Keeping Up With The Kardashians Airing A Two-Part Special On Bruce Jenner’s Transition; Kim Kardashian Told No Selfies At Met Gala

Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce Special

The Kardashians miss an opportunity for publicity? HA! Kapitalizing on Bruce Jenner‘s revealing 20/20 interview about living as a woman, E! will be airing a Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce two-part special focusing how the Kardashians are reacting to Bruce’s new lifestyle. 

Naturally, Bruce is filming his own reality show about living as a woman, but Kris Jenner was not about to miss an opportunity to exploit her own personal pain of the scorned ex-wife as Bruce left her to be a woman.


According to the E! press release, the special will feature “intimate conversations that Bruce had with his famous family, in which they discussed his transition. The specials will also explore each family member’s struggle to process his or her own feelings as they all work through hearing from Bruce directly about finally living life as the person he has always known himself to be.” 

This will be accompanied by “family home video footage” to “remind viewers and the family of the special times they spent with Bruce as a father, husband and friend, and serves as inspiration for the memories they will create as Bruce lives his ‘new normal.'”

A preview of the About Bruce special is below, which shows Kris bawling over Bruce’s transition. Blah. Reportedly the Kardashians and the Jenners are warring over the K-fams decision to turn Bruce’s personal story into a PR stunt, because Kris and Ko. have not been accepting of Bruce’s transition. 

The two-part special airs Sunday, May 17, and Monday, May 18, at 9 p.m. 

In other unfortunate news former Vogue Kover Girl,  Kim Kardashian will be attending the annual Met Gala this evening, hosted by Vogue Magazine, but the selfie queen has been warned: cell phones are banned! It seems the majority of the A-LIST guests don’t want to be stalked through the event, plagued by requests for instagram pics for Kim to self-promote her new book Selfish

Actually all guests have been instructed, “The use of phones for photography and social media will not be permitted inside the gala.” Kendall Jenner will also be attending. Kim will likely be wearing Riccardo Tisci, because he has a personal goal to make her look as atrocious as possible. Last year she wore Lanvin, but was not a guest of the designer. 

The theme for this year’s event is Chinese fashion throughout history, which is accompanied by the corresponding exhibit at the Met Costume Institute. Vogue will be filming a documentary on this year’s event titled, “China: Through the Looking Glass,” about the creation of that exhibit.

Vogue’s documentary and their desire to retain editorial control of the photographs released from the event is apparently the reason behind the cellphone ban, however a source insists to Page Six, it’s actually a security matter. “It has solely to do with guests’ security and enjoyment of the event.”


[Photo Credit: E!]