Heather Thomson Calls Luann de Lesseps Lazy; Is Happy To Have Moved Forward With Bethenny!

Heather Thomson at Bravo/NBC Cable Upfronts 2015

Heather Thomson does not shy away from being called bossy – in fact, she embraces it and counts that personality trait as being integral to her success as a businesswoman

“I am a boss,” states Heather. “There are all different types of people. Not everyone has those leadership skills, or steps out, or has that real Type A personality.”

The Real Housewives Of New York star has butted heads with castmates over her outspokenness and take charge attitude, but she feels it’s served her well. However, if Heather were involved with one of the ladies in a business environment, it’s surprising who she’d choose to work with. For instance – if Heather had to hire a Housewife as an apprentice she would hire Ramona Singer “in a second.” 


Ramona’s a hard worker,” explains Heather, who often spars with Ramona on RHONY. Who else would Heather take under her wing if she were playing the game of Apprentice? “I would 100 percent hire Kristen Taekman,” she reveals to People

“She is so hungry and passionate about finding new lanes in life. She’s really looking at new ways to reinvent herself.” Heather says now that Kristen has launched Pop Of Color beauty she understands the demands placed on entrepreneurs and craves that success. “And Radzi [Carole Radziwill] – I’d hire in a second.” 

So who would Heather not hire? Luann de Lesseps! “Luann doesn’t want to work – she’s not a hard worker at all and she’s very… you know, laissez faire. She doesn’t have to commit – she has a nice alimony check, so she’s covered.” Luann has a very European vibe – even if she is from Connecticut. And furthermore she works hard at her music career – and that’s proven by her success! #SarcasmCLEARLY

Moving on to this week’s episode of RHONY where Heather fought, then hugged, then hugged some more with Bethenny Frankel, she apologizes for coming on too strong, but explains it’s just her nature and was never meant to be bothersome. 

“I am definitely a ‘fixer’ by nature,” Heather explains of her personality. “No one wants to be disliked for no reason and I always like to give people chances. This experience with Bethenny has helped me to learn more about her personality and vice versa. I’m glad we were finally able to squash things.”

“I was happy to accept her apology, and of course I am also sorry if I came across pushy. My conversations with Bethenny, on personal topics she is open about, have only ever been in an attempt to encourage and help,” Heather clarifies. “We all have things to overcome in life, and although I like to hurry up and try to help, I’ve realized that it’s also important to let others find their way, in their own time.”

Heather also praises Kristen for venturing into the business world with her nail polish line, and is sympathetic to her situation with Bethenny. “I’m so excited for Kristen and her new nail polish line Pop of Color! I’ve been wearing it and it’s great. The polish really lasts and I get compliments all the time.”

Kristen has been working hard on her new projects, as well as trying to understand a new friendship with Bethenny,” shares Heather in her Bravo blog. “Rejection is a natural emotion, and there just doesn’t seem to be any empathy on Bethenny’s end for her feelings. But as much as I like to fix, I think I’ll probably just stay out of this one!” 


[Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com]