Ramona Singer In A Bitter Divorce Battle With Mario; Turning To Jill Zarin For Support?!

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Ramona Singer better not hire Bethenny Frankel‘s divorce attorney because things with her ex-husband Mario Singer are getting nasty! Luckily her old pal Jill Zarin is there to lend a supportive hand to the tabloids

After Ramona caught Mario having an affair (again) the Real Housewives Of New York star filed for divorce, but the exes have been haggling over their houses (their Hamptons home is for rent this summer) and their finances. They have no prenup! Sources say Mario is furious that Ramona kicked him out, retaining residency in their Upper East Side apartment and he is trying to take her to the cleaners!


Mario is reportedly doing everything he can to get money and property from Ramona, and is in effect messing with her business deals. Ramona had plans to become a partner in a restaurant AOA Bar & Grill, but she isn’t able to officially put her name on things because she is worried her ex will try to get a piece of her ownership too.

“This season’s launch party was at the restaurant, and Ramona spent the evening stressing that she was just ‘involved’ with the space, and make sure not to report that she was a partner,” a source explains to NY Daily News. “She doesn’t want her ex getting a piece of the restaurant too.”

Ramona’s finances are on lock-down temporarily while she sorts through the particulars, but friends say Ramona is Ramona and they’re not worried. “She is temporarily disabled, but when she gets a new guy, she will go back to who she is,” shares a longtime friend. “At the end of the day, she is too old to learn how to be a new person. She is, and always will be, Ramona.”

And at the end of the day, there is also always Jill, who sources say has been a surprising support for Ramona during her legal process. “They had a very difficult period, but when an old pal is down, you don’t kick them,” explains the source. Uhhh… yeah – Jill is just trying to support Ramona right back into a new RHONY contract. Oh Jillusional – you don’t change either! 

Well tonight is a new episode of RHONY and the ladies head to Atlantic City to celebrate Ramona’s birthday, but things are anything but fun! First of all Sonja makes the ladies wait for hours – outside of her townhouse in the rain – but won’t let them inside. Then Bethenny and Sonja erupt into an argument. While Ramona tries to turn things around with some turtle time, Bethenny then tries to have a serious conversation with Sonja about her drinking and out-of-control behavior! 

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[Photo Credit: Rob Rich/WENN.com]