Brandi Glanville Talks About Her New Reality Show, Her Salary, Sex, And Leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…Sort Of!


Howard Stern had Brandi Glanville on this morning and it was a doozy of an interview that ping ponged all over the place!  She talked about everything from leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, her salary amounts, her legal woes, her private parts and so, so much more! 

Howard opens up by revealing that it’s the only show in the franchise that he watches and that without Brandi it won’t be as interesting or fun to watch.  Brandi admits that she’s the a***ole of the show and that she “worries about the show” if there’s no drama.  She says she did it for the sake of the show. 

Howard goes over how Brandi wound up on the show (for his listeners who don’t know who she is):  Eddie left her for LeAnn, she needed money.  He asks if she gets any child support – $1170 she reveals.  “I have a 12 year old and an 8 year old and that’s like our weekly grocery budget.  So I have to work, obviously.”  Howard asks if Brandi considers asking for more but Brandi says that Eddie actually took her to court, saying she owed him money for “over paying” but she says she didn’t have to after it was all said and done.    “I’m too proud to beg and I’ll do it myself.”   

Howard asks about the producers of the show, if they give feedback on how things are going and how the stars are doing as the show films.  Brandi explains that the producers are changed out every season and they’re freelance, so they want the drama, because if there’s no show, they don’t have a job.  She says “a lot of times they’ll pull me aside because they know I’ll do something and say ‘do something.’ They don’t tell me WHAT to do.” 

Howard says that Brandi’s co-stars should obviously recognize that it helps THEM when she’s being the “a***ole” as Brandi put it, because she mixes things up and keeps the drama up.  They need you, he says.  Brandi replies, “Last year was a really tough year for me because I felt like I played ball with everyone.  I gave my all to the show, but then when it aired I thought ‘Oh my god, they did me no favors in the editing room’ and I got REALLY upset and a little depressed because of it.”  She continued “I thought, ‘I played ball’, they’d cut me some slack and say ‘why’ I did that, but you don’t get a say.  They’re making a show, they don’t care about us.” 

Howard asks if she ever pulls the other ladies aside and tells them that she’s not really meaning what she says/does, that she’s just trying to get things fired up for the show.  Brandi says that she will do that with Yolanda, but she knows.   “Yolanda and I are really close outside of the show and she gets it. ”  Brandi then says she’s coming back this season “a little bit”.  Howard asks if she was fired or if she quit.   “Let me clear this up, there are paparazzi outside my house every day, people are calling, it’s driving me nuts.”   She says “I didn’t want to do the show again because I took so much heat, I was doing things to my own detriment, that I couldn’t explain.”  She says that the wine toss, the slap, all of it was for the show.  And she got so much hate on social media and what not.  Howard asks if she’s cracking under the pressure.  “No, I have so much more on my plate than this show.  so, I talked to producers and said I didn’t want to come back, I had other offers to do other things.  I said ‘listen, I’ll come back if it makes sense. If it’s with Yolanda or if it’s with Kim.  Otherwise, I don’t talk to any of the other ladies and I don’t like them.”

Howard says that Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards have been very vocal in saying they don’t want Brandi on the show. And he wonders if Brandi thinks they went to Bravo and Andy and asked for Brandi not to return.  “I don’t know that they did that.  Each show has the people who like ground the show, and Kyle and Lisa are like those people. In the past they’ve said ‘I don’t want to shoot with her.'”   She says they just won’t show up for certain things if Brandi was shooting (like in her first season).

Howard asks if Lisa and Kyle are lying that Brandi got fired.  “They don’t know.  They have no idea. But here’s what sucks and this is why they’re c***s.  They’re saying I got fired.  I’m in the process of moving, trying to rent a house for my two children, and no one will rent to me because they think I don’t have a job. I have ten other jobs.  I have a new show that I’m going to be doing that I can’t talk about yet and a development deal with a really big network, so I have jobs and I wasn’t fired from Housewives, it didn’t make sense for me to come back full time. ”   (sidenote: Um, Brandi you made a huge announcement on and on your podcast stating that you weren’t returning!!! Hellooo…)

They talk salary next.  Brandi said the first year she was a “friend of” she made $16,000 and for the next season she got $136,000 and she made even more the next season.  She says they offered her $500,000 for this upcoming season.  She says she thinks Kyle makes a million if she had to guess but she has no idea how much any of the ladies make. 

