Meghan Edmonds Reflects on Moving, Shannon ‘Proving’ Herself, and Vicki’s Loss

Meghan Edmonds rejects Shannon's invite

Meghan Edmonds main storyline on this week’s Real Housewives of Orange County was mainly comprised of her angst about moving again with a man who can barely tolerate her, her inability to continue a lame argument with Shannon Beador (despite acting like a 13-year old on the phone) and standing around looking awkward while Vicki Gunvalson was reeling from the terrible news that her mother had suddenly passed away. In her blog, Meghan discusses deep thoughts, like how “Moving sucks!” and her new found appreciation for “old lady” games. 

Reflecting on her 65th or so house relocation with hubby Jim Edmonds, Meghan shares, “Moving sucks! And watching this episode made me want to throw one of my empty boxes (from yet another move) at the television for minimizing the stress and overall terrible feelings that come with a move.” But, alas! Apparently Jimmy has seen the light about how hard poor wife #3 has it, what with her directing the packing and unpacking of his their property. “I know you hear me say that Jimmy doesn’t do any of the actual moving and that’s why he thinks it’s easy, well he didn’t up until we moved out of our four month rental. That was the first time he unpacked more than one box. And guess what, now he hates moving! Finally! You see him rummaging through a drawer, he wasn’t packing.”


When Shannon called Meghan to invite her to bunco, Meghan thought, “What the heck is she calling me for when I am in the middle of moving and I’m stressed to the hilt. I don’t have the time to rehash the boloney that happened in Napa.” Meghan adds her reasoning for asking Shannon to “prove” she’d be fine. Warning: this lengthy explanation comes complete with a vocabulary lesson and useful synonyms! (See, preschool is paying off!)  “When Shannon said she ‘assures me’ that everything will be fine, that is when I said I look forward to you proving that. I used the word ‘prove’ because it is a synonym for ‘assure’ — I googled it: as•sure verb tell someone something positively or confidently to dispel any doubts they may have. ‘Tony assured me that there was a supermarket in the village.’ synonyms: reassure, convince, satisfy, persuade, guarantee, promise, tell; affirm, pledge, swear, vow.” 

But when Shannon called Meghan back to take umbrage with  her having to “prove” herself to Little Miss Thang, Meghan thought, “Ok, then don’t, she said it not me. This doesn’t have anything to do with my age. I was just regurgitating her own promise.” (Oh how I wish Meghan had busted out her vocab skillz on Shannon during that call, thereby potentially making actual smoke curl out of Shannon’s ears before her head exploded into holistic, yeast-free flames!) Meghan admits she was happy she ultimately accepted the invitation to bunco night. #oldmississippiladyfun

Questioning Brooks Ayers “natural” cancer remedies, Meghan asks, “Coffee enemas? Do those really work? It sounds hokey to me especially when referencing it in the same sentence as cancer.” Skeptical about the “holistic” approach Vicki and Brooks are selling trying, Meghan argues, “Brooks has stage 3 aggressive Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, so why aren’t they talking about the chemo and what it does? Instead we have to hear about coffee enemas and what it does? Am I missing something??”

Praising Heather Dubrow for her bravery in getting a wart removed (what was that thing, really?), “I can’t believe Heather got that thing taken out of her hand like it was no big deal! I don’t know how you do it girl,” Meghan goes on to compliment Shannon’s bunco friends. “Bunco night was a blast. Shannon and I had a wonderful time (aside from the awkwardness of me arriving ON TIME which is apparently first with this group) and I loved getting to know her friends.” 

But the night got very serious very fast when Vicki received news that her mother had passed away. Meghan closes her blog by reflecting on the scene: “I remember being in the restroom and thought I heard screams or crying. I walked back into the party and I couldn’t hear it anymore. And then the screams came on stronger. When I saw Vicki it was devastating. Just a few seconds earlier her world was fine, and then it was destroyed. It was awful and my heart went out for her then and it goes out for her now. Like I said, fate doesn’t give a sh**. And there is nothing fair or consoling about that statement. I thought the flashbacks with Vicki and her mother were very sweet and I was crying throughout the entire scene. May her soul rest in peace.” 

While some are questioning the authenticity of Vicki’s on-camera reaction to her sad news, I for one found it heartbreaking and very sad to watch. What looks legitimately inauthentic is a scene from next week’s episode in which Meghan attempts to comfort her stepdaughter over the loss of her mother (who, by the way, is still alive, Meghan!) by personally “relating” to Vicki’s loss. Ugh.  


Photo Credit: Bravo