Tami Roman On Joining Basketball Wives LA; She Hasn’t Changed So Expect Her To Be Straight To The Point!

Tami Roman

Tami Roman just couldn’t stay away from reality TV! She was so desperate she even signed on to Basketball Wives LA alongside former original flavor co-star Shaunie O’Neal. 

It was Shaunie who prompted Tami to give the LA franchise a try by introducing her to the cast while she was working in L.A. But this season she’s largely a spectator to the drama and not an “official castmember.” You mean, instead of her usual role as perpetuator of the drama?! 

“I don’t want to catch no cases,” Tami quips. “You can change but the inner workings of you sometimes–people can push those things. I appear as a special guest for a few episodes. I was inserted to meet the ladies and bring my straight to the point personality to the group.” 


Reflecting on Shaunie’s role as the “maternal spirit” towards her little pet puppets, Tami admits she missed working with her. “She wants everyone to do well, get along, keep the peace,” Tami expects us to believe. “In this case, she is the yin to my yang.” 

Interestingly, Tami reveals that friends and family are supportive of her reality TV pursuits because they liken it to her playing a character. “My inner circle knows that I am an actress and I love the type of work that I do. Even though reality TV doesn’t involve acting per se (at least not on our show), it’s still an outlet of visibility. After all, you can’t be a TV star if you’re not on TV.” 

So Tami is a TV star now? OK, then! 

Tami also discussed her new co-stars and gave The Jasmine Brand one word descriptions of each lady. Outside of the show she is closest to Shaunie and Jackie, but Patrice Curry is practically invisible to Tami – although she got a few words. “Who? Oh…I remember…quiet, very quiet,” Tami describes.  

Tami’s descriptions are below: 

Jackie Christie: “Misunderstood.” Malaysia Pargo: “Affected.” Brandi Maxiell: “Enabler.” Mehgan James: “Sincere.” Finally, Tami comments on Draya Michele who is reportedly having major difficulty dialing down the diva and getting along with co-stars. Tami reveals she didn’t get to film with Draya. Good – because someone might have gotten hurt!

Tami says viewers can expect her to be herself: “straight to the point, candid, honest. Now how the ladies react to that is another thing.” 

Oh dear…


[Photo Credit: Instagram]