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Well, well – there are bigger troubles in the Big Apple than the horrendous weather! And that trouble is Bethenny Frankel. Why am I not surprised? LuAnn de Lesseps, who announced she’s “fully back” as a full-time Housewife this season, says Bethenny is at war with co-stars and it’s been a dramatic dynamic for the Real Housewives Of New York cast! 

LuAnn maintains that she and Bethenny get along just fine, which is quite a departure from their previous relationship on-screen. “I didn’t know what it was gonna be like, I thought it was going to be awkward but it’s actually turned out to be good.”

She feels Bethenny brings an old-school RHONY vibe to the show. “We get along really well so it’s like old times … it’s kind of like the good old days of the Housewives,” LuAnn acknowledged. 


However – Bethenny isn’t getting along so swell with other castmates! While LuAnn won’t share whom exactly she is butting heads with, Kristen Taekman called Bethenny “distant” and “difficult” recently. Also Bethenny was spotted loudly arguing with Ramona Singer at a fashion show this week. 

It seems that LuAnn and her buddies Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill are staying out of the chaos for now – instead they speculate on who’s going to cause the most drama – and over what! A toaster oven? A faux-fiance? A fake leg and perverted father?!  It’s like Fantasy Football Housewives edition!

“We always say to each other when we start the season, ‘What are we gonna come up with this time around?’ We don’t make this stuff up,” LuAnn tells People. “It all stems from what is really going on with us so I was thinking, ‘What kind of drama is there really gonna be?’ Because God knows, the show doesn’t work without some drama. And you know, it just happens.”

There will also be an 8th Housewife added to the mix, a wealthy socialite friend of Ramona’s named Dorinda Medley. “I must say, she is doing great because we all know her. It’s not like someone who you don’t know who just comes in and you are like, who is this person? She has the same lifestyle, so I think she’ll be a good addition,” LuAnn declares.

Another change? Ramona and LuAnn have finally managed to get along! “You are going to see a different dynamic between Ramona and myself, it’s changed for the good,” LuAnn described. LuAnn also says she has no hard feelings towards Andy Cohen for demoting her last season. “Andy and I have a good relationship,” LuAnn confirmed. 

LuAnn also discloses that a recent cast trip was anything but relaxing – and there was plenty of mayhem. “We just came from the Housewives trip. That was pretty crazy,” she reveals. Where that trip was she won’t say, but photos indicate it was a tropical location!

Moving on Ramona is adding “author” to her list of careers. Soon she’ll have as many businesses as her buddy Sonja Morgan, except Ramona’s businesses actually exist

Ramona, who has proven to be anything BUT an open book, told the NY Post she’s penning her life story! “I’m actually opening up about my whole life. You’re really a product of your environment and the trials and tribulations you go through your entire life,” she says. By product of her environment, Pinot Singer means she’s a loosely intoxicated panic attack meltdown in a wooded area near a private airport.

“I wouldn’t be where I am without it, and I want to inspire women to be strong and have true faith,” Ramona states. “You can achieve anything you need to and get over the obstacles.” Including a cheating hubby!

While Ramona was gushing about her forthright truth-telling, she won’t discuss anything about the upcoming season of RHONY, where she battles both her divorce and the aforementioned Bethenny. “I can’t talk anything about this season,” she snapped, then stomped away to demand the bartender give her at least 2 bottles of Ramona Pinot and throw that Skinnygirl swill in the trash (that last part is sheer conjecture added by me.) 


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