Update: On WWHL Ramona Singer Reacts To Brandi Glanville’s Slam, Explains Reunion Behavior And More – Brandi Fires Back At “Crack Head” Ramona


 On tonight’s Watch What Happens Live, Ramona Singer was the guest along with actress Christina Ricci, who is a Real Housewives of New York superfan. She dished on everything from last year’s reunion to Brandi Glanville calling her crazy and more – including promoting her new book that’s due out in July.   

On Bethenny Frankel not having a place to live on tonight’s episode, Ramona says,  “In all sincerity, I met Bethenny when she didn’t have the so-called pot to pee in and she definitely has accumulated a lot of wealth, God bless her, and ..she can rent a place.  Like, why is she crying, you know? Just go rent a place.”

Andy brings up last season’s reunion when Ramona shut him down and would not talk about her marriage trouble with Mario.  She says that Mario forbade her from discussing it and she admits that she should’ve just said that on the show, but instead refused to comment at all. 

Ramona denies any plastic surgery or injections and says that she looks so good because she’s so happy. 

A caller wants to know what Ramona thinks about what Patti Stanger said on WWHL a few weeks ago (the comments about seeing Mario cheat and thinking they were swingers, etc) and Ramona sniped, “I know what she said and none of it’s true. I almost wanted to call her and say like ‘what the heck are you saying,’ but you know what I’m not doing that.  I think she’s a little bit like Jill, she likes to be right in the middle of it in the press by using people.  So, yeah.” 

The next caller asks what Ramona thinks about Brandi calling her batshit crazy when she was on the Steve Harvey show.  “I don’t know. I actually had dinner with Brandi when I was in Los Angeles last year and I actually thought ‘wow this is a very calm, lovely lady – with long legs and a very short skirt’.  I thought she was very nice and I’m really shocked she said that because actually I’m an extremely intelligent woman.  I put myself through college, I’m very entrepreneurial.”

Andy then asks what the ladies thought of Brandi on this season of RHOBH and Ramona says, “She has a lot of injectibles, oh my God!”  Andy says “you think?”

Update: Brandi Tweeted out to Ramona and Andy:

TELL US –  Team Ramona or Team Brandi?

Poll Question was ‘do you think Ramona has changed for good’ and more than 60% said NO! 

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