Dorinda Medley Wishes Sonja and Bethenny Better Times Ahead; Thinks Ramona Was ‘Mean’ to Kristen


I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the newest addition to the Real Housewives of New York this season! Dorinda Medley’s blogs are about as spot-on and hilarious as they come each week, so let’s dive in to her latest reflections on Bethenny Frankel’s jittery behavior, Sonja Morgan’s downward spiral, and Ramona Singer’s ability to clear a room of unwanted Kristen Taekmans in 3…2…1… 

“This episode was all about trying to connect and being supportive of each other,” begins Dorinda, “I’M SURE YOU HAVE NOTICED, ahem…the way we communicate sometimes does not support this theory.” Excited that Bethenny coordinated an event for the group, albeit a cupcake event, Dorinda says, “it shows she really is making an effort with us—she likes us. It’s sort of a grownup playdate, with cake batter and frosting. It also proved to be an opportunity to bring out a competitive side from the girls.” With each woman taking her particular brand of neuroses out on the innocent cupcakes before her, Dorinda reflects how “Ramona was contemplative and methodical, Sonja was light-hearted but with flair, and Bethenny was all business (put frosting on cake, put in box, move onto next cake…). I was thinking about it…Which color? Which pattern? Does it make me look taller? (That’s really all I ask myself every morning.)”


Dorinda throws some Sonja love around, noting that she loves seeing her “vulnerable, charming” side. Citing her reservations about the upcoming Turks & Caicos trip Sonja proposed though, Dorinda admits, “After an overnight in Atlantic City, I’m a little anxious about spending five days—FIVE WHOLE DAYS—in a house with these girls. And worse, on an island that doesn’t have accessible cabs and public transport. YIKES! But, I always play along. It could go either way. Then the stress of bikinis overwhelmed all feelings of doom. You know, bikinis have that effect on women.” 

As an outsider looking in on the blossoming friendship between Carole Radziwill and Bethenny, Dorinda points out that “They seem quite different, and they are, but it works. Granted, when a friend tells you they’re having sex with you in your dreams, you could either become REALLY close REALLY quickly, or you could get a court order. (Seriously, though, everyone needs to stop talking about sex and just have it. It’s like so much lead-up and no payoff.) But these two just click and they really bring out the best in each other.”  Dorinda explains, “Carole is calm, a great listener, and really intelligent. Bethenny loves that in someone. She’s able to just be herself, not have to sift through opinons, judgments, or probing questions with Carole. Everyone else treats Bethenny like she’s Poor Richard’s Almanac. Carole is so laid back and so zen, she’s practically catatonic, and that’s what Bethenny needs. Hell, that’s what most of us need, come to think of it. I feel they’re developing a real, true, and fun friendship outside of the group.”

Moving on to Luann de Lesseps’ photoshoot for her clothing collection, Dorinda praises the Lauren Hutton-esque modeling moves, complete with ’80s wind machines and leaping mid-air poses! “Who doesn’t look good when a fan’s blowing them around? It brings out the sexy in all of us,” quips Dorinda after noting, “I’m so proud of Luann and her collection.” When Bethenny arrived to the shoot in all of her high-strung angst, a different tone was set for the day: “The focus should’ve stuck with Lu, Kristen, and the fabulous Ez de la Rosa, but of course, once Doctor Zhivago walked in, the focus flew like a line of daggers at Bethenny. Seriously, watching her get bombarded and fight people off is becoming a recurring nightmare. At this point, Bethenny should really develop Skinnygirl tissues…the scented ones…cucumber dill with a twist of jalapeńo…to keep you crying.” Dorinda needs a chair at that Brand Summit, asap. 

“Thank goodness for ‘lighter fare’ like Lady Morgan and her minions assembling the luggage for the upcoming voyage,” Dorinda reflects, “I usually throw a piece of luggage on my bed an hour before I leave and that’s that. For Sonja, it’s a production. Ever noticed how we always watch her pack? And how she directs her interns and guides them to make good packing decisions? (I only wish I could’ve gotten college credit for packing suitcases, honestly.) I’m really fascinated by all the ongoings in the Lady’s townhouse. It’s its own little world…like the city in Shrek. Such a pleasant little kingdom.” 

In another pleasant little kingdom called Queens, Dorinda expresses her love of the Park Side restaurant Bethenny took them to, pointing out that she herself had been a fan long before this outing (although Bethenny made it look like she was taking these Manhattan ladies on an anthropological field study for the cameras!). “Great food, old school mafia environment, and the cast of characters are endless,” says Dorinda, “Believe it, it’s much more charming than that sounds. (Also, I forgot how much I love a good jumpsuit and frosted lipstick.) Every time I walk into that place, I feel like I’m on the set of Casino.”

Feeling guilty about her part in gossiping about Sonja behind her back at dinner, Dorinda confesses, “I’ll be honest, I feel bad I said anything. I know she is going through a lot, and I should just follow my own advice and keep my mouth shut. I sometimes just worry about her and, on many levels, can relate to her. I’m just protective of people I care about, honestly. Can’t really turn that off.” Remembering her own ups and downs after the death of her husband, Dorinda says the ladies in the NY society circles can be too tough on one another in hard times. “So, to Sonja, I am sorry if I overstepped with my remark, but I adore you, and I think you’re a wonderful person, and I want you to find what you deserve, not only always focus on what you feel you deserve. Love you, mean it! (I’m writing this while having leftover meat-stuffed rolls from Park Side, thank you very much.)”

“And that brings us to the Rise of RaMEANa,” continues Dorinda, moving on to Luann’s Warwick Hotel party later that week. “Ultimately, it was a great night, despite the clash in the suite. (Of course, there’s a clash that happens at the party downstairs, but that’s for next Tuesday’s blog.) When Ramona walked in and jumped at Kristen, it was like a new battle between the Blue and the Gray. (Or is it grey?) First of all, it’s only a dress, not a petting zoo. And a beautiful sweater dress, at that! Kristen is really the most fabulous of us, and she’s the Queen of Style. Such impeccable taste–I love to sit back and admire. Despite all this, Ramona obviously wanted to grind her axe. We all know Ramona–when she wants to get something done or said, there’s just no stopping her. Girls, we are all mothers, wives, and women on a mission, but you have to keep some boundaries and show some respect. It’s okay to get something off your chest, but please let’s try to not use words like ‘dumb.’ There are better words…like ‘bitches.'” 

Dorinda praises Kristen’s handling of the situation, saying she “walked out like a classy, elegant girl with a wine glass in hand, thank you very much. Thank goodness it all ended quickly, as we had to move mannequins downstairs for the party that awaited. (Not me…I don’t work at cocktail parties anymore. Those days are behind me. Thanks.)” Signing off with “Turks and Caicos, the bitches are coming, the bitches are coming!” Dorinda leaves us with the impression that things are only going to heat up from here. Can’t wait to hear what she says about it all! 


Photo Credit: Twitter