Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: The Diabolical Plot Thickens…

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I know it’s the same manufactured drama as in seasons past, but there’s something about this installment of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta that I find hilariously entertaining! When we left this silly bunch last week, Tammy Riveria was back on the scene to defend her mother-in-law Deb Atney’s honor against the disrespectful (according to her, at least) Kalenna. Fingers are wagging and security is keeping the ladies apart. Kalenna is less than happy that Tammy is yelling about her financial problems and suspects that Rasheeda Frost may have been gossiping about her personal issues. Kalenna’s husband Tony Vick intervenes to see why is wife is causing drama in his club. Tammy pulls Rasheeda aside to share that Kalenna has been speaking smack about her, and Rasheeda is livid. Kalenna wonders why Rasheeda isn’t coming to her aid like she is to Tammy. 

Erica Dixon and Lil’ Scrappy are celebrating daughter Imani’s prom tenth birthday with a lavish princess party. The pair is happy to working together to plan a special even for Imani. Bambi tries to keep to herself at the shindig since she was explicitly instructed not to assist with the party. She hates feeling like an outsider, but seeing Scrappy with Imani reminds Bambi of how much she wants a family of her own. 


I never thought I’d say this, but I missed Stevie J! He’s back from Hollywood as something of a quadruple threat. He’s newly sober, he’s producing that movie that I bet never comes to fruition, he’s collaborating with Diddy, and he’s working on a new magazine sans his ex-friend No-Neck Benzino. He is catching up with ex Mimi Faust and informs her that he’s moving back to California. She’s peeved to say the least, given the impact it could have on their daughter Eva. Also, what about their management company? She shares that she’s getting Tiffanie Foxx in the studio with Jazze Phe, and he wants to work with her as well…even though Joseline Hernandez doused him with orange juice the last time he mentioned Tiffanie in her presence. The two dish on Nikko and Margeaux and Stevie vows to take them down. 

lhhatl raheeda

Despite Yung Joc claiming he wants to make things work with Khadiyah, Sina plans to to confront the other woman…even though she was the other woman before KD was in the picture. She decides to enlist another of Joc’s exes to plot her revenge. Sina approaches Karlie Redd in her store to introduce herself and fill her in on all the baby mama drama that was going on when Karlie was seeing Joc. Karlie focuses on KD as the villain even though Sina glosses over the part where Sina got pregnant with Joc’s twins when he was “growing apart” from Karlie. The two women agree to join forces to ruin KD. Across town, Rasheeda is the studio with Kirk Frost, and she’s excited about her new album. Kalenna enters at Rasheeda’s invitation so they can discuss the blow up at the club. Kalenna’s feelings are hurt that Rasheeda chased after Tammy, but Rasheeda reveals that Tammy said Kalenna had been talking trash about her. Kalenna admits that she may have said a few things, but it wasn’t as bad as Kalenna made it sound. Kalenna responds that Rasheeda has clearly been talking about her too, given Tammy’s knowledge of her money problems. After a pitiful exchange of insults, Kalenna storms out of the building.

Stevie is excited to be partnering with an old friend to launch a magazine. He believes it will be a great opportunity, and if he can smear Nikko and Margeaux in the publication, even better! Scrappy arrives and is surprised to see Steviefageevie all up in this hizzlefoshiznighee, but it’s all good. Sure, they’ve been on opposite sides of an argument or five in the past, but that’s all water under the bridgenighzizzle. It was really Erica and Joseline who had beef, and they were just defending their respective ladies. Plus, sobriety has them both in a much better place. They trade rehab stories–they were both in the same facility at different times!–and laugh about taking down Nikko and Margeaux. Stevie plans to invite Margeaux in for a photo shoot so he can write a tell-all…and of course, Margeaux will never know Stevie is involved on the front end. 

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Still dismayed from being left out of the birthday party, Bambi is looking forward to lunching with Tammy about the latest drama with Kalenna. The women joke about Kalenna’s unnecessary bravado before Bambi goes into her sob story about her relationship rut with Scrappy. She’s found someone who wants to help her career by producing a video, and she believes this guy has done more for her lately than Scrappy has done for her in the last two years. Bambi invites Tammy to her video release party, but she’s keeping it a secret from Scrap. Across town, Joseline, Karlie, and Kalenna are having a bitchfest some girl talk over pedicures. Joseline doesn’t want to be bothered with talk of basic bitches. Instead, she regales in her upcoming movie role and move to Hollywood. They dish on baby fever, but Joseline retorts that Stevie is really going to step up to the plate before she can think about starting a family. Karlie reveals her plans with Sina to expose KD, and she invites them to a party where it will all happen. Who knew that Joseline and Kalenna would be wise enough to decline? They have enough drama in their own lives to participate in piddly Joc shenanigans! 

Tony is upset that his wife neglected to tell him about her altercation with Rasheeda…he had to hear it from Kirk. They meet at Tony’s club, and Kalenna shares her hurt feelings over Rasheeda laughing at her woes. She feels like the world is against her, but Tony reminds her that she doesn’t have to wile out just because people tell her things she doesn’t want to hear. He’s worried his wife is suffering from post-partum depression, and he urges her to get help. He wants to support her ever step of the way. Meanwhile, Margeaux is over the moon for her spread and cover shoot for an up and coming magazine. She brings Nikko with her to the shoot where they are interrupted by Stevie, wearing a Joseline shirt no less. Nikko seems a bit shell shocked when Stevie announces that this is his magazine. While Stevie has nothing against Margeaux, he loves seeing Nikko squirm. Margeaux is understandably upset, but Nikko urges her not get riled…he can handle Stevie. She then requests $10K for appearing on the cover and she lectures Nikko when he tries to negotiate on her behalf.

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It’s the evening the party for Karlie’s new record label (how many side businesses does she have? She’s like a female Stevie!), and she can’t wait to see her and Sina’s diabolical plan in action. It’s maturity at its finest. Sina is excited, and she totally gets what Joc saw in Karlie. Karlie hopes that their plan will get Joc back with his family (the one with Sina, not any of the others) and get her revenge on someone who made her life miserable for a few episodes a couple seasons back. I’m confused as to why the women think that getting Khadiyah out of Joc’s life will automatically send him back to Sina. If he wanted to be with her, he would, wouldn’t he? KD arrives alone, and she’s not sure she even wants to get back with Joc. She’s ambushed when she sees Karlie and Sina the moment she walks into the event. She decides to stay and face her enemies with her head held high. Both Karlie and Sina are smiling devilishly at KD, and Sina mentions her “fake” pregnancy scare. KD can’t believe that Joc is telling their personal business to Sina, and I think someone is going to be tied to the bed yet again. Khadiyah’s shoes come off as Karlie starts circling. Is KD really trying to ruin her event with violence? Wait, wasn’t that part of the plan? The episode ends with KD flinging her bra pads at Sina…that’s something new for sure! 


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