Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

lhhatl mimi margeaux

With so many “cliffhangers” from last week’s episode, I couldn’t wait to find out what happened when Mimi Faust finally had an exchange with Nikko’s wife Margeaux regarding that now ridiculously played out sex tape. How did Stevie J fare in federal court while facing massive child support claims with Joseline Hernandez by his side? Are Kirk Frost and Rasheeda ever going to get an original story line? Is Mona Scott Young getting the last laugh? I’d have to give a resounding “yes!” to that last one, and yet I am just as enthralled every week. Who’s with me?

Last night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta begins with the Mimi/Margeaux introduction, and Mimi is quick to tell Margeaux that Nikko didn’t have an issue hiding his marriage for two years when he was sleeping with her. Is that supposed to be a good thing? Margeaux and Mimi are back and forth with their words and their hands, each yelling at the other to get fingers out of faces. Ariane tries to pull Mimi off of Margeaux, and she says what everyone else is thinking. Both of these “ladies” need to be focusing their aggression on Nikko, not on each other. The women are accusing each other of being cowards, and Margeaux wonders why Mimi wants to keep it a secret that she was the mastermind behind the sex tape leak. Mimi storms out, and Margeaux tries to explain Mimi’s part in the VIVID revelation. While Ariane has had her doubts about Mimi’s story, she has to believe what her friend tells her…unless proven otherwise.


Kirk and Ashley are touring (he admits she needs a little work on her performance) when Kirk learns from Yung Joc that Rasheeda is auctioning off his belongings to make money for her store front. Kirk is livid and begs his friend to forward all the deets of the event so he can squash his wife’s devious plan.  Back in Atlanta, Margeaux visits Nikko’s apartment to rehash Mimi’s crazy. He’s disappointed that his wife would reveal his secret about Mimi leaking the tape. Margeaux reminds him that she never promised to keep that confidence, but Nikko worries that Mimi will be vindictive and not release her book, of which he’s getting a percentage. Isn’t Nikko’s credibility more important than Mimi’s money? Nikko admits that he has yet another secret weapon that will expose Mimi AND allow him to reap the benefits of her future bestseller.

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Mimi can’t be bothered with the drama, so she’s taking daughter Eva to the circus where she is surprised with Stevie J as the ringmaster. Thankfully (for him), his child support claim was thrown out of federal court due to lack of jurisdiction. Mimi is hoping that Stevie’s life is looking up after his rehab stint and his recent good fortune in court. He goes home with Mimi post-circus, and Mimi questions if it will bother Stevie if she has a glass of wine to unwind after her issues at Premadonna’s fashion show. He responds that nothing will tempt him back to his old life. Speaking of that life, Mimi wonders if Stevie has ever met Joseline’s former friend and stripping partner Jessica Dime, but his recollection is hazy at best, which means he totally slept with her at some point. Mimi shares their artists’ studio shenanigans. Perhaps they shouldn’t be working together, Stevie muses. She changes the subject, telling him about Nikko’s ridiculous accusations that she was behind the sex tape leak. As if. Stevie doesn’t believe that for a second. 

Rasheeda is selling all of Kirk’s high dollar affects, complete with a real auctioneer and everything. Rolex? Sold! Rolls Royce? Sold! Joc is disguised in the audience, bidding to make sure his friend can get back at least some of his belongings. Kirk and Ashley barge into the auction. Pause! No one unloads his toys without his permission! Erica Dixon isn’t shocked that Kirk discovered the auction, and Rasheeda’s mother goes off on Ashley. When Ashley screams that it isn’t her fault Kirk cheated on Rasheeda last season, Rasheeda rescinds her contract. Bye! I’m not quite sure her screaming “you’re done” is a legally binding way to terminate their deal, but I’ve been out of law school for a while so it could be a new thing. At home, Mimi is working with Eva on some illustrations for her upcoming three book deal, but she’s decided to pen children’s books. A sex tape and children’s books? Is Mimi the new Farrah Abraham? Ariane comes over to recap the prior evening’s events, and she’s impressed with Mimi’s cunning plan to outsmart Nikko. He’s primed to get a percentage of her piddly children’s book sales. Mimi complains that not only did Nikko tape them having sex, but he also taped all of their phone conversations. She’s not sure of what kind of incriminating conversations he may have recorded, but she can’t imagine it could be too bad. Yeah, probably not. 

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It’s been over a week since Kadeeyah has heard from Joc after tying him up and moving to a hotel. As far as she’s concerned, he’s still strapped to the bed in her condo. She’s being treated to a free massage courtesy of a nameless do-gooder. Not surprisingly, Joc ambushes the massage and professes his love to a naked Kadeeyah. She’s willing to forgive him and move back into her house, as long as Joc is willing to hold her out as his one and only to his multitude of baby mamas. Meanwhile, Karlie Redd and Joseline are working out together, and Joseline is ribbing her friend for snacking on doughnuts between squats. Always excited to spill the tea, Karlie animatedly regales Joseline with the tale of Margeaux exposing Mimi as the tape leaker. Joseline can’t help but laugh at that story, but she isn’t willing to entertain the rumors of Stevie partnering with Mimi in a management company. She’s floored to learn that Stevie is allegedly working with Jessica Dime and Tiffanie Foxx. He only has one artist, and she is the Puerto Rican Princess. I need subtitles. 

Kirk is receiving the silent treatment from Rasheeda, and he can’t believe her disrespectful behavior. No worries though, as Rasheeda was able raise more than enough money to start her store front before Kirk intervened and shut down the auction. Kirk manages to get a slight apology from his wife who warns him to get Ashley in check if she wants to keep her contract. So, she still plans on working with the sassy artist? Across town, Mimi is meeting with Nikko who claims he was only trying to be classy by introducing his wife to his sex tape partner. She questions whether Nikko thinks he deserves twenty-five percent of her three-book life story? Of course he does! He made her a ton of money, but she can’t wait to see his face when she reveals that she’s finished her three-book deal, complete with Eva’s illustrations. As Mimi screams at Nikko, I can’t help buy notice that no one in the restaurant even bats an eyelash. Nikko threatens to expose the truth regarding who was the true sex tape leaking master mind, and Mimi storms out after throwing three kiddie journals in his lap. He follows her, yelling that he’s now ready to share the truth with the world. He’ll show her a three book deal. 

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Joseline can’t believe that she’s been so supportive of her husband from his drug issues to the threat of prison due to his hefty child support bills. She’s fixing Stevie breakfast, and he’s trying to ignore Joseline’s bad mood. When she starts taking digs, Stevie morphs back into his old self, threatening that she needs to remember to respect him. He should know better than to try to regulate his wife. After a face full of orange juice, production assistants have to intervene to separate the happy couple. Welcome home!


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