Tamra Judge Thinks Meghan Edmonds Needs Stepmom Boundaries! Plus Meghan’s Real Reason For Moving To California?

Meghan Edmonds Headband

Tamra Judge thinks HashtagCoolStepmom Meghan Edmonds, needs to remember that her step-kids have a HashtagCoolMom too! 

The ladies of Real Housewives Of Orange County are in Tahiti and Meghan is having meltdowns because she wishes she could just have her step kids all to herself. Tamra, who is in a custody battle with her ex-husband, took Meghan’s comments personally and explains in her blog why it upset her. 

Beginning with the positive Tamra says Tahiti was her “favorite trip” with the ladies and gushes about the fabulously fun time she had taking shots with Vicki and Shannon. But it wasn’t all binge drinking and peeing in the pool (which Tamra doesn’t think she did), Meghan also sobbed over the fact that she has to share her stepchildren, and Tamra thinks Meghan needs to get a little perspective. 


Tamra explains, “The conversation that we were having was more about ‘boundaries’ as a step-parent and not about loving them. There was a lot of the conversation that was not heard.”

“I think Meghan is an amazing stepmom and you can tell she loves Jim’s kids with all her heart. Her step kids are lucky to have her,” Tamra adds. “As a divorced mom of three I have experienced the opposite side of step-parenting. Some step-parents cross the line and say things to your kids that is not appropriate or they act in a way that is disrespectful to their biological parent. Eddie does an amazing job of knowing his boundaries and accepts the reality that he is not their dad.” 

“I personally was not discrediting Meghan’s love for her step kids in the conversation that you saw,” Tamra continues. “Meghan and Jim had only been married a few months when we were in Tahiti. When she was telling us that she wished Jim’s kids were hers and that it makes her sad that she has not been in their life since birth, I feel that was disrespectful to the their mother that is probably watching the show. I feel if Meghan is having such a problem with Jim’s kids not being hers then they should have their own, she is young it’s not like she is in her 40s and it’s too late.” 

Moving on, rumor has it Meghan didn’t move to California for Hayley as she claims, but because she was desperate for fame!

The St. Louis native got her first taste of Bravo cameras as Jim’s girlfriend when she attended the Heather Dubrow‘s groundbreaking party last season. Meghan and Jim then appeared on WWHL. Jim always spent part of his time in Orange County for his two eldest daughters, but insiders claim Meghan used Hayley and other family circumstances to further her own desire for fame! 

“She has always wanted to be famous,” says an insider who knows Meghan well. “She knew if she moved, she could get a spot on the show.” Jim was already on Bravo’s radar – Andy Cohen is a huge Cardinals fan and Heather is close friends with Jim’s second wife Allison. Allison was supposed to join the show a few seasons back, but decided against it because her marriage was falling apart.

Allison decided not to join the show because she was concerned about her privacy, but Meghan really likes to be in the spotlight,” the insider reveals to Radar. Meghan has the opposite problem – she was all too happy to exploit privacy for attention and lobbied Jim to help get her on RHOC. 

Moving on tonight the ladies of RHOC are still in Tahiti and the drama continues to get real. After their night of getting super drunk, Shannon shares the details of David’s affair with Vicki. During a volcano excursion Tamra confronts the ladies about friendship rules. And Meghan surprises the group with a final dinner before they head home. 

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