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Little Women: NY Recap – The Great Smoking Pumpkin

Little Women: NY recap

Last week’s episode of Little Women: NY ended with a distraught Jazmin Lang revealing that a very pregnant Katie Snyder has been smoking. We pick up in the same spot this week, with Jazmin showing video evidence of the event and the group deciding to join Dawn Lang on the judgment train to condemn Katie for her reckless behavior.

Never one to let an opportunity pass to make the topic about her, Lila Call starts crying because she is an addict too and Katie’s addiction reminds her of her own. The group decides as a whole to speak with Katie and she can then make the choice on her own as to whether or not she will continue smoking. Jason Perez thinks it’s better to do something rather than nothing in this case.


Jessica Capri arrives home to her shared apartment with Katie and finds Katie’s long-lost boyfriend, PJ, making himself right at home on the couch, complete with a Casio keyboard and low-rent DJ equipment. Apparently, it’s ok for Jess to bring home random dogs to be dumped on her roommate all weekend while she goes camping, but fathers of your child are not welcome! I get it – it’s Jess’s place and a little odd that Katie didn’t at least ask her if PJ could stay with them. Katie pulls Jess aside and admits that her ultimatum didn’t work being a single mom seems like hard work so she asked PJ to come out. But there’s more: the landlord found out about the unauthorized dog Jess brought home and now they are ALL getting evicted! Jess is surprisingly calm about all of this.


Lila, Jazmin, Jason and Dawn have transformed their apartment into a war room to strategize on the intervention they have planned for Katie. While I think it’s fair for one of them to want to speak with Katie about her unhealthy habit while pregnant, I think staging an intervention is a tad much. They are planning this thing out like they are about to storm the beaches of Normandy, going over plans, execution, possible responses and rebuttals. Lila is furiously writing on a pad of paper and tells Jason that he needs to be responsible for blocking the exit door. I think she is kidding?


The Rooftop BBQ/Intervention is under way and Lila keeps relating this moment back to her own intervention, which didn’t go so well. I really don’t think the two are the same but whatever, we know that Lila has a flair for the dramatic. Jess and Katie arrive and Dawn tries to open the small talk door by mentioning the last time they saw each other was belly dancing. Jazmin awkwardly attempts to keep running with that, then gives up trying to be diplomatic and flat out asks Katie if she is smoking. Katie says something along the lines of no, but she does take some drags when she is stressed. Lila jumps in to help by saying what Jazmin witnessed after belly dancing and Jazmin tells her how unhealthy it is for the baby. Katie gives some lame excuse that her previous doctor knew that she was smoking before she got pregnant and told her not to cut out smoking, cold turkey. HA! That is laughable, to say the least. Katie continues the BS of saying she sort of weaned herself down and now just take drags and doesn’t “smoke smoke”. As if “smoke smoking” and regular-old smoking are two different things. As a former smoker, I used to tell myself I didn’t really smoke either. Katie says she knows it’s wrong to smoke while pregnant but it helps her with stress. Lila launches into a grade school-friendly PSA telling Katie that she is bigger than cigarettes, cigarettes are stupid and rips open her shirt to reveal a “Just Say No To Drugs” t-shirt (ok, I made the last part up). Katie shifts uncomfortably as the group won’t let go and says she won’t just light up a cigarette after she gives birth (you know, like a smoke smoker would do). Lila acknowledges that she doesn’t think Katie is absorbing any of this. The attention turns to Jess and Lila tells her not to be an enabler by bringing Katie outside to smoke. Jess decides she’s had enough and speaks up for the both of them – there has to be a cut-off point, they both get it and everyone sitting there all judgmental isn’t going to help Katie at all. Lila longs for the day when Katie can talk to them and get a different perspective and Katie pulls the ultimate pregnancy card by saying she’s physically uncomfortable and makes a big show of shifting around in her chair. Jess takes that as their excuse to leave and refuses to give Lila the cigarettes she demands so they can’t smoke on the way out. WHICH THEY TOTALLY DO. No, seriously, even though Jess blames Katie’s cramping and pain on the group making her upset, she doesn’t balk at Katie’s request to have a drag off her cigarette when they leave.

Jess and Katie get back to the apartment where DJ PJ has been mixing some sick beats on the couch where we last left him. They start going off about the intervention and instead of PJ being unnerved at the notion of the mother of his unborn child smoking, he is shocked that they would even get into Katie’s business. His reasoning? “Your kids will still turn out good.” Looks like DJ PJ also has a medical degree! Katie agrees with what PJ is saying and uses the pregnancy philosophy of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. SERIOUSLY. All of sudden, Jess has all kinds of feelings about what happened now that she is not in front of the group and is really mad the group dared to refer to the baby by her name, when they don’t even KNOW her. Jess needs a cigarette to calm down.


The next day, Jason calls Jess to see how she is doing and even though she is still mad, Jason has offered up his Dad’s free services as a vet and Jess may be against interventions, but she sure isn’t against a free checkup for her dog! Jason wants to know how Katie is and Jess says the whole thing is BS and she doesn’t need to berate Katie all day about her smoking. Jess decides to reserve all of her strong opinions on the topic until after the free exam for her dog. Jason invites her to a pumpkin patch excursion and Jess can’t commit until she talks to Katie. Or get another free vet exam.

Jess, Katie and PJ are busy moving into their own place and Jess is busy doing all of her smack-talking behind the scenes. Jess tells Katie about the pumpkin patch and Katie says she will go because she is ready to “play the fake game with the crew”. Translation: I’m ready to go with a stank attitude and then claim pregnancy cramps when I don’t feel like dealing with them anymore.


Pumpkin patching has arrived and the whole gang in there, including Dawn’s brother and Jazmin’s husband, David Lang, who is back from Florida for a visit. Things seem to be going well until Lila and Dawn play with a gold sifting display and Lila decides to throw shade by asking PJ if he wants to try and see if he can find an engagement ring. PJ doesn’t say anything and wanders off. While I appreciate the shade, Lila takes it one step further and appoints herself the unsolicited midwife of Katie’s pregnancy by saying she wants to make sure PJ isn’t causing her more stress. Lila wants answers and asks PJ point blank what makes an 8 month pregnant woman get on a plane and leave the father or her baby. Well, damn! Lila sure doesn’t beat around the bush. But PJ does and instead of telling her to eff off, explains that he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be doing. Lila says she wanted to like PJ but he’s all talk and no substance. Cut to another person who is all talk and no substance: Jess. Lila asks her if she’s having fun and Jess meanders around the issue of not liking what happened the other day at the intervention. Jess starts to get upset and tells everyone they don’t have the right to use Katie’s baby’s name. Out of all the points she could use and that’s what she is going with? Jess just thinks everyone is trying to make Katie feel bad. PJ finally tries to speak up but is quickly drowned out by the yelling of at least 5 little women. Katie pulls out her trump card and starts to feel “crampy” and wanders away, muttering something nasty about Lila even though no one can hear. Katie says she is way too pregnant to have intervention number two but not too pregnant to be smoking. PJ tries again to get a word in and all we are left with is he absurdity of his statement that “if she is only down to half a cigarette, I think she is doing pretty good!” Oh, PJ, please stick to making music. Lila thinks if Katie is cramping so bad, she should get medical attention but nah, Katie just wants to go home.


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Author: Karen