Brandi Glanville Dishes On Fishy Vagina Lawsuit, Throws Shade At Joanna Krupa

Brandi Glanville lawsuit

Most people would not comment about an active lawsuit they’re involved in. Nor would they go out of their way to taunt and/or throw shade at the person who is suing them. Brandi Glanville is not most people.

In case you missed it, former Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa filed a lawsuit against the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills side stitch after Brandi said Joanna’s “p-ssy smelled like fish” on Watch What Happens Live.

In less than a week, Brandi, who seriously lacks any sense at all, did all of the above – comment about the on-going lawsuit on a podcast, taunt Joanna in a restaurant, and throw shade at Joanna on Twitter.


First, when Brandi and Joanna ended up at the same restaurant, Brandi sent a fishy dish to Joanna’s table. Reportedly.

Then, on Ross Mathews’ podcast, Brandi blamed everyone else and said she wouldn’t apologize to Joanna.

Brandi played coy at first, pretending she had NO idea what Ross was talking about, but she gave up the act to complain about the “thousands of dollars” she’s spent on the lawsuit. Then, once in Vicky Victim mode, she couldn’t help herself.

“I was doing Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” explained Brandi. “There was a rumor that she had slept with somebody’s husband… Joe Francis put this rumor out a long time ago… it was just a rumor. We had talked about it. Yolanda [Foster] and I had talked about it. It’s a rumor. It’s out there. It’s online. It is what it is.”

“I was sitting there and he asked me if I had repeated this gossip to one of the housewives of Miami,” continued Brandi. “I said, yeah, BUT I told her I did NOT know if it was true or not. And that I could never be friends with someone that would cheat with a married man. Then she calls in and says I see why your husband left you. From that comment, I said, ‘And they said [your p-ssy smelled like fish].’ It was a retaliation, obviously, so now she’s suing me for… I don’t know what she wants. She doesn’t want money. She doesn’t want an apology.”

Ross asked Brandi, thousands of dollars later, do you regret saying it? “I don’t live my life with a ton of regrets,” she said. “Does she regret it? She’s called me so many different things.” Brandi confirmed that she’s counter-suing Joanna.

Ross was like, call her and say, you’re suing me, I’m suing you, let’s just be big people, apologize, and donate the money we’re spending on lawyers to charity. He asked, “Could you do that?” Brandi said, “NO.” She added, “Too much has happened already, and it has gone too far. That was tried in the beginning and now so much money has been spent and we have to see it through.”

Last, because she cannot behave like an adult, Brandi threw shade at Joanna and complained about the lawsuit on Twitter.

Brandi tweeted, “When sorry isn’t enough & you sue 4 defamation of character shouldn’t that person have to prove they had character in the 1st place?” Followed by, “I’ve never sued anyone in my life! If I sued every person that said something bad about me I would be in court for the rest of my life! Ha!”


Brandi Glanville shade Joanna Krupa

Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo