Alicia DiMichele Talks Karen Gravano And Natalie Guercio; Will Alicia Return To Mob Wives?

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Alicia DiMichele took a break from Mob Wives to deal with her federal indictment situation for embezzlement. In her absence, however, the ladies spent plenty of time discussing her on the insane and vitriolic reunion. Alicia discusses her feelings on Karen Gravano, her friendships, and if she’d return to reality TV. 

Alicia has watched “only bits and pieces” of this season, but she isn’t shocked things got so negative because “nothing that happens on that show would surprise me.” Away from reality TV, Alicia been focusing on her sons while their father serves his 7-year in prison sentence, and she has made the “choice” to be more positive by looking “forward and not backward.”


Admitting to VH1 she was surprised to find herself a topic of conversation at the reunion, Alicia has separated from the reality TV drama.”Everyone knows that I quit the show for my family, so I don’t know why I would be brought up unless it was related to that.” 

Alicia and producers claim her leaving was a mutual decision, although at the time Alicia expressed an interest in coming back once she learned she’d was sentenced to probation. Whatever the case she seems relieved to be done with Mob Wives.”I made the choice to remove myself from the show and that drama because my family and my business mean way more to me than being on television,” she accepts. 

One thing that weight heavily on Alicia’s heart was having her children’s family name and history being dragged through the mud for reality show storylines. As for her feelings on Karen, she has no animosity towards her former foe despite their tangled family situation. Karen’s father Sammy The Bull murdered Alicia’s father-in-law, which started their rivalry and resulted in Karen sharing stories about Alicia’s family.

“I don’t blame Karen for what her father did. Karen can only be held accountable for her own words and actions [like] how nonchalantly she spoke of my father-in-law’s murder, as if it was not a tragedy for my family,” Alicia reflects. “To think that just because I never met my son’s grandfather that I would not be personally affected by that event is ridiculous.”

Despite moving on, Alicia doesn’t see herself forming a friendship with Karen. Too much water under the collective bridge, so to speak. “Karen and I are two totally different people and because we don’t see eye to eye on our family histories and we have different view points on the situation, it feels like there is too much there to overcome to build a friendship,” Alicia describes. “Had words or actions between us played out differently, it might have been possible, but for where things stand now I choose not to let that negativity into my life.” 

Alicia has maintained her friendship with Natalie Guercio. The Philly-natives will always remain close, but she thinks Natalie took things too far with Karen. In fact, Natalie’s issues with Karen actually started as an extension of Alicia’s issues with Karen. 

Natalie is a dear friend of mine and I consider myself lucky to have her in my life,” Alicia says. “I’ve never asked her or anyone to fight my battles for me. She has her own opinion and is entitled to it and as her friend I support that.” 

As for a possible return to Mob Wives, since Carla Facciolo is also reportedly returning full-time next season, Alicia says that’s not something that interests her citing new goals coupled with a desire to let-go of her tumultuous past. “For me and the path that my life has taken since the show I can’t really see a time where me coming back would make sense,” she reveals.


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