Little Women: NY recap

Little Women: NY Recap: Baby Shower Showdown

Little Women: NY recap

After watching a whole episode of the Little Women: NY hold multiple interventions in one action-packed hour, I’m ready for my own intervention! But tonight is a double header and we are treated to another drama-filled episode, so no rest in recaps here.

Katie Snyder and boyfriend, PJ, decide to have a maternity photo shoot to create memories of her pregnancy. Jessica Capri stops by to talk about planning Katie’s baby shower. Katie is OK with everyone coming EXCEPT Lila Call. Jess agrees and is ready to get planning.


Little Women: NY recap

Dawn Lang takes the high-road and drops by Katie’s apartment to extend an olive branch. Katie immediately starts crying and says she is scared and doesn’t want the baby to come early. Dawn drank her emotionally in-tune juice this morning and recognizes that Katie might be stressed about other things. She is, and admits that she doesn’t feel prepared. Dawn holds her hand and tells her this is where PJ should step in. Katie appreciates the comfort and personally invites Dawn to her baby shower.

Jess invites Jason Perez and Jazmin Lang to lunch to see if they will help her plan Katie’s black and pink themed baby shower, with a butterfly thrown in. Jason gives side eye that would stop traffic but stays mum on whatever he is thinking. The guest list comes up and Jess says everyone can come but no Lila. Katie doesn’t want the negativity Jazmin knows this won’t go over well.

Lila and Dawn go shopping. Dawn gives the rundown on her visit with Katie. She reports that the apartment is “filthy” and PJ isn’t doing anything to be supportive. Lila wants to know if there is a nursery and diapers. Lila is visibly worried about the whole thing and says she loves babies so she won’t give up on butting into Katie’s pregnancy. Dawn says she was invited to the baby shower and Lila decides that she needs to come as well, invite or no invite.

Katie and PJ just came from the doctor’s office and she was given the option to deliver in 5 days or wait two weeks. PJ wants Katie to “let the doctors do they job” and is basically useless in calming Katie’s concerns. Katie runs to the bedroom. Jess goes to comfort her while she cries. Katie can’t relax until she can get an updated ultrasound and delivery date. Jess says this is “all normal” and it’s a nice, comforting sentiment, even though she has no experience on the matter.

Little Women: NY recap

Dawn is on an olive branch extending campaign and invites brother, David Lang over to talk and have some salami and cheese. Dawn admits they haven’t been close in the last few years and would like to fix that. They make small talk and David admits they aren’t around each other enough outside of filming to be close. Dawn is holding on to resentment that when their mother was battling cancer, David wasn’t there to visit and help. David counters by wanting to know where Dawn was when he was kicked out and homeless at 19. Dawn yells that he lost his job and says she “paid for a few nights.” Whatever that means?

David storms out and a hysterical Dawn calls Lila for emotional support.

Lila comes running and Dawn explains what happened. While Dawn cries about David not being there when their mom was sick, Lila gently points out that David was abandoned by their mom and maybe Dawn could understand why he might not have been there. Just like with David, when Dawn doesn’t hear what she wants to hear, she shuts down and gets pissed off at Lila for not taking her side. Dawn chastises Lila for not agreeing with her and Lila still tries to empathize. As bat-shit crazy as Lila is, I give her a lot of credit for being a good listener while offering another perspective that Dawn doesn’t see.

Little Women: NY recap

Jazmin, Jess, and Jason decide to let loose and hit up a gay bar for a night of dancing and fun. Jason whines that he feels uncomfortable being out at a gay bar (that is basically someone’s living room with a few posters of men in underwear hanging on the walls) when he is in a relationship. Jess wants Jason to loosen up but instead gets a lap dance from a random guy in his boxer briefs. Jason gets comfortable quick and starts drinking, dancing, doing shots, and even gets a number slipped to him.

The next morning, Jason is hungover and feeling regretful. Jazmin is right at his bedside to remind him that he got the phone number and suggest that he come clean to his boyfriend, DJ. Jason isn’t so sure but admits it’s better to be honest.

Katie and PJ welcome Katie’s mom, Kathie, so she can stay with them and help out when baby Kinsley is born. Katie immediately dissolves into tears, fearful of how small the baby is. Poor Katie is overwhelmed by the stress of being a first time mom and not knowing when she can deliver. Kathie soothes Katie and PJ doesn’t move from his seat while he continues to munch on the salad he threw together.

Jason meets up with DJ to confess going out with the girls to a gay bar and getting a number slipped to him. DJ isn’t thrilled and asks Jason why he went with his friends and not him. Jason says he knows DJ doesn’t like dancing and doesn’t want to hold him back. Probably not the best approach and DJ says he’s not going to stand by and let Jason do whatever because he sees this being a long term relationship.

Little Women: NY recap

It’s the day of Katie’s baby shower and the doctor has called to have her come in for an ultrasound ASAP. Jess stops hot glue gunning long enough to listen and look annoyed/worried. PJ and Katie head to the doctor and Jess is left to prepare for the party. Jason and Jazmin arrive to help and Jess admits that PJ has been pretty useless in helping Katie prepare for the baby. Jess takes credit for doing more than PJ and thinks she is the real “baby daddy.”

Guests start arriving and Dawn comes with Lila in tow. Jess wants to know if she missed something since Katie specifically said no Lila on the guest list. Lila brushes it off and says she wanted to get the baby a gift so she figured she would just come to the shower.

Jess wants to know why she is there and Dawn says she invited her. Jess says it wasn’t her place and it’s about Katie. The other guests look on with horror as they argue and Jess tries to kick Lila out. Dawn goes into full-blown delusional mode and acts like they have a right to be there.

Little Women: NY recap

Lila asks to speak with Jess privately and explain that she’s a good person and literally refuses to leave. Jess points out that Lila is making this all about Lila and is trying to avoid physically removing her from the party. The conversation spirals and Lila snipes that she should keep the Jameson to a minimum when the baby comes. Although Lila is clearly not invited or wanted at the party, she plops herself down on a chair and Jess storms out of the party she planned in her own apartment.

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