Howard thinks Brandi is the star of the show because she mixes it up with the ladies.  Brandi says she thinks the show will still be successful but it will be different.  Brandi says it’ll be interesting to see who turns on who because they still need to make a show. 

She then mentions that she got “a lot of” legal letters about coming on the show today – but when they ask, she only mentions the letter from Kyle

Howard says she gets into a lot of legal trouble.  “Well, they’re all very self-important, it’s like ‘get over yourself we have other things to talk about’.  We’re on a reality show and shit’s gonna get said, get over it.  They want all the good stuff but can’t handle any of the negativity and then they start throwing out legal letters.”

Howard thinks reality shows only work if people are somewhat “retarded” otherwise people tune out if there’s no shit flying about personal lives etc.  Brandi says “and if you have secrets, they will come out.  You have to be ready for it.” She says when Lisa Rinna joined she wanted to control certain things that Brandi could and couldn’t say.  “I’m like you don’t get to talk about me and Kim and everyone else and then you get to have rules?  Like who the f**k are you?  I actually did really like her but i feel like she’s playing a part.”

Howard asks if it was worth doing a reality show?  “I have to say it saved my life in a lot of ways and right now I wouldn’t have these other offers to do other things if it wasn’t for this show.”  She says the other offers are in the reality realm. 

Howard is a fan so he will watch her new show.  He asks if it’s not for bravo and she says she can’t say it because nothing is done yet.  She says she loves Bravo and Howard says “so it could be with bravo?”

They move on and talk Andy Cohen.  She says she doesn’t know if Andy really likes her.  people assume they’re close but she says they’re really not.  She says all of the housewives kiss Andy’s ass and she’s not an ass kisser   “Hes’ always been supportive and sweet”  and she adds that she has  a no bullshit meter and doesn’t care if you’re Oprah, she’ll tell you to f**k off.

Is reality TV dangerous?  Has she ever been close to wanting to get in a fist fight.  “yes, seriously. But then I wonder if it’s worth it.  One of them grabbed my arm and I’m like ‘I’m gonna knock your fucking teeth out’.”

Brandi then reveals that she nearly skipped the reunion over the stress and anxiety of it all. but bravo said they would hold her last check.  So she went. 

Howard asks, “Are you a millionaire from being on a reality show?”  Brandi says, “not at all.  I have to work.  You know, more money, more problems.  I have lawsuits that I’m throwing money at left and right.”  Howard asks if she possibly went over the line, like with Joanna Krupa for example.  Brandi says that Joanna called in or Tweeted something about understanding why Eddie left her and that’s her Achilles heel and she gets like ‘f**k you’ and it was a retaliation. Howard says “so you didn’t actually HEAR she had a smelly vagina, you just said this?”  Brandi says she cannot talk about it. She does share that so far it has cost her $54,000 to deal with the Joanna lawsuit.”  (Hmm..worth the big mouth spouting off, Brandi??)  

Brandi says “she’s a public figure, I’m a public figure.  I have never sent anyone a legal letter in  my life.  If I sued everyone in my life who has said something bad about me, I’d be in court forever.” 

Howard asks how many of her co-stars have sued her.  She says two – Kyle and Adrienne Maloof, but she’s getting it twisted because they sent her legal letters – they didn’t actually SUE her.

Brandi says again that it’s their contract that they can’t sue anyone on their show, but everyone still does.   “It’s exhausting, it’s the rich way to bully.”  She shares that the Adrienne thing got settled after they talked about it.  She doesn’t know about Kyle’s thing – she just sent it yesterday, “I don’t know what she wants.  She just sent a cease and desist saying I can’t talk about her on here because she’s so self important.”

Howard says “you’re certainly allowed to talk about anyone you want, you just can’t slander them, right?”  Brandi says,  “I mean, I guess. I said she’s a bitch.  I don’t care.  Shes a horrible, horrible person.” Howard asks about Kim, “Kim is a sweetheart. She’s in rehab.”

Howard asks her again to clarify if Bravo cut her from the show or if she quit.  She says it was both.  Again sharing that it doesn’t make sense but they want her to come back here and there, but she doesn’t get the bump in paycheck and that’s what she wanted. She says again that she told them she’ll film with Yolanda if it makes sense but that’s kind of it. 

