Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Ready, Set, (Mar)geaux!

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I know y’all have missed the crew from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta after it got booted last week for the wedding of Yandeecees. Sure, we got to see Stevie J, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, Joseline Hernandez, and Lil’ Scrappy as they were in attendance at the live event, but it’s not the simz-nigh-ame without a messy Monday night episode. Plus, I’ve been waiting with baited breath for Momma Dee’s dinner party of forgiveness.

Speaking of, Scrappy is hosting his mom, her ex-husband Ernest who she sent to the clink a few years back who has returned from jail even more in love, his mother Bessie who isn’t Dee’s biggest fan due to the incarceration, and the prince’s sister Jasmine who can’t fathom why her mom wants to reconcile with Ernest. Oh, and Bambi and Jasmine’s boyfriend Rico are in attendance as well, but they aren’t likely going to bring much drama to this table. Dee blesses the meal, and Scrappy prays for a conflict-free evening. Dee addresses the elephants in the room, and Bessie cries that it was difficult to learn how to forgive Dee for sending her son to jail. Bessie contends there are better ways to punish your drug-dealing, verbally abusive, car-stealing husband than to call the cops on him. Just make him fend for himself on laundry for a week! Jasmine interrupts that Ernest is an opportunist for wanting to get back together with Dee after she put him away for seven years. Dee threatens to whoop Jasmine’s butt up and down Atlanta, but Scrappy does his best to mediate. Can’t everyone behave like adults? Ernest believes they have a long way to go before they’ll be a big, happy family. Ernest…mastering the understatement since 1984.


Premadonna is hoping to build her slimwear line to Atlanta, and she’s working with Dawn to make that happen. Jessica Dime is excited to model for her friend, and she recaps that awkward studio session where she was kicked out for bad behavior. Didn’t Dawn warn Dime that Mimi wasn’t going to be the best bet as her manager? Jessica dishes on Joseline’s girls’ night where she learned the news that Mimi Faust was behind the leak of her sex tape with Nikko. Seriously, was anyone buying that whole “it got swiped from our luggage” excuse? Jessica is hurt she wasn’t invited to her old pal’s party (how many times does she need to be reminded that Joseline no longer considers her a friend?). While Dawn likes Mimi, she couldn’t help but invite both Mimi and Nikko and Margeaux to Premadonna’s event…just because. 

lhhatl premadonna

Stevie J. has successfully completed his stint in rehab, and he’s happy to headed home clean and sober. He is confident that he has his sobriety under control, and I hope he’s right. He is looking forward to an evening with his loved ones before heading to New York to confront his latest child support issues. Across town, Nikko is meeting with wife Margeaux at the gym to clear the air and focus on rebuilding their relationship. Margeaux is still humiliated that Nikko won’t expose Mimi for being the mastermind behind the sex tape leak because that makes her the idiot who is married to the jackleg who leaked a homemade porn behind his girlfriend’s back. She wants to make her own connections in Atlanta, and Nikko thinks that accompanying him to Premadonna’s event will be the perfect opportunity for her to meet new people in the industry.

Kirk drops in on rehearsals with his up-and-coming star Ashley Nicole. He’s ready to get her on the road, performing live and promoting herself with his help. He’s ready to join her on this journey, and he needs to make sure it’s worthwhile time away from his family. Ashley questions whether Rasheeda is alright with this game plan as she wasn’t aware of Kirk’s Buckhead apartment. Kirk admits that he needs to be more open with his wife as his secrets come across as if he’s trying to hide an infidelity. You don’t say! She isn’t keen on being in the middle of Kirk and Rasheeda’s marital problems (it’s not her problem that her manager is lying to his wife!), but she plans on stirring the pot as much as she can. Rasheeda is the old model, and Ashley is ready to replace her…musically speaking, of course. 

Joseline is prepping for a photo shoot and Kalenna pops in to discuss Tony Vick’s latest business venture. She’s learned that Tony plans to invest in a club with someone that Joseline and Stevie were once quite tight with, although No-Neck Benzino isn’t mentioned by name. Joseline warns her about the implications of getting involved with such a shady character (oh, glass houses). Stevie interrupts the girl talk, and Joseline is thrilled to see her man. Kalenna wants to get Stevie and Tony together so that Stevie can school him on all things Benzino, but for now, she grants the couple some privacy. When Joseline starts begging for a baby, he reveals that he has some legal matters to address before he can think about expanding his family. While he’d love Joseline by his side when he faces the judge, he doesn’t want her to see him taken away if the worst-case scenario occurs. 

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Rasheeda can’t get Kirk on the road with Ashley fast enough so she can implement her plan to make enough money to fund her store-front in his absence. She only wishes he’d had the sense to find an artist what was making some sort of buzz in the industry. When the car arrives to scoop Kirk, Rasheeda is livid to learn that Ashley will be traveling right alongside her husband. As the couple argues, Ashley goads Rasheeda and yells at Kirk to hurry. Ashley compliments their “cute” house and promises to buy them a lawn once her album drops. When Rasheeda goes off on Ashley, Kirk’s artist retorts that Rasheeda needs to act her age. Kirk just sighs. He can’t control any of the women in his life. Across town, Dee and Ernest are recovering from that ill-fated dinner with some champagne and microwave popcorn. Dee admits that she wants a good relationship with Ernest’s mom, and Ernest complains that he’s still licking his wounds from Jasmine’s verbal assault. They just need to have a big, lavish wedding to prove their haters wrong, Dee concludes. Whoa, whoa, whoa…Ernest counters that they need to slow down their timeline a bit. After all, he just got out of jail. Let’s focus first on an upgraded promissory ring. Did he just say upgrade? Dee’s on board with that line of thinking. 

In order to get her money and teach Kirk a lesson, Rasheeda has decided to auction off his jewelry and clothing. Erica Dixon isn’t necessarily supportive of Rasheeda’s decision as she knows it will end badly, but she knows Rasheeda has to do something rash when she hears of Kirk’s latest antics. Rasheeda’s mother can’t get this auction underway fast enough. Meanwhile, Stevie is praying for a positive outcome at his federal child support charges. He needs to maintain his feeling of balance and clarity. Even though Stevie said he didn’t want Joseline at his hearing, he’s relieved to see that she is waiting for him at the courthouse. As much as he doesn’t want her to see him taken away in handcuffs if things don’t go how he hopes, Stevie welcomes his wife’s support.

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Back in Atlanta, Premadonna is working her event, and she’s thrilled about the turnout. Karlie Redd is sitting front row, as are Ariane and her girlfriend. Mimi joins them, stating that she’s happy that her artist Jessica Dime will be walking in the fashion show. Did I miss something? Jessica is still letting Mimi manage her after that last fiasco? Of course, the mood changes drastically when Nikko arrives with Margeaux. Both Mimi and Margeaux wish they were anywhere but in the same room.  Mimi is impressed…Margeaux is cuter than she expected…in a funny looking sort of way. Great job being the bigger person, Mimi! Because he thrives on making things awkward, Nikko makes a beeline towards Mimi to introduce him to Margeaux. It’s a cliffhanger of LHH: ATL proportions for sure!


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