You know, I’m coming around on Kristen Taekman. She expertly made herself invisible during most of the drama that encircled Sonja Morgan on the Turks and Caicos trip, and she was the mastermind behind dumping a bucket of ice water on Ramona Singer. What’s not to like about that? Whether she was brokering a (flimsy) truce with Bethenny Frankel or acting as the arm of vengeance with the Ramonacoaster, Kristen was a breath of fresh air amidst the stale arguments that haunt this season of Real Housewives of New York.   

In her blog this week, Kristen discusses why Ramona is “the root of all problems” with her “two faced” behavior, how she feels Dorinda Medley’s argument with Heather Thomson was ridiculous, and the bonding she did with the house chef. Because he was the only sane person on the trip. “The chef was the sweet guy that had a newborn baby. We spoke a lot about his first child and how wonderful the experience had been for him. He taught me some tricks in the kitchen like how to poach an egg. We talked about how he got into cooking, as well as life on the island of Turks and Caicos.” This explains where Kristen was during most of the Sonja meltdown: “If you were wondering where I was in most of this episode, maybe I was in the kitchen talking with the chef or taking a nap while the other girls ran to sign up for massages. I was really treating this trip as what it was for me: a vacation.  


Sonja’s eruption was not lost of Kristen, though, as she comments, “The drama was just continually unfolding and refolding with Sonja. It felt never-ending. Can anyone really help her if she is not willing to help herself? I get it–we are all concerned. But we are officially spinning the drain. BORING!” So what’s Sonja’s reason for reacting so strongly to accusations against her? Kristen surmises, “Maybe Sonja likes the attention? Maybe we have NOTHING else to talk about? I wish we could talk about our children, or our husbands, or relationships, but unfortunately we seem incapable of that. I have to say that it is hard to go anywhere with eight women, never mind six women on the prowl, six divorcees.”

“Side note–did anyone else hear Ramona admit that she does think Sonja is drinking too much?” asks Kristen. “Ramona knows Sonja better then any of us. Ramona is so back and forth with this. Dorinda says that Sonja will ask for help if she needs it? Do we really think that will happen?” No, we don’t. (Well, I don’t!) Calling out Ramona on her supreme sh*t stirring, Kristen continues: “Ramona is officially the root of most of the problems! She stirs and stirs that damn pot and walks away while the rest of us have to deal with the aftermath! WTF! I am so over it! Why does she always get away with this? ALWAYS, just like with the room situation. Why do we let her get away with this sh–?! NO more…done.”

“I am just happy that this is not my doing,” admits Kristen. “I really feel like I am good with Sonja at this point. Meanwhile, Ramona continues to be two-faced.” 

As for the boat ride, Kristen enjoyed her relatively peaceful experience aboard. “We had a blast!” she says. “I was sad that Sonja didn’t join us but felt that her time out was needed. It was nice to all get along and joke with each other! (Especially with Ramona and the cold ice water! Yes it was my idea, thank you very much!) I am very happy to see that she is over the whole blow dry situation!” Kristen continues, “It was also nice to chat with Bethenny and have a convo with her that wasn’t an argument, just girl chat. Afer all that had been going on, it was nice!”

Moving on to dinner that night, Kristen admits confusion and shock regarding Dorinda’s blow-up at Heather. Conceding that 8 women getting ready to go out is always a #mess, Kristen says one car arrived before the other, but there was no beef beyond that. “It was all a huge misunderstanding,” she posits, “BUT…there is clearly something brewing between Heather and Dorinda. Dorinda was quick to fire off at her! Or maybe it was just the martinis! LOL #staytuned.”


Photo Credit: Bravo