Report: Brandi Glanville Surprises Joanna Krupa With A Fish Dinner!

Joanna Krupa & Romain Zago dine at Craig's the night Brandi Glanville reportedly sent Joanna a plate of fish  in retaliation to smelly vagina lawsuit!

Joanna Krupa and Brandi Glanville are embroiled in a lawsuit over inappropriate use of fish – and the trend continues!

According to reports something fishy went down when the warring Housewives found themselves at the very same fancy LA restaurant Craig’s on the very same night, at the very same time. Which also continues Brandi’s trend of awkward restaurant run-ins with Housewives she’s feuding with!

Joanna is suing the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star because Brandi repeatedly accused her lady regions of smelling fishy – even going so far as to say it was Yolanda Hadid‘s ex-husband Mohamed who told her this lurid tale (Mohamed denied it). 


Sources say that during dinner last Friday, where the ladies were dining at separate tables, Brandi made it clear that smelly vagina lawsuit or no she is standing by her statement that Joanna has a fishy odor! To prove it she sent plate of salmon over to Joanna as a f–k you regarding the defamation lawsuit.

In fact, Brandi went so far as to waste $40 on her little prank which will probably cost her a lot more if Joanna reports this little tale to her attorney.  

TMZ reports that upon receiving the plate of fish, a “humiliated” Joanna and her husband Romain Zago left the restaurant, understandably upset, but did not retaliate or cause any problems with Brandi. Nor did they have any issues with the restaurant. 

Hmmm… now I’m not sure IF I think Brandi is this stupid. I guess if she was drunk and with a group of friends who are also drunk I could see her pulling this, but Brandi hasn’t said Boo about Joanna since the lawsuit was filed. I could also see someone else sending the plate of food over but blaming Brandi for it. 

Neither Joanna nor Brandi have commented on the story – but the worst offense: Joanna is a vegetarian who doesn’t eat any meat products, even fish! Joanna was definitely at Craig’s on Friday night – the above photo is of Joanna and Romain as they entered the restaurant.


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