UPDATED: Kyle Richards Sends Brandi Glanville Legal Threats?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 5

Oh Brandi Glanville, when will you learn that your “truth cannon” crap is just getting you into legal trouble over and over and over?  Kyle Richards is the latest Bravolebrity to line up, ready to sue Brandi over her loose-lipped accusations. 

Over the weekend Brandi fired off some Tweets at her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards.  And she also leveled some strong accusations at Kyle’s husband Mauricio.  Brandi is now claiming that Kyle is considering legal action of some sort.  Go figure!

Brandi just Tweeted this afternoon, “Now @kylerichards is threatening me with a legal letter because if my tweets? Get my address from @Andy I will add it to my pile #rich coward.” 

Um, coward?  I guess I don’t see it as cowardly, but more like the only way anyone can get Brandi to SHUT UP!!  She cries us a river about her finances and how she’s a single mom and needs her money to care for her boys, but it doesn’t seem to prevent her from saying ANYTHING she feels like, about ANYONE she feels like.  Sorry, if that was me, I’d keep my big yap shut and my money in MY wallet and not my lawyer’s! 

Brandi is heading to NYC, gearing up for her big interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday morning.  I bet her former co-stars are waiting to see what else she spills about them, with their attorneys on standby.

Is it that HARD to take the high road and not trash talk so you can keep your money in your pocket? 

Update: Brandi is now Tweeting out a clause in their Bravo contracts, claiming they can’t sue each other.  BUT what happens when they are no longer part of the show?  Her allegations came AFTER announcing she was done/quit/got fired.  And should that clause  include such harsh accusations that can hurt someone’s reputation and business?

She Tweeted, “This clause is basically in EVERY #Bravolebritys contract’s but yet everyone is sue happy!”




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Photo Credit: Bravo TV