Sonja Morgan Calls Out Heather Thomson for Double Standards on Dating Younger Men


In her latest blog, Sonja Morgan comments on the cougartown-on-gummybear shenanigans that took place on this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York.

Calling out Heather Thomson for having double standards when it comes to supporting her friends’, eh, questionable choices in men, Sonja throws some shade her way: “I’m glad to see that Heather can be supportive of someone, because she hasn’t been able to support me of recent. I’m surprised, though, that Heather was able to listen to that whole speel (sic) from Carole–doing drugs, drinking tequila, throwing up in a rickshaw, and hiding a relationship from Luann-–without making a single judgmental comment! Weren’t Heather and Carole just saying last week that I drink too much and am out of control?” She adds, “But hey, maybe Heather is finally learning to accept that some people are fun! Either that or Heather has different standards for Carole than she has for me. I’m starting to think that it is the latter and that Heather is just giving me a hard time to give me a hard time! Do you think there is an underlying factor causing this? Because we have always been cool with each other, not uncool.” Hey! No stealing the countess’s Best.Line.Ever! #becoolplagiarism


Sonja goes on to claim that Carole Radziwill’s assumption that Luann de Lesseps will have no problem with Carole dating her chef is DEAD WRONG. Sonja warns, “Oooooooh Carole saying Luann won’t care about her dating her chef/niece’s boyfriend is sooooooo wrong. She has no idea. Worse than dating the niece’s boyfriend is that he works for Luann. You never steal the chef (or other employees), and never shtup them! Cardinal rule. LOL, I have a feeling Carole is going to learn this from Lu. OK…we see it in the preview for next week she’s not happy.”

Moving on to Bethenny Frankel’s birthday dinner, Sonja says she’s “so glad that she decided to have a birthday dinner. I know that she has been going through a hard time and that her birthday is already difficult for her. I’m glad that she felt comfortable reaching out to us and letting us help her through this trying time–that’s what friends are supposed to be for!”

As for the comment that Sonja didn’t trust her boy-toy at the dinner, she says, “I completely stand by that comment I made at dinner about needing to watch Dominik around all of those women. I definitely don’t want Luann pulling a pirate move on me. LOL.” Sonja defends her cougarish ways, citing that more of the ladies are jumping on board trolling the middle schools for dates with every passing hot flash: “I have no idea why the other women have been teasing me about dating younger men. No one should knock it ’til they walk in my shoes. It’s not an age thing, it’s a situation as Carole would say. I guess Lu and Carole finally decided to come to my side and have more fun!”

As for Kristen Taekman’s pouting over not being invited to Bethenny’s dinner party Sonja says, “I don’t know why Heather and Kristen are so upset about Bethenny’s birthday dinner, and it is HER birthday! I love when Kristen’s housekeeper say ‘Who cares?’ several times. She has the right attitude.” Sonja also claims Heather is out of order in confronting Bethenny about the issue: “Heather obviously isn’t that good of friends with Bethenny either, since Bethenny said that Heather was Carole’s plus one and she knows Bethenny is going through some real life sh– right now that is new and stinging. So she isn’t close enough to shake her finger at Bethenny in this case.” Glad she missed the awkward dinner confrontation between Bethenny and Heather, Sonja adds, “It just seemed uncomfortable to sit there and listen to Heather and Bethenny fighting! Those girls need to loosen up a little bit and remember to leave that aggressive attitude at the office!” 

Finally the subject returns, as it always does, to Sonja’s dusty old divorce. She ends her blog by comparing Dorinda Medley’s & Carole’s status as widows to her status as a divorced, shabby former socialite who is now just a batty old broad trying to hawk products on QVC. “It was so brave of Carole and Dorinda to open up about losing their late husbands,” Sonja starts. But then she moves on to her fave subject – herself! “I can only imagine how hard that must be. I can kind of imagine, because my divorce from my ex has been like he died. I lost my best friend. I hope that both of those girls know that they can come to me if they ever want to talk. I’m not saying that my situation with my ex-husband is the same as a death, but losing a husband–through death or divorce–is the hardest thing, and I think that we would be able to relate on some level. Yes I do listen!” She DOES listen, people! To the voices in her head?


Photo Credit: Demis Maryannakis/Star Max