Meghan Edmonds Talks Drama With Vicki Gunvalson, Real Housewives Of Orange County, And Her Carole Radziwill Connection!

New RHOC star Meghan Edmonds with her husband Jim Edmonds

Meghan Edmonds joined Real Housewives Of Orange County and was given the description “Tamra Barney‘s mini me.” Not exactly something I’d want to be known for, but to each their own, right?! New to reality TV, marriage, and Orange County, Meghan is being thrown a lot of curve balls this season, but she isn’t afraid to get in the mix! 

Meghan, who is married to former MLB player Jim Edmonds, revealed they joined the show to tell their “really unique story” – of being the much-younger third wife of a former pro-athlete in a midlife crisis? of being the “hashtag cool stepmom!”

“I don’t know a lot of people who are young stepmoms. It could feel really isolating,” Meghan shares. “I want others to see that this happens and it doesn’t have to be a secret. And not only that, we have a lot of things happening in our lives.” Whoa – deep. 


One thing that is deep is that Jim’s first wife is battling cancer. Meghan feels she and Jim will demonstrate how to support his daughter through her mom’s illness. Which of course is what makes Meghan an expert on cancer? Per the previews Meghan is seen telling some of the other women that Brooks may be lying about having cancer, which leads to a major blowup with Vicki Gunvalson. Meghan reveals she and Vicki “fought over that.”

“I’m dealing with cancer in my own way with Hayley’s mom being really sick and so if somebody is faking cancer or if I have questions about it, that’s going to piss me off and I’m going to ask questions about it,” explains Meghan. However Meghan says most of the drama with Vicki is because, ”I call out her faults.” 

“I think that Vicki goes around in circles when she talks and she likes to place blame and ask me about who I am and what my family’s about and then change the subject and talk about something personal,” Meghan says. “I called her out on what she was doing. And I don’t think she liked it, so she came more and more after me.”

As for the other ladies, Meghan has mixed reviews. She had a prior friendship with Heather Dubrow, but none of the other women. “I did not know anything other than what I saw on TV. I would watch reruns [of RHOC] when they were on TV but I was never a hardcore watcher.” 

Tamra is really different than what I expected. I was expecting her to not be nice to me and just be snarky and it was total opposite, we hit it off right away,” Meghan tells OK! Magazine.”I thought Vicki and I would hit it off right away and be friends but that didn’t go as planned.”

“And I was expecting Shannon [Beador] to not like me and that pretty much went as planned,” Meghan laughs. “Lizzie I was expecting to like because we’re around the same age and that worked out.” 

Meghan Edmonds & Carole Radziwill

Meghan, posing with Carole and Adam. [Credit: Instagram]

While Meghan may have gone into RHOC blind, she does have a prior HW connection – Carole Radziwill! “My brother is good friends with Carole. My brother is a model in New York and they just got a dog together, Carole, my brother and another person. There’s two dads and one mom. They all live in different apartments and they share the dog. Her name is Baby, she’s so cute.” Uhhh… Carole is getting creepier and creepier – what, she’s collecting post-adolescent boys now. #AlertAuthorities You can follow the entire “baby” saga on Carole’s instagram, where Carole tries to forget that she’s a 50-year-old woman who at one point had a respectable career. *shudder*

Carole Radziwill with Meghan Edmonds' brother

And the dog Carole shares custody of… [Credit: Instagram]

With her career as a pseudo-celebrity about to launch, Meghan says she’s not afraid!  “My husband literally just texted me and said he was in the grocery store and he was getting bombarded by fans. I won’t go to the grocery store, I hate the grocery store. But he’s like, ‘That’s the one place I get bombarded.’ And I was like ‘Well, we’re about to be on a level playing field soon.’ It’s new and since it’s new I’m going to savor the newness because it’ll probably wear off but for now it’s great!” 

Something about this one I am not liking. 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]