Brandi Glanville Fired Attorneys Representing Her In Joanna Krupa Lawsuit; Is Now Looking For Legal Help On Twitter

Brandi attacks Joyce in Palm Springs

In the latest “she’s lost her mind news” – Brandi Glanville fired her attorneys!  The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed on Twitter this afternoon that she was so frustrated over the mounting attorney fees in the lawsuit filed against her by Joanna Krupa, she has kicked her legal counsel to the curb!!

Brandi shared again how much she has forked over so far since Joanna filed the suit, in which she claims that Brandi’s “fishy vagina” accusations have harmed her career.  Brandi reiterates that her legal fees are over $50,000 and things are just getting started.  “50GS spent on this FOOLISH lawsuit I have let my attorneys go.I won’t waste the $ Ive saved for the past 5 yrs on a frivilous lawsuit.”  

Brandi then goes on to see if she can find some other (free or cheaper, I’m assuming) legal help with her case – via Twitter?  Is she serious? Because that’s where everyone should look for professional services, right?   “Soooo Any 1 that wants to help represent me pls contact @alecshankman or I will just be defending myself. Let me know depositions are soon!#FOOLISH.” 

Brandi defending herself in court?  Now that’s a pay-per-view event just begging to happen!  I can give Brandi some free legal advice: shut your trap and people will stop suing you!!!  You’re welcome. 


Photo Credit: Bravo TV