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The gang’s all here! After suffering through a snooze-worthy season of the original Love & Hip Hop, Stevie J., Joseline Hernandez, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, Mimi Faust, Lil’ Scrappy and crew returned last night for a crazy Love & Hip Hop Atlanta premiere. Let the ratchetness commence! Don’t fail us, ATL!

After JoDez (I may be trying out some new nicknames this season…)went down in a blaze of glory at last season’s reunion, Mimi can only hope that Stevie has enough sense to steer clear of the train wreck. If not, she refuses to get involved with their drama (yeah, right!). After that pesky shower rod incident with Nikko that ended up making Vivid gajillions of dollars, Mimi has penned a tome about her experiences and kicked Nikko to the curb. Sex tape leaks she can forgive, but secret marriages? Not so much. We’ll see how long this lasts. She’s also traded her mop bucket for recording studio, and she’s teamed with Stevie to manage new artists. After listening to Tiffany Foxx, Stevie knows that no one can compare to Joseline’s music but he’s willing to ogle her creepily. When he learns that she’s on the outs with Nikko, Stevie offers Mimi a bottle of his special sauce–I honestly thought he’d started a barbeque line or something, but he means his sperm. Please stop now. Mimi can’t believe how ridiculous he is, yet she still wants to work with him. 


In Miami, Karlie Redd goes to watch her friend Jessica Dime Piece who is twirling on the pole for one final money-making extravaganza. Karlie shares that Jessica and Joseline used to be the strip club’s rainmakers back in the day, and Dawn (the agent who was also a part of the sex tape debacle) wants to bring Jessica to Atlanta. Jessica is ready to hang up her pasties and pursue her musical career after a contract fell through with Flo Rida a couple years ago. She reveals that she and Joseline have long been besties, but lately, her friend has been ignoring her. Jessica hopes everything is okay with Joseline. Wait, you expect us to believe Jessica forgot to DVR that reunion? Please. Also working on her music is Momma Dee. She’s dropped a new single, and Erica Dixon is actually on her good side even though Erica and Scrappy are on the outs due to unpaid child support. At Dee’s performance, Erica runs into Scrappy and Bambi, and Scrappy is glad that his baby mama and his mama are finally getting along. However, no one is going to tell him what to do when it comes to his daughter, even DSS. He provides for her, and he’s livid when he learns what Erica has been telling his mother about his lack of payments.

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Mimi has planned a girls’ night with Ariane, Rasheeda, Erica, and Karlie involving wine and sketching a banana hammock clad model. The ladies gossip about Joseline’s behavior at the reunion, and they are appalled to learn that Mimi is going into business with Stevie. Is she crazy? Mimi explains that they are at a good place even if he is trying to peddle her his semen. Gross. Erica interjects that Scrappy is close to $50,000 behind in child support. Rasheeda shares that she and Kirk are in a very good place, and they’re building a home together. While Kirk has a new artist he’s working closely with, Rasheeda is making an effort not to let jealousy rear its ugly head. Of course, if she finds out that Kirk is straying again, his ass is going to be on the curb. Karlie rehashes her trip to Miami and her hopes that Jessica will relocate to Atlanta, but Mimi isn’t keen on anyone who is friends with Joseline. 

We are introduced to the stylish Margeaux, a model and aspiring designer, and immediately I think, I could really like this chick. Of course, that comes to a screeching halt when she breaks the news that she is Nikko’s wife. The pair have had an open marriage for years, so she wasn’t the least bit bothered by Mimi, but she is a bit put off by the sex tape. She is upset that he wasn’t honest with her, and she wonders why she’s made the trek to Atlanta to try to work on his relationship with Nikko. He tries to tap dance around his affair with Mimi. Nikko claims that he and Mimi were just business partners in a planned sex tape. A teary Margeaux reminds us that their love endure homelessness, but this situation is more difficult to overcome. She’s not sure she can forgive him this time. 

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At a showcase for Tiffany, a drunk Stevie heckles Mimi, and Rasheeda can’t believe how disrespectful he’s being. Mimi certainly has wonderful taste in business partners, doesn’t she? He stumbles out of the venue, but not before thoroughly embarrassing his ex and his new potential artist. Across town, Kirk is meeting his new artist Ashley Nicole at his new secret office which is actually a two bedroom apartment downtown. Even though Rasheeda has no clue this place exists, Kirk shows his respect by having a portrait of the couple in his bedroom. Ashley is starving, so Kirk feeds her some liquor. A flirtatious Ashley is excited to meet Rasheeda–she just knows they’ll get along famously…um, not if she keeps seeing you hug on her husband! 

At a photo shoot for her upcoming book, Nikko barges in on Mimi to demand his percentage of sales. He’s the one who brought her the deal, and she was stupid enough to sign a contract giving him a quarter of all the earnings of the three-book deal. Dawn hopes that the two can find a way to work together, but Mimi plans to find a loophole in their sketchy contract. Rasheeda wants her online store to become a true store front. She wants Kirk to stop skirting the issue about investing in her dream, and he isn’t willing to tell her that the money for her store is tied up elsewhere…like in the rent for his secret apartment.

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Mimi drops in on Stevie to harp on him for his drunken behavior. He jokes with her about his drinking, and Mimi questions his drug use and back child support. Mimi doesn’t want to see Stevie spiral out of control, but he promises that he’s fine. When Mimi inquires about Joseline’s whereabouts, Stevie vaguely mentions that she’s “away” getting herself together. Mimi admits her mistake with Nikko and the book deal, and Stevie plans to handle Freako…Nikko is done cashing in on Mimi and her family. The next thing you know, Stevie and Nikko are meeting in dark parking lot. Stevie has changed out of what he bolted out of his apartment wearing. Stevie warns Nikko that he’s not going to be eating off his daughter. Nikko is happy to bow out of the deal…for $2 million. He knows that Stevie doesn’t have that kind of dough, given he’d have to pay it to the government. Stevie then threatens to leak some dirt on his nemesis. Then, Nikko makes the mistake of mentioning Stevie’s daughter yet again, and the episode ends true to the L&HH formula…on the verge of a smack down.


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