Heather Thomson was faring pretty well during the first leg of the Real Housewives of New York Turks and Caicos trip, given the fact that she and Bethenny Frankel have finally found some common ground after much angst over meatballs and getting up in one another’s “jocks.” But this week things took a turn when Dorinda Medley started in on Heather over walking too far ahead of her to dinner one evening. In her blog, Heather discusses what she calls the “#LamestFightInRHWHistory!” and more, including her vow to stay out of Sonja Morgan’s business.

Heather begins by revisiting Sonja’s blowup about all of the women “ganging up on her,” a situation Heather claims did not occur. What did occur is Ramona Singer stirring the pot, then licking the spoon. “I’m not a professional, and I don’t judge other people’s situations,” says Heather, “so all I can do is bear witness to Sonja’s unpredictable behavior. And I will no longer comment on it. But if anyone was the first to comment about Sonja, it has been Ramona.”


“Timing is everything, and the timing of Ramona’s conversation with Sonja was really not ideal,” claims Heather. But she also admits, “No one’s was. Ramona started the fire but wasn’t taking responsibility for the fall out. So Sonja blamed us for ganging up on her when that wasn’t anyone’s intention. If Sonja doesn’t feel we are all genuinely concerned, we’re not doing a very good job communicating it I suppose. And at this point, it’s best to just let Sonja do Sonja and to love her from afar.” 

Heather says a highlight of the trip was rooming with Carole Radziwill and Bethenny, the latter with whom she feels on better terms since the trip. “Sharing a space and this time together has really helped to give me a better understanding of Bethenny. She may pop at times, but she moves on and doesn’t hold a grudge, which is how I can be too. I think we have come to a final agreement that we find each other annoying, but that it’s not going to stop us from trying to find common ground. And one of them is being able to laugh together.” Heather hopes, “Whatever issues Bethenny had with me seem to be over, and hopefully we’ve moved on.” Fix it Jesus! 

Moving on to the argument that seemingly came out of nowhere, Heather admits she had no idea why Dorinda popped off about something as “silly” as Heather walking in front of her to dinner. “Dorinda’s behavior can be similarly erratic, as we got to see a little of when she came at me for not waiting for her after they left well before us. I had no idea they were behind us, and it was a short boardwalk to the open air restaurant. I didn’t hear Dorinda ask me to wait, then I heard yelling, and I of course went back,” says Heather. So, then, why did Dorinda flip out?

Heather claims that “there was an issue for no apparent reason,” but things escalated quickly. Before she knew it, Dorinda “started to cry and calls me a bitch?! Because I didn’t hear her yelling from the car to wait? The only explanation I could think of was that she had one too many before dinner and it was affecting her emotions. She got so angry and emotional so fast over nothing! It has to go down as the one of the silliest arguments in Housewives history. It was over before it began and all it consisted of was ‘You did!’… ‘No! You did!’ ‘Did what?! Bitch!’ It was too crazy, and so to diffuse a silly situation I decided to apologize for any misunderstanding, because clearly something else was going on.”

Questioning why Dorinda felt the need to side with Sonja when she herself talked about Sonja’s drinking freely, Heather also wonders about Dorinda’s erratic behavior in other areas as of late (especially her mean tweeting!). “Dorinda and I have never had a fight before,” shares Heather. “Although, I find her to be exceptionally judgmental and even mean on Twitter as of late. We met last summer and had an easy and enjoyable relationship. But when we were hanging out it wasn’t with this group, and although they did have a history, Dorinda didn’t seem to spend a whole lot of time with them. But now it seems she has a clique.”

Heather closes her blog with a simple, “Whatever. #LamestFightInRHWHistory!” I have to agree. Holla.  


Photo Credit: Twitter