Tamra Judge Excited to be a Grandma; Says Vicki Gunvalson Never Told Her Brooks Has Cancer!

tamra judge grandma

Looking to revise (but more likely reprise) her less than stellar image on this season’s Real Housewives of Orange County, resident backstabber Tamra Judge shares why she didn’t invite any of her castmates to son Ryan and daughter in law Sarah’s baby shower, how new girl Meghan Edmonds may have a bigger mouth than her, and why Vicki Gunvalson is already telling lies.

In her Bravo blog, Tamra begins by sharing her excitement about becoming a grandmother to 4-month old Ava, and step-grandma to Sarah’s previous three girls: “Yep it true…I am a Tam-Ma! I finally got the baby I wanted. Ava is now 4 months old and the cutest little girl I have ever seen. It seems like overnight I became a grandmother to four adorable girls. Sarah has three girls from another relationship, Ella 5, Brooklyn 12, and Emily 10. Ryan is up to eyeballs in girls now. My daughter Sophia is so very happy to be an aunt to girls practically her age.” Tamra also thanks her party planners for throwing hay everywhere to “transform” her gym into a virtual honky tonk, saying, “I can’t believe that behind all those bales of hay was our Fitness studio, CUT Fitness, the transformation was beautiful.” 


Citing why she refused to invite any of her castmates to the event, Tamra explains that “After last year, being accused of so many exaggerated stories I decided to take a step back from most of the ladies, so I decided to not invite any of them. When planning the baby shower I wanted it to be all about Ryan and Sarah and didn’t want any unnecessary drama. Lynne has always been a great friend to me and just became a grandmother, so it was only natural for me to invite her.” Only natural? More like scraping the bottom of the whiskey barrel, but okay. 

Moving on to the schizophrenic nature of her zillion boob jobs, Tamra says, “Ya I know, I have a love hate relationship with my boobs. I wanted them big, small, smaller, bigger than natural??? The truth is I love the size I had, but all you girls out there that have natural boobs know that we just don’t have that fullness on top that breast implants give you. After years of working out and lowering my body fat I naturally lost some of my fullness so I thought…what the heck, why not? I called Dr. Ambe who I have been going to for years and he hooked me up. I went with a very small implant, 150cc and it gave me the fullness I wanted without going up in cup size. I am very happy…for now. LOL.” 

After gushing about Heather Dubrow’s new estate and the 8 thousand dollar sinks that will be littered throughout it, Tamra moves on to praise her newest castmate, Meghan, who she says, “is a great addition to the show. She is tall, beautiful, smart, and might have a bigger mouth than me? I can’t wait for you to get to know her better.” 

But it’s the oldest OC housewife who’s getting the full force of Tamra’s wrath in her blog this week. Vicki, Tamra claims, never called her to inform her that live-in boyfriend Brooks Ayers had cancer. “I was a little surprised to hear Vicki say that she called me to tell me that Brooks had cancer and that I never reached out to her after that call. SAY WHAT? That is 100% incorrect!!!” Tamra argues, “If I am not mistaken, Vicki said that she had not talked to me and didn’t care to reach out to me because she couldn’t trust me. So why would she call me to tell me that Brooks has cancer?” 

“I found out that Brooks had cancer when it was announced online,” adds Tamra, “I texted Vicki at that point (we were not speaking) and told her I was sorry to hear about Brooks’ cancer and asked her if he had started treatment. Vicki NEVER called me and I never called her! I am not sure what she was trying to do, maybe make it look like I am not a good friend and she was?” Also questioning the truth behind Terry Dubrow’s supposed “reaching out” to Brooks, Tamra comments that she was “shocked to hear Brooks say that Terry checks up on him all the time, since I had heard that Terry had not talked to Brooks in months.”

Well, “Let the Housewife games begin” Tamra concludes. Indeed, game on!  


Photo Credit: Instagram