vicki gunvalson and jeans keough reunite for RHOC season 10

Real Housewives Of Orange County has just started filming and there are surprises on the horizon! Rumors have been stirring for a while that Bravo is looking to re-introduce former Housewives as ‘friends’ this season, and Jeana Keough just confirmed that she is indeed filming! 

“Thinking about doing a little work on the OC housewives this season, what do you think?” Jeana announced on twitter earlier this week. But last night Jeana confirmed she was participating in the show and filmed with Vicki Gunvalson, her neighbor and former close friend! 



Rumor has it producers were tired of the same-old storylines and wanted to bring some actual reality back to the show – you know, to a time when these women were actually friends! With Vicki and Tamra Judge at serious odds, producers wanted Vicki to have a real friend on the show. She and Jeana have been working on their relationship for a while now and it was Vicki who suggested she be reintegrated into the show! Plus, hello – great ratings booster! 

Vicki, who notoriously struggled to keep her private life private – meaning keep Brooks Ayers out of the spotlight – revealed recently that producers insisted he be part of her storyline. “It’s really frightening bringing back Brooks into my life publicly. [Bravo] basically put the gauntlet down and said, ‘If you don’t film with Brooks, then we are reducing your role,’” she admitted to Us Weekly back in December. 

Vicki confirmed she also had started filming. “Had my first night of filming last night. Love my girls helped pick out what I should wear,” she shared on twitter. Below is a photo of Vicki filming. 

But RHOC producers want to do more than reintroduce veteran Housewives – they want to bring big names to the cast, similar to what they did with Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and Real Housewives Of New York (rumor has it Real Housewives Of Atlanta will also go that way next year)!

Shannon Beador already confirmed she is back, and she has been spotted filming with two close friends. Tamra also assured that we’re not quite rid of her yet. There’s been no confirmation on whether or not Lizzie Rovsek has been replaced, but she’s been silent thusfar on her involvement in the show, although several sources state she’ll be back to battle Tamra

Meghan Edmonds and husband Jim Edmonds join RHOC season 10

Heather Dubrow reportedly threatened to quit after landing the villain edit last season and facing some serious backlash from fans. In order to sway Heather back to the show, producers supposedly promised her a friend. Enter the new rumored cast member Meghan King Edmonds. Meghan is married to former St. Louis Cardinal player Jim Edmonds – they happen to be neighbors(?) and friends of the Dubrows. 

Of course we knew with Terry Dubrow‘s show Botched! getting picked up for a second season, Heather wasn’t going to anywhere, but producers are trying to up the caliber of RHOC to include more uber rich wives like Shannon and Heather – wives with celebrity connections and true socialite friends.

Meghan Edmonds & Jim Edmonds wedding day - joining RHOC season 10

Meghan is the hall of famer’s third wife, they married in October 2014.  In an interesting twist, Jim’s second wife Allison was slated to join the show way back in season 7 but backed out last minute and they had to quickly sub-in Alexis Bellino instead! Apparently Allison didn’t want marital issues with Jim playing out on RHOC – wise decision, there! 

Meghan was allegedly a contender on last season’s show but was beat-out by Shannon. Meghan filmed at Heather’s “ground-breaking” party and could be spotted in the background in those scenes.

Meghan Edmonds films with Heather Dubrow for RHOC

“Ho-down! Dubrow groundbreaking party! #rhoc #filming #dejavu #middayantics #mykindofwinter” Meghan shared. 

Meghan and Jim also made an appearance on WWHL last year, around the same time, as the guest bartenders. “Jimmy doing his job on #wwhl and serving drinks! #bartender #atyourservice”

Meghan Edmonds and Jim Edmonds Guest-Bartending On WWHL

Meghan and Jim split their time between Orange County and SL, MO, where Jim owns a popular restaurant and has a Fox Sports Midwest broadcasting job. Based on twitter, it seems Meghan has relocated permanently to OC, while Jim still goes back and forth regularly. 

Interesting there is some talk that Alexis will also film cameo roles this season, she just started following Meghan on twitter and rumors are swirling that the two statuesque Jesus blondes are friends.

Sources tell LA LATE Andy Cohen is interested in branching the RHW franchise into the midwest and will be using Jim and Meghan as a segue to test the waters into that possibility by featuring tons of footage of St. Louis. St. Louis is Andy’s hometown and he’s a HUGE Cardinals fan! Meghan and Jim also attended Andy’s book signing in STL in November. 

New RHOC season 10 cast member Meghan Edmonds attends Andy Cohen's book signing

“Tonight in St. Louis, MO #TheAndyCohenDiaries”

Meghan hasn’t confirmed or denied anything, but we do know RHOC is definitely filming and she tweeted this yesterday, “A first 2day: a wax & a work phone call were executed simultaneously & seamlessly by yours truly #didntscream #smooth <- get it?! #punny.” Meghan is following Tamra on twitter, as well. Apparently Meghan, who has thus far been only filming with Tamra and Heather, will introduce herself to the group by throwing a party. 

Meghan Edmonds joins RHOC season 10; plans a party

“Tasting everything on the menu for my party! Yum yum! #JDRF #redO #newport”

Meghan also previously appeared on TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress

With all of this, it seems fairly certain that Meghan is official. She seems like she lives a fun life, her brother is a Vogue model, she’s well-traveled, and she’s super glamorous! Which means it’s also official that Vicki and Tamra will hate her. 

There’s another rumor that Katie Hamilton, wife of former MLB player Anaheim Angels player Josh Hamilton, and another friend of Heather’s has also been filming. She was also seen at that groundbreaking party last season, reveals RumorFix

Previously it was speculated that Amanda Timmons wife of former 98 Degree boybander Jeff Timmons was joining the cast, but decided to bail out after learning that Lizzie was included. Lizzie had a long romance with Nick Lachey. However, sources counter that, saying producers wanted a higher caliber celebrity connection than a former D-list boybander’s wife. Ouch! 

vicki gunvalson films for RHOC season 10

“First night of filming Season 10 with #RHOC @vickigunvalson #hair @tyalexanderhair #haircolor @queenauda #herewegoagain #realitytv #vickigunvalson #bravo #bravotv #oc #tyalexandersalon #tyalexanderhaircare #modernsalon #newportbeach,” Vicki’s hairdresser shared on instagram. 


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