Blood, Sweat, and Heels Recap: Match Made In Heel

blood sweat and heels

Last night on Blood, Sweat, and Heels the ladies do what no Real Housewife has (possibly) ever done by episode 3 in a season: they make up with dignity and class. Daisy Lewellyn gets disappointing news about her final cancer treatment though, while Melyssa Ford makes plans to head back into the real estate world, and new girl Chantelle Fraser steps on some toes.

Melyssa is grateful that opening night of her play is over so she’s celebrating by getting pedicures with her mom & aunt. Her mom was touched by the part in the play where no one wanted to listen to her talk (back-in-the-day-like-10-years-ago) when she was a video vixen. Melyssa feels good about finally being able to open up to her mom. Having always been a daddy’s girl, she knows she’s held her mom at arm’s length for too long and wants to focus on being a better daughter now.


Daisy is at the end of her 4-month IV chemo treatment, but will have to take the pill form of chemo afterward. She gets some bad news at her final treatment appointment: her white blood cell count is low, which has never happened before, so her final IV is postponed a week. Daisy is understandably disappointed.

Chantelle visits Geneva Thomas’s apartment to catch up on their love lives, and to demand black socks to walk around in rather than go barefoot in Geneva’s new roach pad. Geneva looks up to Chantelle like a big sister (doesn’t she sort of do that with Demetria Lucas too?), so she becomes easily convinced to visit the “high end matchmaker” Chantelle proposes out of nowhere. Geneva says she’s as single as a dollar bill, so bring it on. Then she throws Daisy and Mica Hughes under the bus when Chantelle brings them up. Chantelle likes Daisy & Mica and plans on inviting them to the matchmaker event anyway. Geneva revisits her falling out with Mica, which happened last season over Mica’s drunken behavior at Geneva’s work event & in the Hamptons (one unjustified, one not so much – in my opinion), and says she used to really like Mica. She says as long as you don’t come for her family, her money, or her man – which she doesn’t have – you’re cool. So, which did Mica come for?

Speaking of Mica, she’s at home with her mom studying the Bible. But she’s no nun! “Jesus is the go-between in our relationship,” says Mica. They discuss Mica’s ex, Terry, who has stayed in touch with her mom even post-breakup. Still weird!! Mica brings up the feud going on between her, Geneva and Demetria. Her mom likens the situation to roadside teenage drama. Yup. Mica wants to pursue a friendship with Chantelle despite Chantelle’s connections to Geneva, so we’ll see how far that gets.

Melyssa meets her friend out for coffee and claims her real estate ventures are going strong, but the feedback from her play has been mostly in the form of backhanded compliments like: “I didn’t expect it to be so good!” Foreseeing the continuation of her play, Melyssa wants to cast a different “star” (a term used loosely) in the lead because she’s just so damn busy doing real estate deals, people!

Living dangerously, Chantelle meets up with Mica for dinner and dishing. But guess who else is coming to dinner? Geneva! Mica is still raw about Geneva calling her every alcoholic in the book while Geneva herself carried a flask around in her purse on the regular last season. “B*tch, you had a flask,” Mica interviews. Please somebody print that on a t-shirt. #teammica Geneva walks in and barely greets Mica before telling Chantelle, who is a vegan, that she tried to be a vegan once in college but she’s “naturally bulimic.” Okay, let’s just take a studio pause here to reflect on Geneva’s misuse and abuse of the language we all share: English. This girl needs Miriam Webster open on her smart phone At.All.Times. Chantelle takes a hard left and brings up the peacemaking mission at hand. Geneva reiterates how crazy she thought Mica was last season with her drinking, but Mica claims she’s being judged on a pattern that doesn’t exist. Geneva concedes that she would’ve handled the Hamptons scene differently if she’d known about Mica’s father’s death. Geneva apologizes and Mica accepts. They both agree to rebuild what has been broken and Geneva interviews that Mica is a cool chick, so she has hope they can be copacetic from here on out. Yay for grown women conversations! More of this please, Bravo.

