Luann de Lesseps Talks Brunches, Beautique, and Bethenny in Latest Bravo Blog

In her latest Bravo blog, everyone’s favorite #BeCoolCountess dishes on dueling brunches, ladies’ night out at Beautique, her visit to Ramona’s apartment, and Bethenny Frankel‘s unwelcome run-in with Kelly Bensimon on this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York. Commenting first on Ramona Singer stealing a dress from Bethenny’s talk show back-in-the-day, Luann de Lesseps says, “Ramona does have sticky fingers when it comes to that, though. Looking back, if you remember a dress Sonja (Morgan) was buying in Season 2 and how Ramona asked to “look at it” and ended up at the checkout line with it…She took it right out of her hands! Oh, Ramona…you really are a piece of work.” 

As for Brunchgate, Luann maintains that one can never have too many brunch invitations, dahhhhling! “You know, I figured having two invitations to two brunches isn’t that bad of a problem, so if we went to both, we’d make everyone happy.” Lu loves Bethenny’s Hamptons home, her Skinnygirl-sponsored meal, and free giveaways!: “I really like Bethenny’s Hamptons house, and I love the red accents! Her brunch was a classic breakfast with, of course, great cocktails. B was great to entertain me and my guests with all of her SkinnyGirl flair. I thought it was really nice of Bethenny to give us some parting gifts. I took some energy bars but kept it simple and didn’t grab her appliances. Tacky much?” She’s talking to YOU, Radzi. “To each her own…” says the countess, adding that Bethenny also sent her a blender a few weeks later anyway. #wheresthefreetoasters? 


Ramona’s Brunch #2 was less of a fanfare, but Luann did feel bad they didn’t get  to see much of “the guest of honor,” Dorinda Medley. “I felt bad that Dorinda had to go, but I understood. We were late. The new girl likes her Bloody Marys not as bloody, but extra merry. I can definitely empathize with that! She and Bethenny kept me laughing this episode.” Luann then turns her attention to Dorinda’s lunch date with her meat head boyfriend, John, commenting “And I was beyond thrilled when Dorinda called John out for being rude with the phone at lunch. If you know me, you know that if you make a lady wait, she’ll take a pass. Phones have no place at the dinner table or the lunch table or the breakfast counter–especially when it’s a date–so put your phones away, people!” The countess has spoken: let the phone etiquette chapter be forever closed! Amen. Luann adds that Dorinda is “a fierce one, and I was cheering when she spoke up and ended that call. John has to put a leash on his PDA. A little smooch is OK, but restaurant mouth-to-mouth is a no-no unless someone is choking.” 

At Ramona’s apartment for lunch later that week, Luann comments,”Being a guest in Ramona’s apartment after so many years was a little weird, but I knew we needed to have this moment. She’s undergoing a reinvention and ‘rising from the ashes,’ so to speak. I know that what she’s experiencing is the hardest thing a woman can endure, and the power of friends and support is unimaginable.” But Luann does question whether Ramona’s calmness is a real or not:”It’s almost comforting to see Ramona seem calm about the whole thing. I’m not sure if she’s just coping really well and being reasonable about it, or if she’s in some sort of denial.” Although telling Ramona about Mario’s online dating profile was tough, Lu maintains that honest is the best policy. “I’m glad she knows I’m here for her and that despite my feelings and our past, I always do my best to be there for my friends. Stay cool, Ramona!”

Not staying cool at a later lunch were Heather Thompson and Bethenny, says Luann: “I noticed some tension brewing between Heather and Bethenny right away, and I know that if there’s too much talking going on and nothing really means much, some people just turn off and stop caring. Heather gets into the nitty gritty and Bethenny is all about the headline and the bullet points. I could tell there was a minor clash about to occur. But Bethenny was ultimately pretty cool about it. And hilarious.” The uncool-ness carried over the Beautique, one of Luann’s favorite hot spots for boy toys and bathroom hookups, when Bethenny spotted Luann’s special guest of the night: Kelly Bensimon of the “natural” gummy bear diet and #scaryisland freakout.  Luann comments, ” I didn’t think I needed to ask Bethenny permission [to bring Kelly along], so I was surprised Bethenny was so bothered by Kelly being there. Get over it already, B!” She does add that resolution came quickly, though. “Once she explained how she felt, I understood where she was coming from. I’m just glad it didn’t ruin the evening.”

Glossing over the sloppy details of Cougars Night Out at Beautique, Luann just slyly says, “You saw Lady Morgan. She was quite taken with Mr. Germany, as she calls him. Sonja has a good eye–a little young for the taking, but very handsome. My friend Eric is a great guy, charming and a gentleman…Ramona is a little new to this element, so I was proud of her for jumping in and meeting guys and dancing and enjoying the attention. She’s quite the natural, isn’t she? Surprise, surprise!” As for seeing Dorinda’s boyfriend John having a “business meeting” at Beautique later that night, the countess keeps her shade right on point: classy, but cutting! “I’ll just say this: I don’t know if I’d want my boyfriend hanging out at Beautique for a ‘business’ meeting. It’s certainly not the place. And it certainly wasn’t the time for it, either. We’ll have to see how Dorinda feels about this next week. One thing about Dorinda that I’ve seen first-hand: She doesn’t play around. You cross her once, you’ll think twice before crossing her again,” Luann says. 


Photo Credit: Getty Images