Thomas Ravenel and Whitney Sudler-Smith Share Regrets, Highlights of this Season’s Southern Charm

Reality TV Gossip Southern Charm Season 2

Well, the finale of Southern Charm is in the can and all we have left are memories of scorned young women running in full-length fur coats and middle aged men [still] trying to get their lives together. In their Bravo blogs, Thomas Ravenel and Whitney Sudler-Smith reflect on the season, and on their roles in the drama.

For T-Rav, it was a season featuring his downward spiral, both politically and in his doomed relationship with Kathryn Dennis. On last night’s episode, Thomas says he was initially pleased to see Kathryn at Patricia Altschul’s Wounded Warrior’s charity event, although things went south quickly. Thomas adds that he knew Kathryn would pull out all the stops to lure him back into an argument. “I knew she would summon all her womanly wiles to show up looking stunning, beautiful, and sexy…she knows how to capture the attention of a man. I know myself…I can easily buy into this flirtation and have it over take my willpower, clouding any good judgment a man might have about this situation.”


When Kathryn presented Thomas with the ultimatum of being all-in or all-out, he reflects, “The entire pros and cons list about this relationship flashed in neon letters in my head, I felt everything under the sun. What’s better for our daughter? To be in a turbulent relationship all the time or having distance with someone? I can’t erase all these thoughts of what it is like to live with this person day to day. How can that make a marriage?” 

But T-Rav’s biggest regret is embarrassing himself politically this season by running for office in a clearly delusional bid for Senate. “I regret running for office with the amount of turmoil at home,” admits Thomas in his blog. “It was impossible to shape the campaign into what it needed to be. I allowed her to pull my focus because I was trying to do the ‘right thing’ instead of following my gut. I wish I could have handled my anger and resentment towards Kathryn better…hindsight is 20/20.” 

Whitney’s main regret  besides his hairstyle is apparently that he didn’t get the chance to “stir the pot” more this season. Huh!? He begins by claiming to wish Kathryn and Thomas every chance at happiness, despite their tragic breakup. He claims, “Initially I had hopes for the relationship and I thought that having a child would cement it, but there seemed to be a lot of trust issues on both sides. It seemed to disintegrate as time went on.” He adds that T-Rav “wanted” his opinion on his relationship; never was Whitney butting in! Oh no, for he maintains that “Thomas would solicit my opinion and I would mirror what his friends, family, and lawyers advised him, which was that continuing the relationship would not be in his best interest. It wasn’t just me, as I would never begrudge anyone happiness. I do wish the best for both of them, whether they’re together or not.”

Whitney closes by reflecting on his role as this season’s Regina George: “I sometimes felt the need to be outrageous, snobby or stir the pot, but that was clearly not needed,” says Whitney. When asked about the biggest lesson he learned in Season 2 of Southern Charm, Whitney simply answers, “That I need to be more sardonic and glib. Wait…maybe not.” 


 Photo Credit:  Mathieu Young/Robert Ascroft/Bravo