They discuss Camille Grammer for a few minutes – Howard loved her but Camille couldn’t handle being the “villain/a***ole” (he meant that in the best way) and she left the show.

Brandi and Howard talk social media.  Brandi says her co-stars can’t deal with anything negative said about them on Twitter.  And that she just mutes the followers who are bashing her.  She doesn’t block them because it affects the follower numbers and she gets paid for her social media to Tweet things, so “they don’t know I’m keeping them as a number.”

Howard asks Brandi what her game plan is.  She says right now her focus is to find a house to live in – she only has two weeks.  The house she was leasing got sold.  She says she’s moved six times in five years.  She thinks it’s because it becomes a “housewives house” and then the people want to sell it and buyers want to meet her.  She says her plan was to buy a house because she saved some money and she thought she was going to get that big paycheck.  Brandi says she feels like she’s back in 2009 all over again – she’s driving a nice car, trying to find a place to live, her boyfriend cheated on her…

So they talk cheating.  Brandi thinks ALL guys cheat.  They discuss this for a minute and then Howard asks if she still loves Eddie.  She says once in a while she misses what she “thought” he was way back when life was calm and normal. She said when her son broke his arm they were in the hospital room together and could barely make eye contact.  She said that things are okay with them (her and Leann, too).  They threw a joint party for her son together. They all sit together for school recitals and such because it’s better for the kids Brandi says that LeAnn is very nice to her now, and it was way more contentious before but not now.   “I just don’t give a fuck anymore. He’s yours, he doesn’t work, take care of him.”

On her future.  She says she had six meetings and got six offers, so that was super exciting.  Some were with production companies, which scare her because you have to shoot something and then sell it, but other meetings were with networks.  So she’s going the safe route with the network.  She was hoping to have the paperwork done today so she could spill it on the show, but it’s not done yet but will be very soon.

Howard asks if she hopes RHOBH will fail.  She says no, that she was a fan the first season. She liked it and watched it.  She thinks it’ll be different “I don’t hope for anyone to fail.  Well, maybe a couple of people.”  She does admit she was happy that Leann and Eddie’s reality show failed but doesn’t want them to fail overall because they help take care of the kids.

She says again how much she loved doing Celebrity Apprentice because it showed another side of her and on Real Housewives they just “show fun, drunk Brandi doing stupid shit.” But on apprentice you’re working 24 hours a day 6 days a week

They move on to talking about her loving sex and doing anyone and then talk about her vagina tightening surgery.  Howard asks if it was still tight and she says yes but adds that did date a black man for a while so…  #stayclassy  She reveals that it was actor Mehcad Brooks and he had to special order condoms. 

Howard lectures her that maybe she should date someone with a normal job and not a famous person or any athletes.  They talk in detail about some of the raunchier parts of her last book (sex on the hood of the car, etc).  He mentions porn and asks if she ever video taped herself she says no but wonders if the guys she’s slept have ever secretly taped it.  

She shares that she tends to sabotage relationships because she has trust issues and is constantly cheated on.  Howard asks if she thinks there is something wrong with her – she gets in these arguments with the housewives, she can’t keep a man etc.  She admits that she’s a handful.  She says her dating life started to suck when she went on reality TV no one wants to date a crazy chick on TV.  She then says she broke up with the NBA guy because he hit on her friend right in front of her.  She says her friends are hot because she likes to hang with pretty people.   They keep talking sex and Brandi admits that she doesn’t use birth control. 

Howard reiterates that he needs drama on the show.  He likes Kyle and Lisa and Yolanda, but thinks Yolanda is boring. 

Brandi talks money again.   She’s writing another book and shares that she isn’t making money on the podcast, Howard tries to tell her to do a radio show instead and build up an audience.  He says podcasting doesn’t pay money.  She says she could live on the book money if she had to and she says that she has a licensing deal with Silver Buffalo for her unfiltered brand.

They then talk about a few random thing and Brandi then says that she was considering tweeting to isis when she was drunk. Howard strongly advised against it. Duh.  Robin and Howard then advise her that maybe she should be filtered a little bit.  Brandi thinks everyone is too sensitive.

So, in summary, Brandi may be back to film with Yolanda (who is also going to be very part time, according to Brandi) and she is returning with her own show of some sort.   


Photo Credit: Twitter