be in over his head with Diamond. She’s a special kind of cray. Rich tries to downplay his relationship with Diamond to nothing more than a bathroom rendezvous, but Chrissy and Rashindah enjoy giving him a hard time. The women inquire as to what Cisco has to say about this mess, but Rich sidesteps their teasing by introducing them to Jhonni. As he cozies up to Jhonni at the bar, Diamond surprises him at the event. Rich questions why Diamond is being so aggressive, and Jhonni doesn’t know what’s going on as she’s on social media restrictions thanks to Tara. As Rich tries to calm Diamond, Jhonni throws a drink in her face before attacking. Diamond is carried out of the venue as Jhonni complains that she’s too cute for this nonsense. Tara has her work cut out for her, for sure!


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