Daisy is on the job preparing for a TV fashion segment, but she’s feeling ill and frankly, looking like she should be in bed. Daisy, take care of yourself, girl! Her assistant, Kim, gives her some Kaopectate to get her through the ordeal. She’s used to working 12-hour days, but going through cancer treatment is slowing her down, which she refuses to accept.

At lunch al fresco, Geneva & Demetria (whose hair is looking killer right now!) chat about Demetria’s upcoming wedding. Demetria feels out of her element planning a wedding, so she’s stalling on most of it. Geneva tells Demetria about her “let’s be friends again” dinner with Mica, but Demetria still has a brick-ass wall up, claiming Mica’s just weird. She would like things to not be so stone cold awkward when she sees Mica, so she concedes that she could try to forgive – but not forget. Moving on to Daisy and her “single black female ish,” according to Demetria, the ladies maintain that they can’t find a way to deal with her. Geneva brings up Chantelle’s matchmaking event and Demetria agrees to stop by for moral support. Ah, so that’s where all the bullsh*t is gonna go down this episode, huh? Geneva’s looking for an older man who waxes his junk, so that should at least be an interesting lead-in to the matchmaking scene. Please let her state that on her online dating profile. Right next to her history of natural bulimia.

Back at Daisy’s TV segment on fashion for curvy girls, she is looking fresh but tripping on her words because her brain is tired and overwhelmed. Her interview is a bit bumpy, but she forges ahead believing that her illness is temporary and doesn’t have to take her down.

Here comes the matchmaker: Amy Laurent! She’s Chantelle’s friend and has been helping her find love again after Chantelle’s dog of an ex-boyfriend broke up with her via text message this year. She admits she’s throwing this matchmaking event to cast the attention on a wider net of women rather than focus solely on her own wreck of a love life. Geneva and Demetria show up, followed by Melyssa and Arzo Anwar. All is going well-ish until an arctic breeze blows through the room as the final two enter: Mica & Daisy. Demetria interviews that she’s trying to be positive with Mica in the room (really? because she looks like a mean girl at a middle school lunch table who’s trying to act fake-nice to everyone but her self-appointed “enemy”) and the group settles in for their session.

Amy the matchmaker says the guys are out there, it’s just a matter of finding what you want. The ladies take turns talking about what they want in a man. Chantelle wants two things: a pedigree and money. Keepin it real! Arzo says she’s dating a 27-year old right now and the side-eye in the room goes from Orange Alert to Red Alert in .01 seconds. Arzo interviews that in her Afghani family it’s not acceptable to bring home a dude to meet the parents unless there’s marriage on the table. Thus she’s a 36-year old woman who’s never introduced a guy to her family. “The less they know the better,” says Arzo. Melyssa says she’s trying to give herself a bigger dating pool, so she’s willing to date the old guys at this point. No waxing needed. I guess her recent stint on the Millionaire Matchmaker didn’t teach her anything after all? Chantelle shades Melyssa’s current “fun” relationship by accusing her of being in it just for sex. Much like Lisa Vanderpump, Chantelle’s shade comes across as more playful than malicious due to her British accent. But only time will tell how true that is. Melyssa flees the room with Daisy to talk trash about Chantelle while Chantelle giggle-toasts over her comments. Meanwhile Daisy is texting Mica across the room about how bored and hungry she is while Geneva eats all the cheese.

Daisy’s on the hot seat next. She says Jesus was her last relationship and she’s not focused on any other relationship right now, but doesn’t elaborate on her health issues. Next comes the moment we all wish would happen on EVERY SINGLE matchmaking show ever aired: Daisy turns the tables on Amy and starts grilling her about why she isn’t married, and – oh, by the way – where’s HER man? #preach! Love this. Demetria looks like she’s ready to slap someone, but instead jumps up and hugs it out with Daisy for taking on the matchmaker, NYC style. Right up there with burning bush miracles, Demetria admits this moment was well worth coming to this hot mess of a matchmaking cheese-eatin, Melyssa-shadin fiasco.

Awww. The group is getting back to the strong unit they should be! Yay for them! But not so fast, as upcoming footage previews Geneva’s arrest and the new women getting into it with each other soon.


Photo Credit: Bravo TV