Blood, Sweat and Heels Recap: A Heel in Handcuffs

Blood Sweat and heels

Last night on Blood, Sweat and Heels the ladies of NYC deal with the aftermath of Geneva Thomas’ arrest. We open with Daisy Lewellen dancing around her room and worshiping at the altar of her designer wigs. (Her wigs do look killer this season.)

Across town, Mica Hughes is sitting on the floor of her closet surrounded by $49.99 wigs and complaining to Daisy on the phone that her hair is beat. If that short-short wig Mica wore last episode is in this pile of bargain weaves, she needs to feed it to her chinchilla, pronto. Mica & Daisy discuss Arzo Anwar’s upcoming runway presentation (for one of the designers she carries), and Daisy’s excited to attend a positive event now that her chemo is done (YAY!). Next step: radiation. Daisy fills Mica in on Geneva’s arrest, and Mica almost slips on a wig hearing this news. Mica says she can totally picture Geneva going HAM on the cabbie, given how Geneva’s told Mica off in the past. Then she lets her chinchilla lick her cell phone. Finally, swinging on her stripper pole then promptly falling off of it, Mica ponders the fabulousness that is Mica.


Over at Arzo’s, she’s prepping for her runway presentation. She tells us she’s wanted to be in the fashion industry since she was 9 years old. She moved to NYC at 21 and has “worked her a$$ off” to get where she is today. And where is she? I guess she is a middleman between designers and buyers, working on commission for the sale of each piece/brand she can move into a department store. Her runway presentation will feature the designer, “Lolly.” Mica shows up at Arzo’s in (oh no!) the short-short wig. Girl! I never thought I’d say this, but Mica needs to take hair notes from Daisy this season. Speaking of Daisy, she and Melyssa Ford arrive next. The show is casual and clean and is wrapping up just as Demetria Lucas enters. Dun-dun-DUN! Daisy tells Mica that she & Demetria actually mended fences recently and, so far, neither Mica nor Demetria throw a hissy fit over seeing one another in the same room. Progress? Maybe only a little, but, we’ll take it! Demetria gets into a side conversation with Melyssa about Geneva’s arrest. Melyssa thinks Geneva probably went too far with the cops over a minor issue and adds that even if Geneva was justifiably heated, she probably needed to simmer down once the police arrived on the scene. Given the fact that none of these ladies were actually at the scene of the arrest, it’s interesting they’ve all got pretty strong opinions about what went down. “But it’s a great story,” snarks Melyssa. Absolutely.  

Just after Melyssa ends her theorizing about Geneva’s arrest, who should arrive? Geneva! She’s still “very, very clear” that this issue – her arrest – is about race. Melyssa, Daisy, and Arzo are frustrated that Geneva’s trying to make a Civil Rights issue out of her stiffing a cabbie. Melyssa comments that the cops were Latin-American, not Caucasian, and she herself has gotten into fights with cab drivers, but you should just pay them and walk away. No need to go to jail over it. Geneva wanders over, so Melyssa promptly wanders off. And Arzo takes this opportunity to tell Geneva how her “friend” Chantelle Fraser called Arzo and “Afghan Hound” the other night during their argument at the pop-up runway show. Arzo doesn’t include that the argument was about Geneva, or more specifically about how Arzo was laughing her a$$ off about Geneva going to jail while Chantelle was defending her. She also conveniently leaves out the fact that she called Chantelle a “British Bulldog” before Chantelle fired back. Ah, details! Who needs them?

Demetria, Mica, and Geneva stand around in an awkward circle trying to make small talk…which doesn’t last long. She walks over to Melyssa & Daisy’s circle, where Melyssa is telling Daisy she should tell the rest of the group about her cancer. Daisy says she doesn’t like telling people because the conversation just gets sad and weepy, but offhandedly gives Melyssa permission to tell the other girls if she sees fit. It’s hard to tell whether Daisy’s sincerely telling Melyssa to do this right now or if she’s just brushing her off like, “well, you just tell em!” I think we’re about to see how this all shakes out later this episode though.

Melyssa is at her business manager Ivan’s office. She discusses taking her play on a national tour, but Ivan reminds Melyssa to follow her revenue source (real estate) rather than her pipe dream (her play). She again brings up the fact that she just can’t shake her “video vixen” image. Yawn. Maybe stop bringing it up every damn minute like a it’s wet wad of toilet paper stuck to your shoe? Shake it off, girl! Chantelle is shopping with her brother having a conversation about the argument they had at Mica’s pop-up show. Chantelle says calling Arzo an Afghan Hound had nothing to do with her being from Afghanistan, and tells us to “Google it” to find out what the insult really means. Good readers, I challenge you to figure it out! My Google search brings up an infinity of kennel clubs and dog show sites, and that’s about as much energy as I have at the moment for this subject. So, moving on! Chantelle claims she doesn’t want tension among the ladies, so she hopes things will blow over. 

