Brandi Glanville Bashes Kyle Richards And Lisa Vanderpump; Says Mauricio Umansky Stole Agents From Kathy Hilton’s Husband

Brandi Glanville And Kenya Moore On

If you don’t already have a subscription to SiriusXM radio, you may want to get one.  Brandi Glanville is going to be a guest on Howard Stern next week and she’s promising to drop a whole lot of truth bombs while she’s there.  And if her Twitter diatribe last night is any indication of how it’s going to be next week, it’ll be worth every cent.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared that she’s going to be a guest on Howard’s show and even Andy Tweeted that he figures it’ll be a good one.  She then took some time to Google herself last night and was furious at some of the things she found Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards saying about her – and she went ballistic on Twitter. 

Brandi blasted, “Just looking on-line I can’t wait for @HowardStern both @Lisavanderpump & @kylerichards17 r so full of f***ing shit it’s GROSS #TRUTHCANNON.”  She then slammed Lisa for the email she sent to her.  “The only reason LVP sent me a bland lame email is to have something to talk about in interviews. She wants anyone that calls her on her BS dead.”  When a follower told her she shouldn’t attack LVP, Brandi said, “she called me a liar I won’t stand for that.  I can take all the rest.”

She then lashed out at Kyle. “Let me tell u what I wouldn’t do 4 a TV show @kylerichards17 exploit 1 sister’s sobriety & f**k over the other @KathyHilton husband’s business!”  She then added in some strong accusations about Mauricio Umansky’s business, “@kylerichards17 #truthcannon your husband use to work for kathy’s husband until he secretly stole agents & clients to start the Agency #STFU.”  Oh Brandi, you better hope you have proof or you’re going to have another set of former co-workers lining up to sue you for the things that spill out of your mouth

She continued on, “Talk about me, call me a liar, which I am not- you will get it back.  To talk shit about me 4 not being back after all I have done & put up with from her is gross. Its senior bullying.” 

Someone sent Kyle the Tweets and she responded, “I don’t pay attention to her. While everyone’s celebrating love on this groundbreaking day all she wants to do is spread hate.” 

Brandi says that she never wanted to be on TV to begin with.  “I never wanted to be on TV it fell into my lap.  Last year wasn’t my best I’m the first 2admit that.”  She continues to bash reports that claim she was fired, “If I was fired I would just say it, I was not asked back as a full time player but I have been asked back that doesn’t equal fired.”

She ended the evening of Tweeting (and drinking?) with, “I have been trying to stay above the fray but looking on line- pissed me off.  I’m done for the night & I promise to never google myself again!”

This morning she was off to do some shopping and continue looking for a house to rent.  She must’ve had some bad news after she woke up because she Tweeted, “Don’t EVER hire business managers, always be in charge of your own money!!!!!!”  Doesn’t sound good! 

Edited to add:  Brandi Tweeted this afternoon, “Im hoping that all the paperwork for my BIG NEWS will be done so I can tell @HowardStern!”



Photo Credit:  Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)