Little Women: NY Recap – Cabin Fever

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In last night’s episode of Little Women: N.Y., the ladies (and Jason Perez) travel to the Catskill Mountains for ski trip at the behest of Kristin Zettlemoyer. Lila Call struggles with her sobriety, while Jazmin Lang and Dawn Lang take advantage of the close quarters on the trip to completely trip out on each other.

We start the show with Jordanna James visiting Misty Irwin to hear her big news: Misty is going to walk in a fashion show in a $100 bill skirt and crop top. Jordanna confesses that she’s going to be walking in the same show and Misty’s not happy about her thunder just being stolen. Misty’s all “well, if you wanna do it then do it.” But she looks like she’s going to punch Jordanna in the face while she’s saying it. Meanwhile, Dawn is taking Lila to the gym to get her into healthier activities now that Lila has recommitted to her sobriety. Lila apologizes for basically calling Dawn an alcoholic too (at Lila’s recent intervention), but Dawn’s a$$ is still chafing at the accusation. Dawn pledges not to drink around Lila to support her recovery, though she calls out Jazmin for not speaking up during the intervention as much as she should have. Lila sees Dawn’s shady motives in throwing Jazmin under the bus, but leaves it alone for now. 


Kristin and Jordanna meet Misty out for a fondue lunch. Before Misty gets there, Jordanna tells Kristin about Misty’s jealousy over the Dwarf Fashion Show (official name?) and Kristin claims Misty’s always been jealous of Jordanna, so haters gonna hate. Misty arrives and Kristin launches in to her idea: Let’s go on a ski trip! Talk turns to how Lila will handle this trip if there’s liquor there, and they basically decide that Lila’s just gotta deal with them all drinking. Nice.

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Kristin, Misty, and Jordanna all bring their boyfriends – Josh, Joe, and Anthony. So the scramble for the “good” rooms begins Hunger Games style when the group arrives. Dawn, being Dawn, claims the master bedroom even though she’s alone, while Kristin & Josh get the fold-out couch, even though Kristin set the entire weekend up. The guys build a fire while the ladies work on opening their first bottle of wine – at Dawn’s suggestion, of course! Jazmin is pissed that Dawn’s popping bottles in front of Lila already and Lila straight up tells the group that she’s uncomfortable. She demands her own room to feel “safe” which causes a huge argument among the entire group about 1) Why Dawn Has the Master Bedroom and 2) Why Dawn is Basically A Piece of Sh*t. Dawn finally concedes to sleep on the couch, where she belongs. 

Once they’re in the master, Kristin divulges to Josh that she recently visited a fertility doctor (even though they’ve only been dating 4 months & she’s 11 years older than him – so, yeah, awkward!). Josh accepts the news in stride and says he loves kids and wants kids and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Well, that went…differently than expected!

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Back at the kitchen table Jordanna makes the announcement that she’ll be walking in the Dwarf Fashion Show. Misty is shooting daggers out of her eyes across the table while Jason launches into his apartment hunting story. He’s not having any luck because…he apparently had NO idea NYC was expensive? He’s moving back in with the family, so they can stop crying now. Jordanna tells him he’s just using his parents as a security blanket. She tells him to put on his big boy pants, get a roommate, sac up and stop being a coward. Jason goes into silent seething mode while Lila just changes the subject to her sobriety. She admits she can’t expect others not to drink around her (even though they promised not to during her intervention), but Jazmin – who’s not drinking tonight – quickly reminds Lila that she’s keeping her promise. Dawn claims anything goes when they’re in a big group, then deflects accusation by calling Jazmin out for not being totally honest about Lila’s drinking relapses in the past. Deflection, thy name is Dawn! Instead of being bulldozed by her sister in law for the 100th time, Jazmin holds her own, then finally lets Dawn self destruct with her all of her manic finger pointing and screeching.

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The group hits the slopes the next day on snowboards. Jason and Lila head out on snowmobiles instead and Jason bitches about Jordanna calling him a coward the night before. He wanted her support when he told his parents the news of wanting to move out, but doesn’t want to hear her opinions now that he’s running home to mommy & daddy. Is this Jason’s first friendship too? He’s learning a lot in his 27th year on the planet! Back on the ski run, most of the group is having some goofy fun, but Jordanna gets freaked out at first when her snowboard takes off like it’s been buttered & practically smashes her into a ski instructor/telephone pole. But, she hops right back on that horse and keeps going despite her fear, and has a great time afterward. Jason, are you watching? 

Back at the cabin that night, the group launches into tawdry sex stories from their past. You know, like getting peed on, having sex in the Starbucks bathroom, and waking up with a dog collar on. Garden variety stuff! Jason admits he’s still a virgin and is waiting for the right “one.” I think we’re all waiting for Jason to say, um, a *bit* more on that subject. Outside, Jordanna and Misty discuss the tension over the fashion show. Misty admits she’s jealous – isn’t everyone entitled to a little jealousy, she asks? She wants to be the “star” of this fashion show, even though she knows that’s childish. Jordanna doesn’t understand why they can’t be supportive of each other – why can’t they share the spotlight?  

Jazmin confronts Dawn on the last day of the trip about the argument they had, and Dawn the Deflector pretends like she doesn’t even know what argument Jazmin’s talking about. When Jazmin says it was pretty intense, Dawn looks at her like just woke up in this damn cabin right now and doesn’t even remember ever meeting Jazmin before. Is this a Jedi mind trick? Finally, Dawn condescendingly and lazily asks, “So…what did I do wrong?” Jazmin patiently explains that Dawn needs to stop pulling her into her messy business with Lila, to which Dawn responds that Jazmin is Lila’s lap dog. Jazmin interviews that Dawn is notorious for deflecting & blaming like it’s her job. In a final grasp for power, Dawn accuses Jazmin of taking medication (of what, we don’t know) from Lila since the intervention. Jazmin calls bullsh*t on the accusation just as Lila comes down the stairs to intervene. Next week’s previews show Lila taking up where Jazmin leaves off with beating Dawn off with a stick. Intervention #2, yo! Dawn’s Anger Management Recovery Journey!   


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