Bethenny Frankel Explains Her Homeless Comments, Shares Thoughts On The Richards Sisters


Bethenny Frankel was Andy Cohen’s guest on WWHL tonight after The Real Housewives of New York.  She talked about her homeless comments, Terry Dubrow’s remarks about her being skinny, and she shared thoughts on Kim and Kyle Richards.  

Andy starts off by mentioning last night’s episode of WWHL.  I planned on transcribing it late last night but it was pretty mellow, so I skipped it.  But on the show, Dr. Terry Dubrow made a remark about Bethenny and that he thought she was pretty naturally and he wouldn’t do any work on her but said she was a little skinny girl.  And it didn’t seem like a huge deal at the time, but apparently it became a big deal as the day went on today.  So, Andy brings it up and asks her about it.  I do get that Bethenny is fed up – everyone has been obsessing her over her weight recently and it’s a little obnoxious.  She had Tweeted last night and this morning:  “Who is dr dubrow & what happened? Some dumbshit md talk abt what he doesn’t know? Or @andy shit stir pretending it was innocent? Or both?”  And “So he’s a “rich, busy & sucessful” md using his wife’s reality show to comment on me bc he’s bored? Irrelevant? fame hungry? Needs $?” 

She then added, “A) i did eat a burger (albeit a fried veg one) b) @andy i love c) people r shit stirring d) do u think i care? #itsallfodder #wwhl tom pm.”  And this afternoon she got over it all, writing “As fun as twitter is, I’m skinny, my brand is skinnygirl & often people say something they regret. No harm. No foul. Let’s keep it movin’.”

To Andy tonight she shared, “there’s been a whole thing lately – skinny shaming.  Kelly Clarkson with body shaming and Giuliana Rancic with hers. I’m not gonna be all ‘oh my god people think I’m skinny, woe is me, why me?’ I’m not ready to get on that bandwagon.  He didn’t mean it, it was a joke.  Everyone’s very very sensitive.  I think that people who are overweight have a reason to be sensitive about it.  I’m not gonna complain.  I am thin.  I have a brand called Skinny Girl and it’s okay.”

Andy then asks Bethenny for her opinion on the Richards sisters and plays a clip from tonight’s RHOBH reunion.  Bethenny says “I’ve known them for about 25 years.  First of all, I can’t imagine bringing a family member (having done it), bring a sister on to the show.  You’ve done it in Jersey, it’s gnarly.  There are deep-seated things there that have gone on for years.” 

Andy asks if they were at odds as long as she has known them.  Bethenny says there have always been some nuances.  “I think they’re in a town where money and attention and fame are really prevalent and I think it’s an alternative universe there.  They’re living this but then they’re also living this in the press, on Instagram, on Twitter. It’s really really murky and I don’t know how they’re going to get out of it. Being on television together, it doesn’t seem like it’s going in a good direction. I really love Kyle.  I’ve been friends with her for a long time.  She’s a great mom and she does love Kim.  Kim can be a little bit of a victim.”

Andy then shows off some old footage from RHONY.  Tonight Ramona Singer got mad at Bethenny for inviting Sonja to brunch when she is Ramona’s guest, but Andy found footage of Ramona doing the same thing when Bethenny was a guest at Jill Zarin’s house!  Haha.

A caller tells Bethenny she really loves her but admits that she was disappointed to hear Bethenny refer to herself as homeless in last week’s episode.  “I understand.  Being on the show, I open myself up to scrutiny.  I said I was the wealthiest homeless person.  It was a pun, I don’t actually think I’m homeless.  I donate a lot of money to Dress for Success and help a lot of women who would be homeless or who are homeless every year with the money that I make from Skinny Girl. And the truth is, I say things, that’s why I was put on the show.  If I filter and edit, then you would never like me.  You can’t win and you can’t please everybody and I don’t try to please everybody because then I’m pleasing nobody.  I have the most respect, I don’t think I’m really homeless.  I have money but I’ve gone through a very personal, difficult situation of not having any stability or consistency or room that’s regular for my daughter.  For personal reasons I couldn’t buy a place or rent a place.  I can’t explain why and this is my situation and no matter how many Benjamins I have, my pain is just as real as yours.”

Another caller asks if she thinks Ramona’s apology to Luann was sincere.  Bethenny says yes.  “Ramona is a habitual apologizer, so that’s why Luann is a little tentative and burnt but I do think Ramona is going through something very difficult and I do think she realized something in that moment. We’ll have to watch to see what happens the rest of the season.” 

Bethenny dished that she no longer thinks of Luann as pretentious.  She says that Luann is like the anti-countess now. She thinks she name her next book ‘The Cool Countess’.


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