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From what I understand from you dear readers, we won’t be seeing Joseline Hernandez on the first few episodes of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta due to her behavior on last season’s reunion. It’s kind of like when I got suspended from cheering in one high school football game for being late to practice one too many times. Breaking bottles over people’s heads, tardiness…both valid reasons to use suspension as a punishment. Lessons learned in both cases for sure! At least we can count on Stevie J, Lil Scrappy, and Kirk Frost’s antics to entertain us in her absence, right? At least Rasheeda is now aware of Kirk’s secret downtown “office”! 

Last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta begins with Stevie confronting Nikko in a dark parking lot. Both men pretend to push one another (with nary contact made) before being dramatically pulled apart by the production team. Thankfully, the other guys on this show are acting more like gentlemen. Yung Joc is dressed for the part of day at the driving range with Scrappy and Kirk. Scrappy admits he’s more strip club than golf course. Joc is in a serious relationship with Khadiyah, and Kirk questions how many children his friend has total, crossing his fingers that someone besides Stevie has more kids than he does. Joc has eight in his brood, including two sets of twins (whose moms were pregnant at the same time). Pheeww! Kirk breathes a sigh of relief…he’s only got six kids and four grandchildren. Kirk reveals that he’s been hanging with his artist Ashley, who he met at a sports club…just like his last lady “friend,” but it’s totally professional no matter how attractive he finds her. He also tells his friends that Rasheeda has no clue about his downtown crib and money problems. As only Scrappy can (unintelligibly and sans subtitles), he warns his friend to not to mix biz-nigh-ee with banging. 


After Stevie and Nikko’s recent kerfuffle, Mimi is meeting her sex tape partner in a dark and deserted park (well, deserted except for the VH1 camera crew) to hear about his run-in with her baby daddy ex. Nikko promises again that he plans to take his cut of her upcoming book deal regardless of whether she continues to sic Stevie on him. Sure, Nikko negotiated the deal and found the ghost writer, but Mimi’s head wasn’t in the right place (or the “write” place? Sorry!) when she agreed to sign over twenty-five percent of her book earnings. Nikko threatens to leak more salacious details of his relationship with Mimi, as he was recording their phone conversation the entire time they were together. Classy. Speaking of classy, Stevie has been failing the court mandated drug tests related to his child support issues. Stevie can’t believe his luck, and if he fails another, he could find himself behind bars…all because one baby mama is still trying to live off his mega-salary from years ago that no longer exists. Women.

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Kirk and Rasheeda Frost are having an event so Kirk can introduce his new artist to the world–and his wife. Ashley is over the moon to finally meet Rasheeda. After all, she’s been a fan of Rasheeda’s music since she was two-years-old. I am sure Rasheeda will be thrilled to hear that compliment! Rasheeda isn’t keen on Ashley, especially after Ashley reveals that Rasheeda’s “boo” bought her a dress. Ashley gushes that Rasheeda hasn’t aged a bit in the bazillion years that she’s been in the industry, and she just loves working with Kirk at his Buckhead office. His what? Like any savvy wife who’s been down this road with her skeezy husband a time or twelve, Rasheeda plans to keep this information in her back pocket for a rainy day. 

Across town, a mysterious buxom stranger descends upon the white house. Well, well, well! It looks like someone got time off for good behavior! Dressed like a terrifying lingerie get-up that requires blurring, devil-cat Joseline straddles Stevie while bragging about how much she’s changed. She has learned anger management, and she’s planning to walk away from any drama in the future. She blames Stevie for bringing crazy women into her life that cause her to lose her cool. How can Mimi call her a junkie? She’s never done drugs! Wait, she clarifies she’s never done drugs in front of Mimi. Joseline reminds Stevie that he’s the one with the drug problem, and she’s got a smack talking problem. How can they make things right? Sex, apparently. Meanwhile, Joc is thrilled to have moved on from Karlie with his tax-preparing, real estate brokering, limo driving new love. Khadiyah knows how to treat him right, and that includes buying him whatever she wants. She’s not a groupie looking for a handout, she’s the one giving out the money. Don’t get it twisted! She commends him for being a wonderful father to his many children. He spends a lot of time with his baby mamas, but she’s especially wary of mama number four. Number four found out she was having Joc’s twins about the same time he became exclusive with Khadiyah. 

