Joanna Krupa To Sue Brandi Glanville For Defamation And Slander Over Comments About Her Ladyparts!

Joanna Krupa and Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville is the furthest thing from friends with Joanna Krupa, the former Real Housewives Of Miami star whom Brandi has accused of having less than stellar feminine hygiene, as well as being the culprit behind breaking up Yolanda Foster‘s marriage to Mohamed Hadid. 

Brandi and Joanna have been excoriating each other back and forth in the press for a year now, the latest being some comments the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star made on WWHL, which Joanna responded to by calling Brandi “trailer trash.” Takes one to know one, right?!

Now Joanna is threatening to sue Brandi if she doesn’t keep her comments regarding Joanna, Joanna’s cooch, and who or what she does with it to herself! “Joanna hired heavyweight lawyer Ray Rafool to sue because enough is enough,” says an insider. 


A letter, which Joanna filed with the Florida courts, establishes an official legal claim that she notified Brandi of plans to file a lawsuit for “slander, libel, defamation and/or intentional infliction of emotional distress” stating that Brandi’s comments have caused Joanna “hatred, ridicule and/or injury.” 

In the document, Joanna cites Brandi’s 2013 appearance on WWHL as the basis of her intended suit, as that is when Brandi initially accused Joanna of both “adultery” and insisting that Mohamed revealed to her that Joanna’s “p–sy smells.” (This is a direct quote on the court document. I kid you not! You can see it for yourself on Life & Style!). 

Joanna states that Brandi is lying about both accusations, and Brandi claiming that her comments were substantiated by witnesses such as Lisa Vanderpump, are further lies. Joanna alleges that Brandi was fully aware that these statements were completely false but went ahead and made them anyway. 

An insider says that Joanna, who makes her her living largely as a swimsuit and lingerie model, as well as television star known for her sex appeal, could have her professional career damaged by such misconceptions and rumors. Brandi’s comments “have humiliated and harmed Joanna,” explains the insider. Mohamed publicly denied making the comments, and insists he did not have an affair with Joanna, but Brandi has persisted in repeating them anyway. 

Furthermore, Joanna says she’s never had a relationship with Brandi, who she believes has no reason embarrass her publicly. “She doesn’t even know me!” an angry Joanna seethes. No official motions for a lawsuit have been filed yet. 

This is yet another retaliation Brandi has faced for her crude mouth and drunken antics, as an online petition as emerged campaigning to get Brandi fired from RHOBH, a petition that is rumored to be supported by castmates who are icing Brandi out of social gatherings, made evident when Brandi did not attend the official season premiere party

Brandi previously faced the threat of a lawsuit from former castmate Adrienne Maloof when she outed a family secret that Adrienne used a surrogate. Brandi then made defamatory statements about Lisa’s business, accusing the Vanderpump-Todds of filing for bankruptcy while they were in the midst of building and obtaining financing for their new restaurant PUMP. Lisa and Ken publicly warned Brandi against speaking about their businesses. 

Well, no good lesson is learned the easy way – and damn, Boozdi is never gonna be able to afford a downpayment on a house if she has to keep shelling out for attorney fees! But I’m sure that’s probably Eddie’s fault. Or Lisa’s!


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