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With the new season’s contract offers going out, the rumors are flying like crazy regarding the casting of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  

Several outlets are reporting that Brandi Glanville is out for next season, but rumor has it that she’s been offered a “friend of” role if she wants it.  Which could be what Brandi keeps talking about on Twitter as her “big decision to make.”  Last night she elaborated a bit, sharing that she has until Monday to make up her mind and also gushed about her mad love for Bravo.  

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Brandi went out with her girlfriends last night and decided to Tweet with her followers for a bit when she got home. 

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Kissing Bravo butt:

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Reiterates that she’s got the weekend yet to make a decision:

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According to People, Brandi losing the full time Housewives gig was due to her behavior and her co-stars.  “Brandi got too big for her britches. She was a diva, and it came around to bite her.  By the end, she couldn’t get along with anyone, and no one wanted to shoot with her.”  What? Her co-stars didn’t like getting slapped, wine tossed in their faces or accusations about their husbands wandering? 

So, it looks like we’ll have to wait until Monday to hear if Brandi is returning in some capacity or if she’ll just move on and be done with it. 

What the outlets aren’t all on the same page about is the status of Yolanda Foster.  People magazine’s sources claim she’s sitting this one out so she can focus on her health, but E! news says she’s still in.   So, that one is undecided.   She hasn’t mentioned her filming status but did share another medical selfie: 

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Yolanda captioned it, “I have surrendered but I won’t stop and won’t shut up. I will keep chasing wellness until I catch it…………….. #WeMustFindACure #ChronicLymeDiseaseAwareness Global epidemic growing in the shadows!” 

In other casting gossip:  Kim Richards is rumored to be out while she tries to get things together.  Reportedly she has moved rehabs again, so clearly things aren’t going too well at the moment.  Hopefully #3 is the charm and she gets the help she needs – away from the cameras.  She’s probably thrilled that the Brandi news is overshadowing her own gossip headlines.

Hopefully we know some firm casting answers soon, but Bravo rarely comments and we never know “for sure” until the promos are shot and shared publicly.  And even then, they don’t tell us anything about the status of “friends of” the Housewives spots.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens!  Or see if Andy drops any info on WWHL. 

In other random Brandi news, she shared that her dad was coming to help her move this morning – even though she’s not sure WHERE she’s moving to.  Huh?  Is she going to cruise around the city until something pops up? 

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Updated:  Just adding a few Tweet quotes from Brandi this morning.  First, she says that she doesn’t fit with the cast this season.  “thanks 4 the love but with YO sick and Kim in treatment I just don’t see how I fit in.” 

She also added about her move:  “#1priority is finding a place for my lil men 2live- it’s a lot on my place at once if I could just nail that down I wouldn’t be so stressed.”  And she added, “Getting up &ready for my pops to come hang with us! Going to make him his favorite Lasagna!I like to spoil my men &maybe coconut cream pie.” 


Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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