Daisy is feeling sicker than ever now that she’s at the end of chemo even though she looks fabulous on the outside. She’s at the doctor’s office for a consult on her radiation schedule, which will occur every day for 8 weeks. Daisy realizes that with the increased frequency of appointments, she’ll have an even tougher time keeping her secret from her staff (and friends). She’s also stressed out about her mounting medical bills. The doctor assures her that in 2-3 months, she’ll be back to feeling better again, and maybe even toasting some champagne!

Geneva and her publicist Tara are meeting with an attorney, Royce, to seek options for retaliating against her arrest. Her official charge was “theft of services.” A civil suit would take about a year, but Geneva says she wants to “make a statement” and “create awareness” about racial issues. She doesn’t want the suit to drag out for months though. The attorney says Geneva needs to be ready with her “narrative” beforehand so the case doesn’t get dismissed. Her publicist is chomping at the bit to get Geneva’s statement written so they can squash the backlash of people claiming Geneva overreacted about a silly cab fare. Geneva says, “At the end of the day, I just wanted to get my nails done.” Please let that line be in the legal statement. #naturallybulimic #arrestes #relaxanddecompose

Melyssa is meeting with Fredrik from Million Dollar Listing NY (is he getting around to every Bravo show or what!?). Melyssa wants to emulate his career, which amounts to roughly 600 million in listings. A girl’s gotta dream, I guess. The property they tour is going for 2.75 million, but Melyssa can’t figure out her commission percentage in her head, so she may need some preschool math classes to open the door to this, uh, career path. Meanwhile, at Daisy’s apartment, she’s praying before she meets with her interns and assistants to deliver the news about her cancer treatment. She divulges her news through tears and they group hug the snot out of her, which is a very sweet moment. She says, “God is taking me through this.” Much love to Daisy. That’s all I can say. 

Back at Chantelle’s apartment, Daisy is on the phone chatting about getting the girls together for lunch soon. At lunch later, Demetria Lucas (whose book is finished!), Melyssa, and Chantelle await the arrival of Arzo and Mica. According to Mica, Arzo is her mini-me. All I can say about that is: Arzo wishes she were. Melyssa brings up the subject of Daisy “going through” hard things, to which Demetria quickly asks, “WHAT things?” Melyssa freezes at first, then divulges Daisy’s cancer news. Demetria says she knew something was up, but had no idea she had cancer. Geneva joins the group and, having heard Melyssa’s comments about her arrest, is not looking forward to dealing with her. Geneva interviews that she’s not an angry person, she’s just “clear.” She says this in what can only be described as an angry voice though, which kinda defeats the purpose. Daisy shows up last and the group conversation turns to Geneva’s arrest. Then – OMG. Geneva – I kid you not – literally busts out printed FACT SHEETS to pass around. What? So everyone can read directly off script when they are questioned about her arrest? I need one of these fact sheets STAT! Now, that’s a google search worth spending some time on. Even Demetria questions Geneva’s sanity in handing out these ratchet fact sheets. Mica wins the interview segment though by singing the list of “facts” into a microphone to freestyle jazz. “Geneeeeeeva was never arrreeeested…by the N-Y-P-Deeee!” I am LIVING for Mica right now.

Back to lunch. Arzo calls Chantelle out about her Afghan Hound comment. Chantelle quickly retorts, “It wasn’t about your race. It was about your face.” Burn. Well, someone had to say it. Chantelle asks around the table, “Do you think I’m a racist? Do YOU think I’m a racist?” But no one takes the bait. Chantelle claims her only mistake was choosing the wrong dog. Maybe Scooby Doo next time? No, Geneva’s already got that line of detective work covered. While Arzo & Chantelle are sniping at each other, across the table the Red Sea is damn near parting: Demetria & Mica, realizing that this is how ridiculous they look when they’re fighting, start to make up! They chuckle at the new girls’ ridiculousness (oh, that was so last season!) and Demetria actually invites Mica out for lunch. They make a date to go to a new place in Demetria’s neighborhood, Crabby Shack. That sounds appropriate. We’ll have to wait until next week to see how their lunch date pans out, but previews reveal it’s not quite smooth sailing yet. But there’s fact sheets to bond over! And there’s new girls to screech at each other! So, there might be hope yet. 


Photo Credit: Bravo TV