Love & Hip Hop Reunion Recap: Creeptastic Announcements

LHH Reunion Jhonni fight

We’ve finally made it to the other side, y’all! Last night was the final installment of the Love & Hip reunion, and if you didn’t think it could get messier than it already was, you were sorely mistaken! Picking up where we left off last week, Nina Parker chides Rich Dollaz about not copping to what happened with Cisco’s ex Diamond Strawberry in the bathroom. As you recall from earlier in the season, Rich was intrigued by Diamond’s brand of crazy, but he promised Cisco he wouldn’t break bro code by going after his leftovers. Nina reminds Rich that the pair forgot to turn off their mics, and she then shares some previously un-aired audio from the encounter…which is pretty raunchy. Rich insists that nothing happened, and Diamond seems embarrassed. Diamond’s mother blames Cisco for making Diamond so vulnerable to be susceptible to Rich’s advances, although she does think her daughter made some bad decisions.

Diamond asserts that her fling with Rich wasn’t rooted in revenge. She was in a fragile state, and she had strong feelings for Rich. Her stalker ways are recapped, which, of course, feeds into Jhonni’s jealous rages. Cisco questions Rich’s intentions, and he can’t believe that his friend would act so shady. Rich does what Rich does, and Jhonni gets angry that Cisco refuses to go off on his friend. Can’t he punch Rich or something? Cisco gives a rousing speech about not becoming the next Stevie J and Benzino. If they’re going to scrap, it will be in private and when finished and they’ll party together like rock stars. He high fives Peter Gunz while representing the original L&HH as Rich laughs in agreement. Who are these people? When asked whether Jhonni posed a threat to her, Diamond quips that she didn’t even know who Jhonni was and assumed she was an extra. Jhonni retorts, “Your daughter is an extra,” which riles up Grandma Strawberry. It takes about fifteen men in suits to pull Jhonni from the stage. Diamond’s mother wishes they’d let her go so she could learn a lesson. Lady, have you watched this season? Jhonni would put a hurting on the elder Strawberry for sure!


Peter has been incredibly smiley this reunion…because he hasn’t been in the hot seat. That all changes when Nina turns the focus to his love triangle with Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace. His ill-fated Barbados trip with Tara and Amina fleeing with their newborn to Germany are highlighted, as well as Peter’s last ditch attempt to win back his most recent baby mama. Amina reveals that while she still loves Peter and she’s not over the hurt from their relationship, she is trying to move on without him. She wants to be with him, but she knows he will never change. When Nina asks Peter who he loves, he sheepishly says he loves them both. Tara doesn’t feel vindicated by the break down of Peter’s relationship with Amina. Peter calls Amina a snitch for telling Tara about his past indiscretions, and Tara retorts that Peter can dish out the behavior but not take it. Amina’s ex/current manager joins them on stage, and Peter quickly reminds him that he also cheated on Amina. Orren is engaged, but Peter interrupts to say that he’s been sending Amina inappropriate texts. Orren claims he was joking. He only wants to further Amina’s career, and Peter wishes him luck.

For a fun little break in the madness, Nina regales us with footage of clips proving just how creep-tacular the men of this show are. Mendeecees Harris is excused from creep status due to his relationship with Yandy Smith. Cisco refuses to answer how many cast mates he’s slept with throughout the franchise. The men tease Peter for being so bad at creeping. Cisco rationalizes that Peter’s only issue was finding two good women at once. The women find the creep squad to be disrespectful, and Cisco things that Rich should garner the crown as King of the Creeps. My money’s certainly on him! It’s no surprise that he wins by a landslide!

LHH Reunion Mona Erica

After the lighthearted banter, Nina makes the “shocking” announcement that Erica Mena will not be returning for another season as the cast feigns looks of surprise. She cuts to Mona Scott Young’s one-on-one with Erica, who shares why it’s time for her to leave the show. She shows off her engagement ring from Bow Wow, and gets teary discussing the details of her wedding. It will likely take place in Atlanta. Erica recalls her exciting time on the series, and she claims that there is no hope for a friendship with Rich after all of his betrayal. She is in such a better place, and she knows that she’ll have a lot to explain to her son when the time comes. Erica credits the show for saving her from a very bad and broken place, and she teases that she hasn’t discounted the idea of leaving the reality realm should another opportunity arise. We are treated to Erica’s most memorable moments from L&HH, from Rich to Cyn to Bow Wow to Delores to everything in between. She and Mona cry as they thank each other for this crazy ride before embracing and boob shaking. Rich understands why she’s leaving and takes all the credit for making Erica the dynamic character that she was. He reminds Nina that she was barely a part of this season and it was still epic. Was it? Cyn and Chrissy Monroe bid her an icy good riddance as well. 

Keeping with the theme of bringing a bunch of peripheral peeps to the reunion, Yandy addresses her beef with Mendeecees‘ former assistant Remy and the ensuing brawl with Kimbella.  Nina asks Yandy to clear up the rumors that their animosity was staged for the show given that they have shown up together on Instagram in the past few weeks. Yandy doesn’t hate Remy, and Remy assures everyone that she has no inappropriate feelings towards Mendeecees. She praises Yandy for paving the way for girls like her in this industry, but she dislikes that Yandy feels the need to make her out to be a stalker. Kimbella intervenes, and when Remy stands up aggressively, Mendeecees has to stop Yandy from doing the same. Nina attempts to smooth things over between the ladies, and Yandy wants Remy to follow the proper protocol when trying to infiltrate her inner circle. Wait, did someone just say etiquette? Tara could have a new client in Remy!

love hip hop reunion yandy

As the reunion draws to a close, some of the funnier excerpts from the season are played. When allowed to share final thoughts, Amina questions whether Tara still feels like she could hook up with Peter whenever she wanted. Tara does, but Peter promises that isn’t the case. He knows no one will believe him though, and he’s correct. Chrissy is just waiting for Chink to get his divorce. I hope she’s not holding her breath! Yandy then announces that she and Mendeecees are getting married in a televised wedding (the twist? It’s live!) courtesy of VH1 Memorial Day weekend. Of course that’s going to be a thing!


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