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Rasheeda has invited Karlie over because when it comes to snooping, Karlie is the Doggy-Dog. To give a bit of credence to why she’s on the show, Karlie gives a brief synopsis over her issues with Erica Dixon and their “clothing line.” She feels that Erica isn’t pulling her weight in their “partnership,” and she’s tempted to start working with another girl in “fashion” who will likely become another peripheral character whose name I’ll have to learn. Half listening, Rasheeda interrupts to share the news of Kirk’s secret office. Karlie is excited to help her friend get the dirt on her husband, and they start searching for a paper trail. As Inspector Gadget and Steve from Blues’ Clues scour the Frost home, Rasheeda finally finds a document entitled “residential lease.” Residential, huh? She is livid to learn that he even forged her name on the lease. Rasheeda may need to visit her new office space…she’d better find a bunch of cubicles up in that joint!

A mad hattered Momma Dee is meeting with her ex-husband Ernest at the strip club. He’s been in and out of jail, but his last stint was courtesy of Dee herself. While she understands that prison is a way of life for street hustlers, but she couldn’t stand it when he stole from Scrappy. When Dee turned him in, she figured he’d do a night or two, but the drugs in his possession and his prior record sent him away for seven years. Ernest has forgiven Dee…what’s seven years when he tormented her for so many more? They still love one another, and Dee is happy to have him back in her life. Speaking of drugs, Stevie has failed yet another drug test. He confides in Joseline that he’s heading to rehab in an effort to avoid jail time. As she cries, he encourages her to remain strong while he’s gone for a month. He recommends that she use this time to plan their big wedding and encourages her to have a sit-down with Mimi so they can all be on the same page regarding co-parenting Eva. That should go over well!

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Also co-parenting, Joc and his fourth baby mama Sina still get along famously (ass slapping and all). He explains that Sina was a friend who he cherished so much, he put two babies in her. He’s such a poet. Sina isn’t willing to give up on their relationship, but she’s not happy that he cheated on her multiple times when she was pregnant. In fact, in order to get back at Khadiyah for stealing her man, Sina beds Joc any time she gets the chance. Take that, home wrecker! Channeling his inner Peter Gunz, Joc admits he has a major problem with willpower, and he needs help. Instead, he’s given a platform to cheat and a paycheck to do it!

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Kirk is exhausted after introducing Rasheeda to Ashley. It didn’t exactly go as he planned, and instead of going home to face his wife’s nagging, he decides to decompress at his secret office. Surprise! When your name is on a lease, it’s not hard to get a key, so Rasheeda doesn’t even knock…she just surprises a towel clad Kirk in his kitchen. They don’t have enough money to open her store, but he can pay $3K + a month on rent for an apartment? Where are the interns and copiers and desks? It looks like a love shack to Rasheeda. She’s more livid about his lack of loyalty as a business partner than as her husband. As the episode comes to a close, Stevie goes to Mimi’s to tell her about his upcoming rehab stint. She is frustrated that Stevie intervened on her behalf with Nikko, but she’s also happy that Stevie cared enough to confront him. Mimi decides not to tell Stevie about Nikko’s threats of blackmail, and he quickly interjects that he’s going away for a while. A teary Mimi wonders what she’s going to tell Eva, and Stevie promises he will break that bad news. He wants Mimi to sit down with Joseline to get on the same page in his absence. Mimi finds it laughable to hear that Joseline has changed. We get to see the softer side of Stevie as he bids farewell to Eva…hey, it beats a beat down, doesn’t it? 


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