Vicki Gunvalson Thinks Meghan Edmonds is Trying to be ‘Relevant’; Defends Shannon Beador!


The OG of the OC has spoken, and she is no fan of Real Housewives of Orange County’s newbie, Meghan Edmonds. In her blog, Vicki Gunvalson defends her decision to stick by fellow housewife Shannon Beador after Meghan excluded Shannon from her charity event. “This week’s episode shows that it is evident Meghan is definitely trying to be relevant amongst these women,” snarks Vicki. “For her to feel compelled to exclude Shannon out of her party I don’t think was right.”

“When I decided not to go to the charity event and instead be with Shannon, it’s because I didn’t want Shannon to feel all alone that night. Knowing that all the girls would be together and Shannon not being invited would have been very hurtful to her. I would have expected one of them to do the same for me,” explains Vicki. Uh, if Vicki is expecting these “girls” to stick by her in times of trouble, she might want to take a life insurance policy out on hell freezing over. She maintains, though, that “True friends are there for you when ‘life happens’, whether it be a sickness, loss of a job, death of a loved one, relationship struggles or anything else. This is when you see the true colors of a friend, it’s how they act when difficult situations occur.”


Taking quite a left turn to discuss Jim Edmonds’ ex-wife, Vicki says, “It really was nice for me to see Meghan so supportive of Lee Ann (Jim’s ex-wife) who is battling colon cancer. For my first time seeing Lee Ann (on this week’s episode) she looked surprisingly good, because all through this season, Meghan kept referring her to ‘terminal’ and therefore I expected her to look sick.” Is Vicki actually giving her on-screen nemesis a genuine compliment!? Ahhh…no. I see where this is going! Cue the comparison to Brooks Ayers’ cancer in 3…2…1…”I guess this just goes to show you that cancer really does have many ‘looks and symptoms’ and just because you are walking around, traveling, working, and still being active doesn’t mean you aren’t sick. What this shows me is everyone has a journey after their diagnosis, and we are not privy to every little detail of their lives.” So, there we have it.

Still seemingly focused on the criticism she’s been getting about Brooks‘ cancer, the validity of his diagnosis, and her role as “supportive girlfriend of sick partner,” Vicki goes on to accuse Tamra Judge of hypocrisy when it comes to private matters. “It was interesting hearing Tamra on the plane heading to Napa with the ladies, when she commented about being ‘private’ during difficult times in her life. I agree with her and it is very interesting that I can’t try and remain private about dealing with Brooks’ illness, because when I do I am accused of trying to hide something. It’s very alarming and there are lots of double standards here.” Alarming? No. Typical? Yes! 

Closing her blog with one last defensive move against the haters out there, Vicki explains why she’s away from Brooks so much (and exactly where we can all stick our opinions!?). Giving us the full Dr. Vicki medical report, she comments on her return from Florida in this week’s episode. “I was gone a total of 10 days. Brooks had received his chemo treatment on the front end of my trip, so when I returned home he was already through the worst part of his reaction,” she claims. “After he finishes his chemo treatments, it typically takes him 3-4 days to recuperate. Brooks has not had any chemo since filming that scene which was late January, as he elected to do a more aggressive approach of alternative treatments and immune system building therapy.”  

Hmmm…do you get the sense that Vicki is reading a lot of online comments about Brooks‘ diagnosis (or lack thereof)? Seems like a heavy amount of defensiveness over some pretty innocuous events – events on camera, at least.


Photo Credit: Bravo